Backto 60 Appeal Court decision:1950s born women face agonising wait

The judiciary breaks for its summer recess on Friday July 31st . That’s three days away. The Judges in the Backto60 Appeal Case won’t be back at their benches until October 1st.

In 2018, the Senior Judiciary Salaries Review Body awarded a whopping 32% hike for the country’s 97 High Court justices. That represented an additional £60,000 per year for them, taking their salaries from £181,500 to £240,000.

I undstand that the judgement decision on the BackTo60 appeal will not be known by Friday.

The Judicial recess is an eight-week holiday. Nice work if you can get it – and I’m sure our learned friends are worth it. But mightn’t they have pulled their fingers out just this once, given they’re deciding on the future of some of society’s most deserving (and poor) women?

Defending the DWP’s cynical attack on Backto60/Waspi women, its counsel Sir James Eadie QC said pensions “must be economically viable”. He insisted that a large amount of hardship women have reportedly faced “is due to social problems, rather than the State Pension age”.

Eadie’s defence is an ethics-free zone: female State pensions – indeed, all unfunded pensions including those of judges – are no longer viable because of over £160 billion in political vanity projects and incompetent expenditures that resulted in write-offs after 1980 – let alone before.

Total Covid19 lockdown was not economically viable either – but the government did it anyway. EU exit law contains nothing about £55 billion divorce payments – but the government paid it anyway. Nobody wants HS2 – but the government is committed the spending on it anyway.

Unfunded State pensions are no longer viable because successive governments preferred to get reelected rather than face up to the problem….which was already acute by 1975.

As for Eadie’s mealy-mouthed reference to “social problems”…..well, personally I’m convinced that dolly birds in miniskirts cause earthquakes. The illogic of that vague connection beggars belief.

I am neither Left nor Right. I stick simply to my view on this: a State Pension is a civil right under the original National Insurance Act. The denial of that right on the ground of their own fiscal incontinence puts the political class forever and irredeemably in the wrong.

The United Kingdom is an unjust society riddled with unearned privilege. Period.