The bland zero peer-approval now in play where transparency should be in Covid19 vaccine development has today reached its peak with the MHRA approval of the Pfizer/BioNTech product. The Slog deconstructs the credibility of need – and asks yet again why such a “Great Scientific Breakthrough” needs to be a State secret.

‘The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) this morning approved the Covid vaccine for use in the UK, with the Health Secretary confirming that roll out would begin “early next week”‘. This represents the totality of information available to the media about the Pfizer/BioNTech “vaccine” – which isn’t a vaccine at all, but let’s not be picky.

Manflu Halfcock went onto the House TV Channel this morning and broke the news live to the Beeb apparatchiks on the sofa. There has been no press conference at all from the MHRA; we are not allowed to know what things they took into account. You might want to know who took the decisions there – or even which one of their six sub-committees was handed the task of not turning down the PBNT product: well, dream on. No details are available re that one.

You may have other questions. Here are some to which the MSM don’t supply answers:

  • When did the vaccine arrive at the MHRA?
  • Was the decision to regulate unanimous?
  • Why did the MHRA approve a product with a history of instability and the biggest shipping problems? (It has to be stored at -70°C)
  • What concerns, if any, did the sub-committee involved have about the pioneering use of mRNA in a human body?
  • What reassurances, if any, have they received from Pfizer as to the long-term consequences of introducing mRNA in this manner?

I’m all for scientific advance; I’m less keen on rushing to market with both profit and political gain – some would say desperation – in mind.

I blogged a couple of years ago about a study of DNA structure in humans called The Tangled Tree. Apart from being fascinating, it was also reassuring about how all kinds of incidents in each individual’s life will build upon the DNA that was factory-fitted. When you fall and cut a knee, some gunk from a tiny life-form will probably be transmitted into your body. The same is true if a venomous snake bites you. Here at Sloggers’ Roost, I’ve been stung by wasps so many times now, there’s enough insect DNA to give me immunity. In fact, the majority of adult humans have more insect DNA in their molecular structures than ‘human’ DNA.

In other words, the principle of anti-virus protection using biotech is generally sound. What’s more, although it is mRNA not DNA, it’s been known about since 1961 and we can be certain that the lifespan of mRNA in the body is very short. It withers away after a few translations.

It’s not the principle that worries me, it’s the specific context of Covid19. From the start, I and millions of others have been asking:

  • Why has the virus been hyped?
  • If it’s an existential threat to humanity, where are all the extra corpses?
  • Why do we need to give a “vaccine” to everyone just to stop them being inconvenienced by a few days in bed? To repeat the series data that the vaxxers refuse to discuss: 99.65% of all Covid cases display rapid recovery and minor symptoms. Only the vulnerable with other pathogens and/or aged over 60 are at risk.
  • Why have we stuck with Lockdown, at very great risk to economies, when strong security measures for the vulnerable would have been more than enough….and there is no correlation whatsoever between Lockdown and fewer deaths per million?
  • Why has HCQ + Zinc been the subject of persistent lies and disinformation when – even in older patients – it cuts the post-infection management death rate by 85%?
  • How has every pharma combine involved in the “search for a vaccine” managed to cut the development process timescale by almost 80%?

Allow me to address some of these points.

Between a date in late February 2020 and November 9th – just eight months – PBNT raced through three phases of development. Nine days later, they issued conclusions of the fieldwork – and the product’s pitch for regulation arrived on an unknown MHRA desk on 27th of November. Let’s be kind and assume that the quango worked over the weekend: the vaccine was aproved in five days flat.

The average for the process is six months….for action against a virus that kills 0.0064% of sufferers.

As for HCQ + Zinc, I can only repeat that Peter Horby’s disgraceful drug trial of it was either incompetent or insidious, but it too remains shrouded in secrecy.

Finally, lockdown has already cost the UK £2.8 trillion in lost gdp – allegedly to protect an NHS that has never shown any sign at any time of being “overwhelmed”….although government mendacity has clearly been behind the various “close to breakdown” scare stories that streamed from Whitehall and Number Ten.

Imagine if you will a Court ‘trial’ in which those engaged in spotting, decribing, attacking and controlling Covid19 in Britain stood accused of plotting to distract and frighten the Nation at the cost of its economy. How would you rate their chances of getting off? (Please start from the ludicrous assuption that we have an independent Judiciary prosecuting a policy of Equality before the Law)

The narrative we’ve been offered since early Spring has more holes in it than a Hadron Collider’s Wave-Particle screen. But then, so did the Skripal poisoning affair. No doubt you will recall that the top liar in that little caper was the then Foreign Secretary, Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

But in 2020 – with the media’s help and the repetition of words like global, threat, plague, worse than 1940 etcetera, you can fool 84% of the voters.

That said, you can only do it for so long….that 84% has fallen to 51% in recent weeks.

I offer two fully-grounded speculations to close: first, I don’t think seven different consortia could develop such a biotech from scratch to MHRA presentation in eight months….so how did they do it? And second, when history comes to try and work out what happened after Chinese citizens started falling over last December, will they be met by Top Secret/National Interest blocking when it comes to evidence and accountability?

Hypothesis 1: Big Pharma had advance notice

From late 2018 onwards, it was obvious that Bill Gates was beginning to flex his multi-billion dollar investments in track and trace software, low-altitude surveillance satellites and biotech. He was (he repeatedly told us) absolutely certain that a global pandemic was on the way. From Spring 2019, he began organising seminars on the subject: effectively, he was using his fame, wealth and influence to put about a self-fulfilling prophecy from which he stood to gain more than any other individual on the planet.

Jeffrey Epstein’s immersion in the Intelligence community was well-known. Since his downfall, Gates has claimed he never met or knew Epstein, but uncontested photographic evidence has shown this to be a gigantic lie. In turn, Gates remains a Davos regular with strong links to the pharmaceutical sector.

How and why ‘Covid19’ (a “thing” that has never been fully isolated and mapped) arrived in our midst is yet to be established: but if it was a random event, then it was the luckiest bounce Our Bill will ever experience. Before the year was out, rumours of a virus outbreak in Wuhan were circulating. Germany ordered its track and trace hardware from South Korea before Christmas 2019. Berlin’s intelligence access to CIA ops (either legally or via double agents) is legendary.

It could be that Big Pharma had advance notice of a lab-cultured bioweapon loosely described as a Coronavirus derivative. And this knowledge perhaps ensured – by February 2020 – that much of the Pharmafia had off-the-shelf biotech antidotes ready to be tweaked.

Hypothesis 2: Has Intelligence technology neutered historical investigation?

Eighty years ago, dictators burned books, air-brushed unpersons out of official photos, faked burning Reichstags and murdered their opponents en masse. But once defeated, they left behind them ruins of death camps, millions of files, the odd Chernobyl and thousands of photographs as testimony to their madness.

Even during such attempts at totalitarian control, the NKVD and the Gestapo still undertook a relatively limited role in everyday life: it was The Party that pulled the strings, The Leader that made the decisions, and the State media that asserted The Truth.

All that has changed. The MSM in the West today is complicit in the establishment of classic fascism, but there is no geliebte Fuhrer or Father of the Nation. That power has passed to the Intelligence community, and their allies in the global hegemony project.

The CIA bends truth wherever and whenever it can….as does MI6, the FRSS, EUNATO and the Beijing Politburo. The internet, cloud technology and data protection Acts allow any and every régime to electronically vapourise conclusive evidence – and brand those who seek it out as paranoid mental patients.

In turn, privately-owned social media make comment rules up as they go, and censor without rationale or appeal any opinion they don’t like.

In the past, plays by Shakespeare and books by AJP Taylor could go back to primary sources and make observations about bias, megalomania, personal interest provenance and so forth.

In the future, will historians look into The Great Reset and regard Coronavirus narratives as the only primary sources available? I fear they might, unless we all start to doubt those “helpful” storage places in clouds, and prefer the route of physicality: memory sticks, retained hard drives, page captures and original offline articles.