At The End of the Day

Think of this as something of a Catch-Up on some micro and macro observations I’ve been making of late

OK, the first point to make is that is now fully in action. I just thought you might like to know the identity of the culprit involved in trying to f**k it up.

Google. Or rather, using Google Chrome as a browser. The same Google “Do No Evil” folks who’ve been depressing my site referrals by 60% over the last three weeks.

They blocked any entry from my host site into the Weebly editor. So if you want to know a good browser to use when visiting the site, a good solution is Mozilla Firefox.

Second, here’s the latest evidence of how Contrick19 is distracting the UK NHS from more important work. Further news from my victim/source as follows:

‘The nursing staff were very concerned.  My bed was on the other side of the wall from the nursing station.  I heard them talking with the consultant before he did his rounds yesterday.  Two beds needed to be found in our 4-bed CCU.  One lady had gone elsewhere for an MRI angiogram at 6.30am.  I heard this conversation and then had a bizarre meeting with the surgeon who said I should walk up and down the corridor and he would see what my telemotery said when I had exercised.  He didn’t know I also had a bad knee, pancreatic insufficiency and a host of other ailments besides this eratic heart rhythm.  He wasn’t interested.  I asked him to contact Dr xxxxxx the gastro consultant as my heart muscle on the ultrasound was absolutely fine then surely the problem must be something chemical or electrical rather than physical,  but I just felt he wasn’t listening.  Only deals with hearts he can repair and nothing else. 

‘The staff were looking at their feet at this point.  He said I should go home and they would follow up via outpatients.  I asked if I would be fitted with a monitor?  None available at present.  I told him I was due further tests with Dr xxxxxxx which may involve anaesthesia again, and would my heart withstand this?  He didn’t know. 

‘So, the senior nurse did another ECG and allowed me to photograph it to give to Dr xxxxxx.  Another nurse handed me a piece of paper with the Cardio Rehab number on it, in case I got scared.  They knew I was on my own.  I got my things ready and the nurse told me to stay for lunch first.  I was still being monitored and still had a canula in my hand.  My pulse was still low at 38.  I then asked her to order me a taxi to get home (another £60). 

‘After lunch she told me she was organising an ambulance (free) to bring me home.  She was very good and realised that I wasn’t really fit to go.  I told xxxxx in the next bed that I expected XXXXXX’s things would be packed up and that she wouldn’t be coming back either because they needed the beds.  Sure enough her things were scooped up to be taken to Cardiff.  Xxxxxx said, I thought she was having the MRI and coming back?  No, they are keeping her in Cardiff. 

‘This is our wonderful NHS.  Three days and you are out.  No news on the colonoscopy biopsies yet. Going to ring the rehab number and let them know who I am.’

More solid evidence of the malign distraction of a minor virus. We should be recording deaths that are nothing to to do with with Covid19. Then I suspect we would see a genuine spike.

Third, the evidence of lying and fraud in relation to the practical frontline approach to Covid19 continues to grow. A quite astonishing attack on the serial mendacity of Anthony Fauci in the US has been largely blanked by the MSM, but you can view it in full here.

Things have now reached an amazing level of lawless perfidy.

In the US, no organ of justice dare touch Fauci.

In the UK, Ferguson’s Lockdown has been revealed as a ridiculous overreaction, PHE is about to be vapourised as the organisation that overtstated Covid deaths by 20%, and Peter Horby’s drug trials have been proven to be actively faked to favour Remdesivir.

But the police are nowhere, the Opposition is in denial, and Boris Johnson shows not the scintilla of a sign that he recognises just how badly he’s been advised.

Anyone in league with the Shadow State remains above reproach, above suspicion, but chiefly above the law.

Neither the MSM nor the cops will go near it.

We are on our own – naked, and undefended by anyone with power.