28th JULY 2020: was this the day the Covid mask slipped?

The Geopolitical weaponising of Coronavirus – just in time for Crash2

Over the years, I have not had the best of relationships with Zero Hedge. But a recent “Tyler Durden” piece offers genuine insight for those with the vision to see it.

You may not see ‘IMF & World Bank offer loan help to Belarus with conditions’ as the sort of headline likely to go viral any time soon. But then, today’s virus goes round the world before the Truth can stop it with Hydroxychlorocaine.

In the Slog’s Saturday Essay last weekend about the origins of Covid19 at a geopolitical level, I wrote:

If there was a conspiracy to recruit the right money and expertise for such an enormous psy-op, then this could only have come from the CIA (which is self-supporting) and the Pentagon. Its probable goals would have been to destabilise the Chinese economy, and then create a climate of fear as the virus spread sufficient to get the other two legs of the chair on board – technological track-and-trace (Gates) and Big Pharma (GSK, Astrazenica, Sanofi, Gates and Fauci)….The cynical exploitation by the political and financial classes of Covid19’s sudden appearance, I would contend, is the pure fleet-of-foot opportunism we have come to expect from those with feet of clay’

I’m still sure that my clay-feet observation about politicians is largely correct. But this new example of exploitation by the banking community does make one wonder whether the financialisers were inside the tent from the outset.

In a nutshell, the strings attached to the Belarus Covid19 relief loans on offer from the IMF/WB consortium included a demand that isolation, lockdowns and all the mask paraphernalia of rank bad virus management science be undertaken by Belarus….which has thus far done none of that and managed quite nicely thank you.

The good news is that Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has told them to go forth and multiply in a generally Anglo-Saxon manner. The bad news is that you can see why this suggests a primary rather than secondary role for hiding Crash2 and gaining hegemony through Dollar denominated loans.

Let’s keep it simple with this imaginary quote from a wise guy somewhere deep in the malodorous bowels of a joint CIA-Pharma-Gates-Wall Street-Fed Reserve jamboree somewhere in Virginia:

“OK gentlemen, a few of us having been putting our heads together and come up with a no-brainer to turn our little virus into a geopolitical game-changer.

“Stage 1, we dump it on China and dramatise the Gotterdammerung panic bigtime. Stage 2, it kills a lot of Gooks and we ignore all the recovered folks in favour of ohmygod ohmygod. Stage 3, we get Pharma’s tame modeller geeks to insist that only total shutdown will stop Armageddon. Stage 4, Uncle Bill over there says track, trace and vaccination is the only way.

“Stage 5, The Pharma Cavalry says we’re working on ways to make you better, but stay home and survive. Stage 6, Wall Street piles in with ‘this is a Covid collapse, we are blameless’.

“Stage 7, the legislature clowns finally wake up to 3-trillion dollar gdp losses. US-controlled bankers come to their rescue. As in, you know, like we did to Greece – cappiche? The EU comes up with a peashooter, and we snigger a lot.

“Stage 8, we blame Beijing, let gold go and watch the markets start to drop. South America/ turns into a basket case as we declare a Second Wave of the virus.

“Stage 9, we play the IMF/World Bank card, insisting on more lockdowns and more leaking gdp.

“Stage 10, every mother needs Dollar denominated loans. The global slump is a Covid slump, we’re just here to help. Trump gets slaughtered in November. But we made America Great Again: because now, we own the World”.

That conversation (you can be almost certain) never took place: but the thought processes of various brains unquestionably did. Covid19 is nothing more than a geopolitical dirty trick to ensure dystopian control of the New Normal.

Conspiranoid? Not really – it’s the only explanation that comes near to getting answers to the ten never-asked media questions I outlined in this post earlier in July.

Of course conjecture is never going to be 95% accurate. But it beats sitting there like a dummy in denial about real death rates, casualty overcaiming fraud, pointless 100% lockdowns, mask bollocks, media fearmongering and killing the economy for the sake of a virus that can barely knock the skin off a rice pudding.

My answer to the censors, the trolls and every State gagging to gag the alternative media is very simple:

“You stop playing dirty geopolitics and lying your heads off, and we’ll stop looking for conspiracies.”