The A,B,C of BoJo’s fate: Attacks on Brexit & Covid


Off-stage geopolitical meddling still a crucial factor

Although today’s Parliamentary schedule is somewhat vague, two flashpoints lie ahead for the Prime Minister: Rishi Sunak taking questions on the economy at 11.30 am (12.30 CET) and – at some point this afternoon – a debate on the latest round of Covid19 regulations. But far beyond Westminster, other forces are conspiring to take Boris Johnson out.

Six days ago, The Slog offered Keir Starmer this advice:

‘with 45% of 18-34 Labour supporters (and 38% of even over 55 Left voters) saying they do not think Lockdown2 will be effective….if I were Keir Starmer, I’d be looking to put clear water between myself and the Borisites on this issue.’

By ordering a Labour abstention in today’s Covid regulations debate, Starmer (who I am sure never reads this site) is trying to do exactly that. And with ‘scores’ of northern Tory MPs desperate to save themselves, a rebellion of ‘up to sixty’ is being bandied about.

Personally, I don’t buy it: I doubt if more than forty Conservative members will vote against the new batch of regulations – although the atmosphere in the House when Rishi Sunak answers questions this morning might give a clearer view.

Certainly, across the media spectrum, Tory rebels are being egged on: the Telegraph features the tiers fiasco, back-door deals & U-turns on wet pubs; alleges that GPs rolling out a new vaccine face bankruptcy; that Lockdown is hitting community spirit; and Johnson faces ‘humiliating defeat today in Parliament’.

The Times talks of a secret dossier on Covid economic turmoil (is that really a secret?) and Boris trying to claw back the right to call elections. While the Daily Mail foresees ‘a huge revolt’, asserting that Boris faces economic disaster, and the Government is ‘flying blind’

However, I understand that a handful of the Islington-to-Muswell Hill Leftist metrochic will support the restrictions (which undoubtedly sit well with their ideas about State power) because they hate Keir Starmer even more than they hate the PM and all his works.

So the Commons theatre lined up for today will probably be a flop. But we must not fail to learn the lessons about why things remain all over the place.

The uneasy alliances within the Conservative Party are beyond amusing: there are MPs elected largely because of Labour’s rigidity on Brexit; MPs who make token Brexit noises and line up behind power-broker Jeremy Hunt – but in private work hard to undermine the EU referendum result; and MPs who despise BoJo the Chancer and are horrified by the fiscal and economic damage being done by overreaction to Covid.

The Conservative Party as was is dead: all that’s left is a cynical power-based non-aggression pact about as secure as that signed by Hitler and Stalin in 1939.

By contrast, the Labour Party is in the midst of a Civil War on the same epic Russian scale as the Whites v Reds after 1916. The original pragmatic and nationally loyal social democratic majority therein is gone forever – crushed between the geopolitical cynicism of both Starmer the Corporacrat and Corbyn the Marxist.

We won’t get anything in the way of sound governance and long-overdue Parliamentary reform until such time as the egos outside our antediluvian Party duopoly can unite behind the banner of freedom to strive for the majority common good.

But beyond the Covidiocy that has gripped our world, other elements of the Great Reset still want Brexit dead, buried and irreversibly off the agenda.

In today’s Telegraph, William Hague speaks on behalf of globalist sociopaths everywhere, reminding the gullible that ‘The Bank of England has said the long-term consequences of no [Brexit] deal being made would be far more serious than those of the Covid pandemic.’ That really is claptrap of the first order – unless one switches round the terms ‘Brexit deal’ and ‘Covid pandemic’, at which point it’s about right.

In Brussels, Michel Barnier is meddling as usual in order to increase the PM’s discomfiture: he claimed last night that Boris “has accepted that future police and judicial co-operation must be underpinned by the European Convention of Human Rights” and that this “has paved the way to finalising terms on a deal that will make it easier for Britain to extradite terrorists and share criminal data with the European Union”.

The obvious imputation is that Boris has folded, and we’re headed for some sort of damp Brino.

Two days ago, The Slog opined as follows when commenting on Ross Clark’s Daily Mail drubbing of the PM’s disorganised Covid policies:

‘It’s all summed up in the phrase “what the Prime Minister should be looking at and the questions he should be asking”. The rest of the article points out that he isn’t doing any of the looking and asking thing. Ergo, Boris Johnson is a cross between a cowboy and a pirate: time to take the bugger out and hang him’.

The Mail this morning loses no time in tying together the economics that say ‘Brexit is dangerous’ and ‘Lockdown is disastrous’. Geordie Grieg is, as ever, an Establishment terrier crunching hard on the backbone of human independence.

The bottom line is pretty obvious: an economy independent of the EU dictators – and a science-based independent approach to the Scamdemic – are as far away now as they’ve ever been.

Either resistance unites to throw out the creeping advance of the Unelected State, or British liberty is doomed.