The Boris Plot (Addendum)

I get the sense from comments and emails that I may have omitted to say something important at the conclusion of last night’s post.

I was laying out what I see as Boris Johnson’s long term plan for Britain, aka for Boris Johnson’s global tool….take that as you must.

I do not however believe that he will get anywhere near achieving it.

What The Slog predicted last April 21st still holds good: the unelected State still wants him gone, for their preference remains a powerful EU, with Britain under its control.

The ongoing battle between Dom Cummings and Whitewash, sorry, Whitehall, is one symptom of this. The continued media-bashing of everything BoJo does is another.

More recently, I posted to the effect that crippling the economy (after being snowed into the idiotic commercial suicide of Lockdown) had sealed his fate. The Sir Humphreys are quietly (and anti-socially) distancing themselves from the Prime Minister….and they will continue to do so after the unaffordable cost of following Pharma (not scientific) advice puts Boris Johnson into a corner from which he cannot escape.

This is, as I’ve said before many times, a media-bureaucrat v Westminster Executive civil war that will make life worse for the 97% whoever wins.