THE SATURDAY ESSAY: The best Covid19 whodunnit hypothesis

Who were the masked men behind the development, infamy and fear of Covid19?

Between March 22nd and July 24th 2020, I wrote 62 posts about Covid19 – variously trying to dispel myths, put all the stats into a global context, examine oddities of government behaviour, and combat the ridiculous idea first floated by Boris Johnson, “This is a battle for the survival of the human race”.

In fact, what’s at stake is the future of the human race: will ordinary citizens regain their sense of being able to control the dark tendencies of their rulers….or will they just roll over and become forever dependent children?

But in the hurly-burly of fear, panic, media exaggeration and at times preposterous contradictions in the information being given out over the last four months, the subject of ‘how Covid19 came about’ has been largely neglected. I suspect most commentators took the view that the whole affair was enough of a maelstrom of obfuscation as it was without adding to the farrago of speculation.

This is an understandable position to take, but not for a journalist. A narrative has been allowed to go largely undisputed in the West; but just as with the virus and its claimed ‘killer’ status, the sequence and nature of events surrounding Covid19’s appearance and effect leave gigantic questions in the air.

I think it is important to give a review of the quarter-century that preceded the events of the last five months. I write that sentence because, since around 1995, a pattern has emerged across the West in which the cynical approach to opinion management at home (and neocon foreign policy abroad) has been increasingly based upon what Dick Nixon’s heavies used to call “plausible deniability”. The most obvious trend within that development has been to test plausibility to see how far one can stretch it before the rubber band snaps.

Fully 84% of First World electorates have yet to hear the sound of snapping rubber.

When Bill Clinton crept out of the White House, the main thing he’d become known for was pleasuring an intern with a Cuban cigar.

An hilarious sketch on NBC included a Bill Clinton lookalike drawling, “Mah nayum ees Bull Clint’n, an’ I’m not heeyah”. When the movie Primary Colors emerged in 1998 (with a fine performance from John Travolta) the more profound nature of Slick Willy’s depravity became clearer. The book For the Love of Politics emerged ten years later, and accurately recorded the Faustian pact the Clintons made with the Unelected State.

Around this time, I was in the US pitching for a piece of Heinz advertising business. A californian Democrat Mayor told me, “That Clinton boy, he’s more slippery than snot on a glass door-knob”.

Shortly after she moved into the State Department milieu under Obama, Hillary went full-on native neocon nutjob.

As Tony Blair finally gave way to the blackmail from Gordon Brown in 2007, it was already clear that, after ten years in Office as the Great White Hope, he and his disgusting partner in crime Alastair Campbell had respectively lied to the House of Commons about WOMD, and physically assaulted the Attorney General.

The defining event of the 21st century so far was the 9/11 atrocity. For me now in retrospect, this is the so-called Deep State in action par excellence: Al Qaeda clearly carried out the raid, but both the CIA and State knew it was going to happen….while his body language on being given the news showed conclusively that Dubya Bush was not in the loop.

Across the Pond in Britain, Brown took over and immediately met a banking crisis both he and Whitehall had foreseen. They did nothing to avoid the Crash…..except use legal instruments to boost their pensions.

In 2012, the long-standing News International illegal campaign of celeb surveillance via mobile phone hacking (the worst kept media secret of all time) finally burst onto UK front pages. “It’s the end for Murdoch,” chirruped the LibLeft. But it wasn’t.

Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks prevailed upon then London Mayor Boris Johnson to kill police enquiries, which he tried to do, calling the allegations “a load of leftwing poppycock”. When that didn’t work, Newscorp did a deal with the judiciary to get sentences reduced, while Brooks herself somehow got the DPP to only ask her to plead on matters for which she was, technically, not guilty.

All this took place in the context of an Inquiry into CM&S Minister Jeremy Hunt’s abuse of his office in dealings designed to help Murdoch’s takeover of BSkyB. Hunt redacted (ie, hid) over 200 emails that were, to say the least, incriminatory. He told the Commons, “I have done nothing wrong”.

Not only was this lie accepted, Hunt was then promoted to Health Secretary. I have always thought that this was a pivotal moment at which the UK élites decided they could get away with any old tosh and not face the consequences.

But for the British, the 2016 vote to leave the European Union seemed at the time a definitive victory for the People over the State Establishment that had illegally thrown millions of Pounds of taxpayers’ money into the Remain campaign….as well as shipping in Obama to warn us all that we’d be frozen out of US trade if we left their beloved EUNATO.

The media in turn ran literally hundreds of stories about how a few stupid old people had hijacked the natural majority of thinking younger people who were (naturally) far better educated.

When that backfired, they ran stories about starvation, chaos, isolation and bankruptcy if Brexit went ahead.

Meanwhile, 5,000 miles West, the myth of the ‘Arab Spring’ had, after 2011, become the US Alt State cover story for the creation of failed Middle East States that would more easily offer Americans access to pipelines prone to theft by the unspeakably evil Vladimir Rasputin and his germ warfare vendetta against the Skripals.

Here too, Boris the Spider played his part by lying his head off in relation to what Porton Down germ experts “had told him” about ‘Novochok’ – an allegedly Russian poison whose patents somewhat inconveniently turned out to be lodged in the US.

The latest (truly bizarre) outcome has been President Trump and Prime Minister Johnson. But the epoch itself teaches us one thing for certain: there is no stunt too mad or too gigantic for the Secret State to take on. The stakes are enormous, and the goal – a global hegemony on power – has become a kill or be killed fight in which no quarter will be given.

To dismiss it all as “wild conspiracy theory” is ridiculous. Nevertheless, that is still what 84% of Western citizens think.

The Lord alone knows why: the megalomania of the Hidden Unelected Surveillance State has been engorged by unbelievable success after unlikely success. Only the election of the two mavericks above has marred the ability of the Shadowy Persuaders to bamboozle the voters.

However, the Useful Idiot count at The Guardian, The Independent, The Times, The Washington Post, the New York Times, Huffington Post and virtually all the social media has ensured that both men face a daily drubbing at the hands of Those Who Believe and Must Be Obeyed.

I don’t have any sympathy for the BoJoDonald duo as individuals – far from it. But equally, I think they are genuinely outside the Hidden State loop: they haven’t stood back long enough to think about how enormous the stakes really are.

Time now to go back to the birth of Covid19, and ask the simple question: who was the father?

I spoke to 13 experts in the field at the time. Five thought it was the result of natural evolution, five thought it was produced in a US Lab, and three didn’t know. Interestingly, nobody thought it was a Chinese bio-weapon.

The factor persuading those who thought it was US made were the alleged ‘three AIDS-like spikes’ in its RNA: nobody, they argued, had more expertise than the US in working with AIDS. Indeed, arrests were made last January of Chinese and US citizens supposedly trying to export samples to China. The reaction of those who felt strongly Beijing had not developed Covid19 as a weapon was based on (a) their disbelief in such PRC bioweapon expertise and (b) simple reasoning – why develop a weapon against the West and than dump it onto your own people?

There remains, of course, the possibility that the Chinese released the drug by accident…..C19 did originate in Wuhan market, not far from a PRC bioweaponry lab. However, one argument strongly against that idea is the draconian, mass-panic bewilderment that the Chinese authorities displayed in the early days of the outbreak: this had all the hallmarks of a régime that didn’t know what it might be up against – and indeed, thought it might well be under attack.

In fact – bizarre as this may seem – the evidence favouring a US-run operation is more compelling:

  1. Washington had motive – China was playing dirty and talking tough on a trade deal which, if it didn’t materialise, could have serious cost and parts supply ramifications for the US
  2. The American led central banking system was already nervous about very high debt levels and a Dow index artificially inflated out of all proportion by years of overt and covert QE. Those running the system were badly in need of a patsy to explain the inevitable collapse
  3. Washington had the means. In the months leading up to the outbreak, further ‘SARS-like’ pandemics were a hot-topic at summits, at Davos, and at game-plan meetings organised by the Bill Gates Foundation. This seems odd, given that there hadn’t been an outbreak since 2008. At the State visit of Trump to the UK in June, the CEO of Big Pharma giant GSK is seen preening herself at top table right next to the President
  4. Washington had the opportunity. From October 18th-28th, the World Military Games was hosted by China….in Wuhan. The American team was housed in a hotel just 200 yards from the Market were ‘patient zero’ is thought to have been. Some have rubbished this theory by saying that ‘the dates don’t fit with the Covid outbreak’. But there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the PRC kept the outbreak under wraps for longer than was initially thought….and asymptomatic carriers, we now know, can be incubating the virus for up to 23 days. More than a dozen athletes came forward at the time to report Covid-like symptoms.
  5. When Beijing laid out the likelihood that US athletes “brought the virus with them”, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo begged the Chinese not to go to the media with this theory. When it did become known, the Pentagon criticised the allegations, calling them “false and absurd.”
  6. But they are far from absurd. The US Games team was housed at Fort Kedrick where there is also one of America’s leading bio-weaponry labs. On August 5th 2019 the New York Times reported that ‘safety concerns at the prominent military germ lab have led the government to shut down research….In a statement, the C.D.C. cited “national security reasons” as the rationale for not releasing information about its decision’. Here we have a secret bioweapons lab being hastily shut down….and yet the statement about it comes from Dr Fauci’s very own Centers for Disease Control.

If there was a conspiracy to recruit the right money and expertise for such an enormous psy-op, then this could only have come from the CIA (which is self-supporting) and the Pentagon. Its probable goals would have been to destabilise the Chinese economy, and then create a climate of fear as the virus spread sufficient to get the other two legs of the chair on board – technological track-and-trace (Gates) and Big Pharma (GSK, Astrazenica, Sanofi, Gates and Fauci).

There may also have been a subsidiary desire for population control (one of Gates’s major obsessions) and hope of an opportunity to quietly infect and kill the old, the negroid, and in the US, hispanics. Before you dismiss that out of hand, I suggest first, you watch this convincing whistle-blower interview, second, that you consider the shameful way in which both US and UK care homes were quite deliberately infected with overflow patients and third, that you bone up on Bill Gates’ concerning track-record of ‘vaccinations’ that render the victim sterile.

This in turn raises a further issue: given the closeness of US and UK intelligence forces – and the kingpin role enjoyed by Sir Mark Sedwill – was he brought into the loop at an early stage? You should note that part of Sedwill’s ‘price’ for resigning was that he remain the head of the British bioweaponry arm, and take up an EU>US role advising on joint intelligence ops.

Either way, it is clear that the CIA>Pentagon>State Dept axis kept every allied leader and the Potus out of the loop…..although there is the possibility that German intelligence found out….hence that country’s very rapid (and early) adoption of track & trace, testing kits and N95 masks.

The cynical exploitation by the political and financial classes of Covid19’s sudden appearance, I would contend, is the pure fleet-of-foot opportunism we have come to expect from those with feet of clay. The corporate>surveillance State has always kept pols either out of the loop or showered them with disinformation.

Macron being able to use social distancing to ban the hundreds of demonstrations by trade unions and the Gilets Jaunes was a gift horse not to be ignored.

Brussels leapt upon the virus within days as another reason to postpone the Brexit process.

Wall Street blamed every mishap on Covid19, despite these having their roots in a past where C19 didn’t exist.

The UK’s Whitehall>LibLeft anti-Boris axis was able to hammer the new PM with every possible charge of incompetence. Ditto for Donald Trump in the US.

Many commentators have opined that, when “the Truth” about vaccination possibilities comes to light (ie, there are none) there will be the most almighty row. But one thought has occurred to me of late: if the US did produce Covid19 in a biowarfare lab, did they also come up with an antidote?

Has the Secret State had both Covid19 and its antidote for (say) eighteen months?

Remember, the populace has just snored its way through a blatant fraud via which HCQ (with its ability to make a vaccine pointless) has been rejected in favour of Remdisivir – also a management drug, but only a third as effective as HCQ. Why choose to kill people, unless not doing so would get in the way of billions of sales of an antidote….and a chance to convince our species forever that “vaccination” is the only option if it is to survive?

This is informed speculation, and far from conclusive. But the revelation that Covid19 was a US psy-op answers far more questions (and ticks most of the boxes) as an explanation of why we have the ludicrous narrative we do.

In the period 2003-4, I rejected the idea that the Prime Minister was making up Saddam’s WOMD.

In the period 2004-6, I rejected the idea if central banks rigging the price of Gold.

In the period 2009-10, I rejected the idea of a Libor rate-rigging scheme right across the EU.

I was wrong on all three counts. Thorough investigation of all three topics – along with the murder of Jo Cox, paedophile rings in politics, the judiciary and social care, Pakistani gang rapes in Rotherham and West Yorkshire, the rise and rise of bureaucratic Putschists, and mobile phone hacking on an industrial scale all seemed at first sight to be the product of pulp-fiction imaginations.

But they were not.

Success does indeed breed more success….but as the stakes get higher, easy success also breeds a megalomanic level of belief in one’s ability to disseminate bigger and bigger lies without suffering the consequences.

The current level of overconfidence among the 3% is the one potential achilles heel that the 16% can try to penetrate. But in order so to do, that 16% must persuade both the smug and the lazy to become concerned about what they see, and doubt what they hear.

Thank you for persevering with this essay.

Bon weekend