Binary Brain Damage: the expensive & complex task of trying to tell the Truth online in 2020.

Me20204The good news is that is up and running. It’s already received 1,597 visits without any launch publicity at all.

The predictable news is that just getting to Base Camp1 has been an exhausting 3-day experience of couldn’t GAF service, intra-supplier blamestorming, anarchic navigation disorder and sharp-practice charging techniques that would leave G4S gaping in admiration.

But by far the worst part involves dealing with the binary brain – that’s to say, the Aspergers mob whose importance hierarchy running order goes 397, 65, 4,903, 11 and then perhaps 2 as opposed to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 like the rest of us.

The folks who are all for AI and cannot see any of the adverse consequences – be they social, cultural or in any way related to efficacy.

The tweebs who put ‘how to make a phone-call’ on Page78 of an 80 page Mobile manual. Who write software panels that say ‘Something went wrong’, or ‘An unexpected error has occurred’. Who come up with terminology like ‘sudden unexplained death syndrome’. And in this case, who only give you the link to How to Build a Weebly Website the very first time you log in….but after that, forget it. Oh, and we forgot to tell you: if you don’t download the App now, your site will be invisible to everyone except a small genus of mind-reading Elk somewhere north of Oslo.

The process of getting to where the Covid forum site currently resides has racked up an astonishing €465. All of which only makes me even more grateful for the flood of donations that have poured in since the last Slogpost here. To those who have not as yet had a response from me, I can only plead exhaustion – but I hope to have reached all of you by the end of today (Wednesday). Profound thanks are due to one and all.

In the meantime, allow me to alert you to the first newsblog about the latest Covidiocy here in France: viz, 14 deaths nationwide, wearing masks outdoors in many areas of Paris now obligatory.

I offer a short taster of the post:

‘As Europeans, we are nonchalantly tossing away the right to walk around in the fresh air without being harangued by mobs afraid of little more than their shadows.
We cannot allow the public wealth to be sacrificed on the altar of minor public health issues.’

Err….I also note that the UK track and trace system is going spectacularly well hohoho. The commissioning incompetence of Whiteminster is infinite. Reassuring in some ways – and disgraceful in others

There is also an open forum blog at the new site. You have no idea what devious, backdoor, mind-strangulating Apollo13 invention I had to go through to get that bit to publish. So please – use it responsibly.