At the End of the Day



Beware the cultural Marxism that lets in the ghost of Mussolini


The degree to which the Rule of Law is now widely regarded as dispensable in our rapidly crumbling civilisation has been fully exemplified this week by the following headline:


It appeared first of all at the ITVNews website, and then ran unchecked by any intelligent sub-ed still alive around the World. ITVNews added, ‘The alleged victim told ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand that senior ministers “seem to care more about protecting the MP and the party, than protecting victims and other women”.’ But Paul Brand didn’t see fit to inform readers that the lady concerned clearly doesn’t grasp the first principle of liberty – that no person shall ever be assumed guilty until proven innocent.

You see oddly enough, in a true liberal democracy with a genuinely independent judiciary, it’s the other way round.

Were the Tories to suspend this “man in his fifties”, it would by definition suggest an assumption of guilt…and a wish to thus distance themselves from the accused.

The alleged victim is perhaps in too emotional a state to think this through: it seems arch to blame her. But blaming those who politicise everything in order to further their oddly ideological fantasies seems to me entirely fair game.

The “satirical” site Newsthump began its comment on the case thus: ‘The Tories have defended their decision not to suspect [Freudian slip?] an MP accused of rape, citing internal procedures which only allows the withdrawal of the whip for egregious crimes such as embarrassing Chris Grayling or voting against the government while not being called Boris Johnson’.

The satire didn’t get any better as it went on:

‘Chief Whip Mark Spencer, a man who is perplexed as to why his wife won’t speak to him lately, explained that….“Withdrawing the whip can only be used in extreme breaches of conduct like being obviously better at heading an Intelligence Committee than the most useless British politician in living memory….That or heinous crimes like voting against the Boris Johnson government in exactly the same way Boris Johnson voted against the Theresa May government”.’

It is my old-fashioned view that satire should be aimed at Establishment privilege rather than the particular political Party in power.

The limp Newsthump piece fails to convince….and is not helped by the link at the end of the article, ‘A Cabinet of Arseholes – get the T-shirt here!’.

Ideological point-scoring is not satire….and the triumph of constipated political catechism over citizen-protecting Constitutional Law is at the heart of the Western cultural problem.

The problem with ideologues is their certainty. Certainty dismisses the value of alternative opinion. Certainty outlaws scientific investigation beyond the comfort zone. Certainty demands obedience.

But the Law is all about uncertainty. Its only obedience should be to the clearly established facts…and a finding in any case beyond any reasonable doubt.

In 2020, the Corporate State wants the ever-present Mob to vilify all doubt as not only unreasonable, but also conclusive evidence of everything from pernicious disinformation to derangement.

A politicised Judiciary leads to Show Trials. Whether the politics be anti-Corbyn or anti-Covid the Destroyer makes not a jot of difference.

Knowing nothing of history’s lessons is the ultimate legacy of narrow Blairite targets and lowered educational standards.

The human race as we know it may yet die of ignorance.