EXCLUSIVE: Boris faces imminent doom as the corporatocracy sniffs the wind direction

As always in the emerging corporate State, there is good news and bad news

We cannot escape the globalist, anti-Brexit Bloc alliance agenda

The good news is that, at long last, it does seem as if the thinking minority has an MSM ally in the Daily Telegraph. The Torygraph’s main movers and shakers in health and social care plus economics and finance are now full-on doubters of the deadly-killer-virus-lockdown School for Scoundrels.

I’d rather walk on shattered glass than be in bed with the Barclay twins, but beggars need every port they can find in a storm. And of course, lest we forget, the DT’s circulation is three times that of Los Guardianithathethethes.

The bad news is that once you start nosing around the reasons for the Terrible Twins letting everyone off the leash, it is hard to avoid the sense that Boris the Spider is doomed.

“Dominic [Cummings] always felt that Boris walked into a trap,” said one adviser yesterday, “the critical mid-March meeting in Downing Street with [Neil] Ferguson was a direct appeal to his political survival instincts….Boris chose the play-safe melodrama of Macron. It was a major mistake”.

A former Labour Minister took a similar line: “We’ve all been there so many times. The words are never used by Whitehall, but hanging in the air is always that unspoken question, ‘How is this going to play on the stump?’. Johnson was new in the job, and he fell for it. I have always doubted the motives of Ferguson. I have always felt that [Sir Mark] Sedwill wanted Boris to be damned whatever he did”.

There is a growing feeling that Boris De Pfeffel Johnson is going to be left carrying the multiply-kicked can for this disaster.

Personally, I have no sympathy for BoJo. He too (when it came to Brexit) was any port in a storm: that’s why The Slog backed him in 2019. But his track record is one of incorrigible Justice-bending mendacity, and lots of brave hoo-hah followed by just as many humiliating capitulations. Further, his idleness when it comes to the detail is infamously legendary.

Early on in this farrago, Sloggers were aware that the maths surrounding ‘Save our NHS’ v ‘Protect our economy’ were insane. Sooner or later, the reality that, without a healthy economy, there can be no NHS was always going to catch up with Johnson and his allies.

Effectively – like all deranged dictators – Sir Mark Sedwill left a cornucopia of scorched earth, quicksand and minefields behind when he was finally pushed out into EuroNATO.

You can’t get away from the Brexit cultural Marxists. You can try, but they are Weebles who wobble yet won’t fall down. Our genuine independence as a trading nation of smart entrepreneurs remains in doubt, and the outlook for Britain’s economy is now such that the most likely scenario looking ahead is still some kind of cobbled- together bunch of appeasing cowards from Blair via Starmer to the Tory rump of Resistance who will stop our uncoupling from the Titanic, and settle for the UK as a region of the Unholy Roman Empire.

Everyone who aspires to a Free Britain – be that avoidance of falling into the mad spiral of either the EU or the US – needs to remain vigilant.

Failure and frustration are much more important learning processes than success. They act as buckets of ice-cold, grey use water that pierce the fantasy of personal publicity in an instant.

The learning from them is infinitely more useful and productive than the sunny side of the street.

So the construction of Covidisinfectant.com has proved.

This is what I have not so much learned but had confirmed as a result of setting up a Contrick19 forum:

  • Loyal, intelligent readers really will chip in generously for something designed for positive social improvement rather than the personal gratification of one blogger’s ego
  • Every website host and builder out there will promise the world and deliver Zimbabwe
  • They will empty your pockets, and then hide behind Help ‘chats’ employing deadheads that ensure your chances of getting any real work done are close to zero
  • They will insist that they never bow to fascist pressure on any day with a z in it
  • Nobody is accountable any more. The host will blame the power-pack and vice versa, and then the browser. If all else fails, they will blame your pc…and ultimately, user error: aka, you.

So the learning is straightforward: a firm confirmation that money talks. And the money says, “You will obey, or we will crush you”.

I’m well aware of the fact that the Covid19 forum (a) has technical teething problems (b) is already being attacked and (c) needs a huge amount of launch merchandising to make it a success.

This is going to temporarily impair my ability to do what I get the biggest kick out of – deconstructing bollocks.

I’ve undertaken to get a conspiranoid-free analysis of the damage done to The Slog’s access to online opinion. This is already bearing fruit.

Bear with me, and be assured: the bastards will not grind me down.

Ad for now, here is the Covid19 news at the forum. Please do go there and get involved.