COVID19: A hub for Truth is on its way


Along with Brexit fearmongering fake news at a European NATO level, the defining issue of our time has been Covid19 at a global level.

I do not doubt that varietal agendas out there would love to dub the idea of Contrick19 as “just another crazy conspiracy theory”.

I can only tell them what’s happening here at the coalface.

While starting to prepare this Slogpost last night, I saved some of the copy you see below.

A panel came up advising me, ‘Sorry, WordPress does not support this type of content‘.

If you go to most of my linked tweets on Twatter, you will see this:


Over the last few weeks, my daily hits have gone from 12,000 average to 3,000.

The catalyst for almost all of this was the rapid growth of Sloggers interested in taking a more questioning approach to the Covid19/deadly killer/media alarmism/State/vaccinator narrative.

As a result of that, I posted yesterday  to suggest the following strategy to help Truth prevail in this matter:

‘The tally of GPs, nurses and even NHS admin staff emailing me with examples of the fraud has now been topped by the scandal of PHE’s self-assigned decision to define every Coronavirus patient a cert for the morgue.

What I’m driving at is that we need a global, branded antidote to the Plague Propaganda…a place where any concerned medical practitioner, wise person of any age and surviving member of When the World Was Sane can contribute to the body of genuinely scientific, arithmetical, medical and social verifiable information that shows Covid19 for what it is.’

I closed the post by inviting those prepared to help bankroll such a forum to contact me via email.

It’s not the first time I’ve done that, but this time the response was different: this time, my inbox was quickly inhabited by some genuine offers of immediate help.

On the strength of that, I have registered a domain name and signed up with a host beyond the reach of NATO et al. It’ll take a least to day or two to build the site, because it is going to be a forum rather than a blog. All it has at the moment is a name:

The rationale for that name is very simple: the facts behind and around Covid19 have been infected by monied and blocist interests. The three main culprits are Global Pharma’s drive for profit from dubious vaccination; the unelected neoliberal States’ drive to hide the disastrous failure of financialised capitalism; and the equally unelected neocon State’s drive for an American hegemony on this, our only planet.

However, the forum must not become a Stock Exchange for unverifiable theories: on the contrary, it is an invitation for thinkers with the frontline medical experience – or simply a grasp of commonsense logic and mathematics – to lay bare the ridiculous claims being made by those with guilty motives.

So far, this has not been a cheap exercise for me to invest in. I am interested solely in covering costs….and so the same mesage goes out as per yesterday – if you can contribute any sum at all to this bid for Covid19 information plurality, please contact me via

Stay tuned for further details.

And don’t ask how I got this content to finally post…..