THE SUNDAY ESSAY: Age is just a number, but birth year is a guide to attitude



Stop being afraid of frauds in denial about the way the human race deals with disease in a natural manner. Stop apologising for your collected ancient wisdom. Stop seeing models as reliable predictors of what will happen. Stop fearing the varietal financialising, divisive, Utopian, socialist International, Globalist persuaders, sociopathic bureaucrats and media whore mendacious censors. Stop conforming. Start fighting back against the Totalitarians. 

Bone-dry statistics one can track from, say, 2010 to today keep making the same point: that lower birth-rates and longer lives mean an increase in those aged 65+. Here’s an ONS chart for the 2010-16 period making that very point:


The problem is that making that point is missing the point. What matters here is the number of older people born during the initial postwar “boomer” period, and the education, values, influences and attitudes that shaped them. 

These are the babies that toddled into the early 1950s, and whose free, high-quality education and consequent earning power produced a level of social mobility never equalled before or since. Traditionalist as eventual mothers and – despite the wafer-thin Rock’n’roll/Hippy/Leftist activism of the late 1960s – generally proud-to-be-British or US fathers, these are the folks who still value common sense, common good and ‘show me the proof’ over rigid ideology. They’re the people who distrust Murdoch, voted Brexit, and sense that Britain’s Labour Opposition has lost the plot. Even if they voted Remain, they have now become aware of the EU’s pernicious side – and retain healthy doubts about walking around scared of a largely benign virus.

Most of them studied 1984 at school. Most of them had fathers with vivid memories of the appalling treatment handed out by German, Italian and Japanese fascists. Dictators were assumed (because the evidence proved it) to be sooner or later ruinous for the citizens they controlled. They feared nuclear war: they wanted to ban it. During the 1960s, they rolled back and largely demolished censorship Law.

Perhaps above all, they realised just how important doing what comes naturally is: they now deplore topdown medical rules solely designed to protect frontline medical staff from grasping litigation, refuse to be sticklers for sellby dates, are sceptical of ‘new research shows’ (because they know next week it will suggest something different) are disdainful of pc as radical chic drivel, and scoff at the Yvette Coopers of this world who can’t tell an unaccompanied child from a 25 year-old African thug.

But today, they’re also victims of failing powers. They’re tired. They enjoy their grandchildren. They like their gardens. And they’re looking mortality in the eye: aged (say) 73 now, the stubbornly unmoving life expectancy average of 81 dictates that, by 2028, the vast majority of them will be dead. And their fate has not been helped by (for females) the outrageous embezzlement of their State pensions.

Outside of this older demographic, the only group really  at war with over-simplistic mass acceptance of bonkers Covid19 advice are the frontline Nurse and GP medical staff themselves.

There are two other reasons why I now believe medical practitioners are a key group to be nurtured in the fight against illiberal Big Pharma.

Firstly, the total number of 70+ Brits today is around 7.4 million. The majority in favour of Brexit in 2016 was 1.3 million. On that basis, one can guesstimate that the mindset keen to reject Euro-fascism has already been reduced by somewhere between 2.6 and 3.9 million. That’s not an exact number; but it suggests that, were the Referendum to be repeated today, the Remoanoids would win.

It doesn’t bother such people that they would be casting aside the biggest voting decision in British history before it’s even been tried. Far from it – they seem incapable of any open-minded sense of fairness and acceptance….as this snip from yesterday’s Twatter crop suggests:


But this is another case of ‘one stupidity at a time’. When it comes to Covid19, we desperately lack an admired and informed specialist group of people at the sharp end who say things that might make the brighter end of acceptance Smuggies think again…and who have a potential lifespan much longer than mine.

The beauty of this focus is that we already have a growing tailwind in our favour. In case you hadn’t noticed, Denmark boasts one of the lowest COVID-19 death rates in the world. As of August 4, the Danes have suffered 616 COVID-19 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. That’s just over 30% of Danes who succomb to flu or pneumonia in an average year.

The Danes completely eschew the use of masks, with their reasons stated at length….and the evidence to support their view is the strongest there can be: results.

From the fury of the Norsemen, may the Lord Not Deliver the Mask-Distancer Covidiots.

In the US, France, Italy and Greece there are now a growing number of medical doubters. Frontline staff with severe doubts about the Covid19 narrative are being censored every which way….but this can’t be held back forever.

Secondly, few people appreciate just how easily Silver voters can be written off on the basis of brains-turned-to-porridge. This has been going on for a long time….and reflects the Left’s overdependence on the young and immigrant vote.

One of many key dividing lines in our culture was caused by the arrival of the bourgeois technocratic Labour government under Harold Wilson in 1964. Afraid that social mobility underpinned by an essentially open-minded education system based solely on excellence would produce an electorate that felt socialism to be unnecessary, the often public-school educated Wilson hierarchy vandalised a superb system of grammar, technical and trade artisan schools. What Britain’s kids got in return was the Comprehensive Education model designed to dumb everyone down to well below the middle.

The next Labour return in 1997 was led by Anthony St John Blair, a product of private education and Oxbridge who wasn’t even a member of the Labour Party until he met his wife afterwards. He vowed to use targets to improve the ailing education system – by which he meant giving students higher scores for “correct” answers. Thus ended any element of questioning accepted norms, and a subsequent lowering of standards to “meet” targets. In 2020, 17% scored in a GCSE exam is a pass. In 1964, 45% at GCE O-Level was a fail.

Obsessed solely with how Blair had “succeeded”, on coming to power in 2010, David Cameron dumped his promise to restore Grammar Schools. The lesson had been well-learned over 46 years: keep the electorate addicted to dim acceptance, and you can get away with anything.

Suitably anaesthetised by spin, the electorate heard one ageist message after another, and swallowed them all with barely a blink. Only bigoted old people opposed further immigration we were told (migration surged under Tony Blair, he having correctly discerned that most them would become Labour voters) but MORI research at the time showed that 78% of the entire population wanted it stopped. Older women unaware of the forthcoming theft of their State Pension rights were blithely told that “they should’ve known it was coming”. After the Brexit success in 2016, Blair blamed the innate racism and poor education of retrogressive older voters.

The bottom line is this: it is infinitely more easy to smear older people: ageism in the West remains one of the few isms one can use to vilify a social group without any recourse to law being possible.

It is a brave person indeed, however, who demonises nurses, junior hospital doctors and overworked GPs.

Evidence of victimised frontline contrarians is already plentiful. For anyone putting the message out there, it is obvious that a concerted programme of over-counting, over-ascribing and even entire block-assignation of any and every death this year has been used to live up to the “deadly virus” bollocks put out by vaccinators and their goggle-eyed allies. The tally of GPs, nurses and even NHS admin staff emailing me with examples of the fraud has now been topped by the scandal of PHE’s self-assigned decision to define every Coronavirus patient a cert for the morgue.

What I’m driving at is that we need a global, branded antidote to the Plague Propaganda…a place where any concerned medical practitioner, wise person of any age and surviving member of When the World Was Sane can contribute to the body of genuinely scientific, arithmetical, medical and social verifiable information that shows Covid19 for what it is…..a patsy to hide the mess our economic system is in, a weapon for the Unelected neocon State, and a way for the Pharma and population control nutjob vaccinators to get a jackboot in the door of natural human resistance.

A Resistance, I hope, in every sense of that word.

Those interested in helping to bankroll that idea are invited to get in touch with me via

Those signing cheques W. Gates, A. Fauci, G. Soros and P. Horby need not apply.

Enjoy your Sunday lunch.