EXCLUSIVE: The price of buying Sedwill’s silence

Departing human wheel hub Sir Mark Sedwill has traded both influence and money in return for his continuing discretion. He may have been deported, but he hasn’t really departed the action. However, there are clues in the deal that may well add to our knowledge about the real nature of Covid19

Sir Mark Sedwill, seen here applauding in the mirror

A lifetime of recording the location of buried bodies has resulted in Mark Pigswill’s price of going quietly being very high indeed.

It’s well known that his replacement Simon Case is an accolyte. But The Slog has learned that Sedwill has also negotiated a continuing say in Covid19 by keeping his job as Head of Germ Warfare Counterintelligence. And his new “banishment” position, I am told, has been clarified: coordinating counter-intelligence for the G7 group, including regular liaison with senior NATO players and a line into EU defence directrice Federica Mogherini. Britain is the current Chair of the G7, but I understand that Sir Mark’s role will be more permanent.

So Sedwill remains the Three-legged Man with a foot in all camps…outside the tent, but still pissing in.

Finally, the BBC says Magic Marker will trouser a £250,000 Golden Goodbye. Not bad for a bloke who isn’t really saying goodbye at all.

I wrote two days ago about refusing to believe that this creepy spook was really being neutralised. I’m now 100% convinced that, in his eyes, he has been promoted.

Further pieces in this single-colour grey jigsaw are now falling into place. Over the last ten weeks, I have received tip-offs from the US, Ireland, Italy and Germany about two related oddities: first, concerted and deliberate policies of citing Covid19 as the cause of death where tests for the virus had been, in reality, negative – or C19 had been only a contributory pathogen; and second, both UK and US reports from Funeral directors (notably Britain’s Cooperative Society funereal division) stating unequivocally that at the very time the virus was allegedly peaking they had seen no sign of increased demand for mortuary use.

Sedwill appears to have been very keen to retain a spoke in the wheel of this “deadly killer” virus but it is significant that his rationale for so doing was germ warfare counterintelligence. Ergo sum, Sir Mark views Covid19 as a weapon.

Well, well, well.

Simon Case has strong Royal connections. Ghislaine Maxwell has all the dirt on Prince Andrew. As US intelligence debriefs Cap’n Bob’s daughter, it will be automatic for Sedwill, as G7 coordinator, to be informed as to what she knows.

And there is one final twist. Sir Mark Sedwill is, I’m told, fully informed as to Boris Johnson’s role in perverting the course of justice in relation to both the Elm House paedophile scandal and secret meetings with Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks aimed at strangling the Phone hacking Enquiry when Boris was London Mayor.

So you see, silence really is golden.