At the End of the Day

And it’s been a funny old day

I know I’ve said many a time that I don’t want to be the news, as down that dead end lies Gary Spinnaker, the bulging bladder of prow-ego pissing into the wind. But can I just say, before starting tonight, how touched, grateful and just every which way delighted I am by the gigantic response and initiative shown by both new readers and old followers to my appeal for defence against the now obvious nature of insouciant Twatter censorship.

I’ve had so many faux Sinatra retirements over the years, I did think briefly about heading the article “Ol’ Blue Eyes is back”, but that would’ve been seriously up myself. The key point here is that I didn’t start this war – unless you think evidenced free speech to be a declaration of war. Yes, I’m being bullied by – in order of nastiness – Stutter, Microshit and Gobble – but I am only one of millions of open-minded people around the Globe suffering the exact same fate.

Anyway, a huge, 24-carat Fort Knox verified thank you to all of you.

Meanwhile, back in the world where everything is double-jointed overthink trapped in an endless sans issue maze of provenance, the news breaks that – with the EU deal talks once again stuck in the mud of Brussels – the UK is ready to tear up the Ulster part of the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

Having seen this at the FT four hours ago, I confess to having been initially baffled. I made several calls, and my phone didn’t start ringing. Lots of tight lips out there.

One reply I’ve had a from my middleweight Brussels mole is that the view there is, “It’s Bojo saying stop effing around, or you lose the deal”.

In short, brinkmanship.

But that’s just the view of the Sprouts, and as we have come to learn over the years, the Fulminating Federalisers don’t get out enough.

The first point of note is that the Financial Times (when it comes to Brexit) should really be rebranded as the Fanatical Tyrant. It believes rigidly in the blocist neocon approach to EUNATO, and short of Bill Cash taking over the editorship, nothing is ever going to shift it.

So it has motive. But on the other hand, it isn’t part of The Guardian > New York Times > Washpost make it all up whoredom. They clearly have a source; but as yet, we don’t where.

Now here’s where it get’s complicated. The FT is of course a City newspaper, and the vast majority of all BoJo’s illegitimate offspring, former lovers, Godchildren and political mates are Something therein.

And since the FT piece, far from denying the news, Boris has been quick to ride on its wave. Here’s his brief observation:

“There is no sense in thinking about timelines that go beyond [mid October] . If we can’t agree by then, I do not see that there will be a free trade agreement between us, and we should both accept that and move on.”

So there. Except that, around 4 pm CET, a Brexiteer MP contacted me

“A good 30-40 Conservative MPs fear that any backsliding will erode their slim majorities, making them vulnerable to a revitalised Brexit Party smelling betrayal”.

So back to the brinkmanship narrative.

This isn’t exactly new news. Also, there are various dimensions upon which it lacks credibility. For one thing, Bojo found it so easy to neuter the Farage threat last time around, it seems odd that, with a majority of 80 seats not 40, the PM should be concerned about such things….so far away from an election.

For another, there are only 11 Ulster Unionist MPs in the House of Commons – so why would Johnson choose to tear up the most contentious part of the agreement….when letting things be would cost him nothing?

I am left doubting that this is what the Blond Turk is up to. Here’s why.

My final verdict on Boris is not that far from the one I reached eleven years ago when The Slog branded him ‘the most dangerous politician in Britain’. Basically, he is Dr Jekyll become increasingly dependent on the potion that turns him into My Hyde.

He is a globally connected power wolf shedding his happy-smiley sheepish self-deprecation as time elapses.

It’s not the Brexit wing he wants to keep happy. It’s the pernicious Remainer Camp he wants to smash.

He was a late convert to the Leave campaign. He gambled that, in time, this would take him to Downing Street: his support was based on the need for a means of transport, not belief.

We have seen how, early on in the Covid19 melodrama, he did the bidding of the Banker/Pharma Mob rather than hold his nerve and take a risk on Herd immunity. Now he talks 24/7 Covidiot drivel, because this allows him to adopt Churchillian syntax and inflate his Brave Leader Britain-Can-Take-It bollocks.

Don’t for a minute believe that Boris Johnson is an Uber-Leaver. His aim for Britain is the same as his aim when London Mayor…only on a bigger scale. Back then, he wanted to turn the capital into a City-State like Singapore. Now, he wants the UK to become an offshore Switzerland.

And to get that, he has figured out (albeit with some help from near and dear) that, with a hopelessly split Opposition, he can purge the Tory Europhiles and render them – pardon the excruciating pun – eunuchs. He can become Führer of the Nation, scuttle the SNP, terrify the EU….and become Donald Trump’s new best friend after his reelection in November.

Bojo is not and never has been an EU Leaver. He is an American hegemony NATO joiner.

Need further proof? Look at his willingness to eject Huawe from UK G5 plans, and the ridiculous lies he told over Pompeo’s neocon Skripal affair scam.

And never forget his City Square Mile allegiance. Brussels would like to hassle, harass and then regulate the City’s power unto non-existence. The Prime Minister would rather defund the Royal Family and make Keir Starmer Emperor in perpetuity than accept that.

Eh bien Monsieur Barnier, il est maintenant temps d’avoir très peur.

Sleep well out there, O Brussels headbangers. But beware, British democrats.

Mr Johnson plays for no side.