Boris the scapegoat, Covid the bio-weapon, and Rishi en route to Davos?

Joining the dots on the inexplicably surreal nature of Covid19 management produces some sensational conclusions. The Slog elaborates on the geopolitical intelligence dimension.

A very odd event occured five days ago in Fleet Street, and it passed almost everyone by – including me. The Daily Mail – that butt of a thousand limp Leftist jokes – suddenly turned on the Government and became, out of nowhere, the first MSM title to openly suggest that the entire Covid19 narrative is an unholy brew of bunk and humbug:

The piece isn’t just about the incompetence and mule-like persistence of the Covidiots in Downing Street, or the alarmist death toll projections which (as usual) turn out to be poppycock. There is nothing in it that the thinking 16% didn’t know already.

What’s new about Ross Clark’s article is underlined in red above: disinformation designed to scare us, and the mention of goggle-eyed surveillance sociopaths from GCHQ now permanently in the woodwork of Number Ten – apparently ‘to combat the emerging and changing threat’ posed by the virus.

But as Clark establishes comprehensively in the column, there is no threat – at least not one we’re being told about.

And why is GCHQ ‘sifting through vast amounts of data to ensure the Prime Minister has the most up-to-date information on the spread of the virus’? Why do we need anything more than the ONS, Worldometer and NHS health stats to tell us what’s going on?

Cast your minds back to a Slogpost from July 25th this year:

This struck me at the time as sinister – even more so when it became clear that Top Spook Sedwill was using the title to get him access to any and all Covid updates. His “banishment” was in fact a sham.

The clear implication, however, was that the British State’s security services were treating the Coronavirus ourbreak as a bio-weapon incident.

The sudden appearance of GCHQ involvement in the management of Covid19 adds weight to such an explanation; in fact, it’s hard to see any other one.

I have two extrapolations to make on the basis of this really quite astonishing Daily Mail piece.

BoJo the scapegoat

Setting aside the geopolitical counter-intelligence exercise, it remains true that the proponderance of the Clark article is a wholly justified deconstruction of shambolic incompetence and blinkers when it comes to sound interpretation of the data.

Hardware that doesn’t work, random and inexplicable tier decisions, vast expenditures, overly broad lockdowns, tolerance of dodgy “expert” claims, and lies about everything from wave sizes to pressure on hospitals.

It’s all summed up in the phrase “what the Prime Minister should be looking at and the questions he should be asking”. The rest of the article points out that he isn’t doing any of the looking and asking thing. Ergo, Boris Johnson is a cross between a cowboy and a pirate: time to take the bugger out and hang him.

I am inclined to agree. But Geordie Grieg (an enthusiastic member of the Establishment and virulently anti-Brexit) didn’t let the Mail article appear without taking into acount the likely consequences.

For all the yes-and-no-with-reservations pessimistic optimism that surrounds this, the last furlong of the Brexit stakes, the reality of a No-deal clean break is very real – or at least, that’s certainly the genuine belief at EU Commission HQ. BoJo is making it clear to intimates that EU backsliding will mean curtains for his career.

The geopolitical blocists surrounding Mark Sedwill in his EUNATO role are moving heaven and earth to ensure that, post-Brexit, the UK remains – however obliquely – under the thumb of ‘The Federal Project’.

So it’s highly possible that unleashing Ross Clark’s attack at this moment is the start of dumping the PM. Over the last 48 hours, the Tory rebellions against Lockdown and Brino (Brexit in name only) have become more organised and determined….and will become yet more so, as long as they can ensure that an immediately credible Lockdown doubter and rising star takes Johnson’s place.

That person looks increasingly like Rishi Sunak.

Sunak ticks all the right boxes: he’s not white, he is hugely intelligent, he has shown himself to be an excellent Parliamentary performer, and he has tackled an impossible situation with both sangfroid and élan.

But some of the boxes he ticks give cause for concern. He is yet another Goldman Sachs alumni. While there, he specialised in several fields, notably biotech and gene therapy.

Three years ago, an analyst at Goldman – one of the most reviled companies in the United States – gave Americans yet another reason to be wary of the banking firm by directly asking, in a Goldman Sachs report, ‘Is curing chronic illness compatible with a sustainable business model?’

It can’t be too long before Rishi Sunak is made very welcome at Davos. He is extremely unlikely to be batting for our side.

Covid19 as a bio-weapon

At this juncture, we can be certain that none of the CIA, MI6, Putin’s FSSR, EUNATO or the Chinese intelligence service will have left so much as a single DNA sample anywhere on the trail leading to the solution of who (if anyone) either deliberately launched or accidentally let escape some form of Coronavirus.

Indeed, nobody has so much as the complete ‘Covid19′ bricks of life – merely some fragments of genetic structure. Attaching blame with any certainty now is, in my estimation, an impossible task. I still find it hard to believe that, if the Chinese were behind it as a form of warfare, they’d dump it smack in the middle of their own bio-weapon complex in Wuhan. Further, I see far more motives among the Western powers…and those busy lauding the benefits of the Great Reset. I view Bill Gates’ spookily prescient predictions of such a pandemic with profound suspicion.

Until now, my cautious supposition has been that Covid19 fell into the laps of the resetters, and they milked for all it was worth as a distraction, a catalyst and a patsy for their bizarre aims. But all along the way, oddities have niggled me at regular intervals.

Why do we have such virusecrecy, as I have christened it? Why has Boris Johnson ruled by decree, at great risk to his Party support? Why did Sedwill keep a toe in the water on the grounds of biological warfare? Why does GCHQ of all people have such a powerful jurisdiction in Number 10? Why have the political, investment, intelligence, epidemiological and police communities appeared so heavy-handed, so pessimistic and so prone to exaggeration?

We cannot be certain. For me, the balance of evidence still suggests very strongly that they did all these things for power, money, prestige and control.

But suppose – just suppose – the intelligence services are reasonably sure that the virus is a weapon….either because it’s one of theirs, or they know who made it?

Somewhere in all of this, there is an element of geopolitics. When it comes to power, money, prestige and control, there always is.

Keep a close eye on how Boris comes out of Brexit, and how many Tory MP s finally come out of the closet. But remember: to greater and lesser extents, they’re all pawns in the game.

Enjoy your Sunday lunch.