The more sharp-eyed of you (and you need very sharp eyes for this) will know that I’m back on Twitter again at

There are several reasons for this:

  • The laptop I use to transmit via IABATO2 was attacked last week and is currently undergoing major street repairs.
  • Having surveyed 50 followers (and been tipped off by several loyalists) it has become clear that NO medium to longterm Slog @JoeBlob20 followers are seeing my tweets at all.
  • Even my shared Tweets from WordPress are appearing but not being seen by most followers
  • 25% of my followers have had their accounts permanently “suspended” aka vapourised, and so I need to explore Twitter via other means: clearly, by leaving the medium, it’s a nose being cut off to spite a face.

I propose to start by doing the following:

  • Look to follow all hashtags related to interests my followers have
  • Get into a programme of communicating with known followers and begging for RTs
  • Cunning stuff I’m not about to reveal here
  • Follow and be followed by relevant new folks.

The only thing YOU can do to overcome this heinous censorship is go to my time line (whose full descriptor is now @Joe Blob20, Slog & Saul Bollocks IABATO Alliance) and keep an eye on my site-sharing daily tweet(s).

I know this is a bore, but I won’t be beaten by the pinched goblins – and neither should you.

Further, the site has been blacklisted by McAfee, but the link above will take you straight to the News Blog. Mr McAfee himself will be given a hundred lines and kept late after school.

I am dealing with visibility problems at Covidis, so don’t despair.