GULLIBLE TRAVELS: Lilliputian madness in 2020

The front page lead of La Dépeche this morning banner headlines, ‘Should we fear a second wave?’….based on 3,000 new cases yesterday.

Of which 99% will show mild symptoms and not require hospitalisation. In short, 30 new cases nationwide, of whom 94.6% will survive.

Or rounded up, two people will die – of whom at least 1 will be over 80 years old.

Now frankly, I could keep on churning out these Covid realities from now until the very last cow comes home (having been abducted by aliens in 1955) and still not make any kind of dent in the ever-obedient belief system of those 83% of UK citizens who support the Government’s insane “policy” on Coronavirus.

There is a growing Groupthink out there that makes The Moonies seem a somewhat slapdash ragtag of Hippie anarchists by comparison. And we are all – we of the Thinking Fifteen Per Cent – wondering just howTF this came about.

It is a tricky and vast subject that goes way beyond eurozone Club Med austerity, Greek debt, global warming, trickle down wealth, Brexit disaster scenarios and Covid19.

As I keep insisting, these are just symptoms – of adherence to catechism, the escape from everything natural, the need for ideological comfort blankets, an almost kamikaze commitment to pc science, embracing cognitive dissonance, an explosion in Aspergers thinking, the side-by-side emergence of narcissism and hypochondria, and the sense of unease this evokes in those with feet nailed to the ground of our planet.

Why, as a born-free species, are we doing this to ourselves?

Allow me if I may to list a few 2020 empirical realities, about which most Western electorates have deaf ears, dumb mouths and blind eyes:

Secrecy surrounding State activity

Privatisation of social media censorship

State & Big Business surveillance of what we do and say

Zero accountability of government, globalists and the Gigarich

The TINA* approach to every debate

Politicisation of news media and ‘demonstration’ policing

*TINA – There Is No Alternative

Fifty years ago, we were the Sovereign Consumer and the Taxpayers.

then gold-backed currency was abandoned,

Cultural Marxism gained a foothold in education,

power shifted from labour to capital,

the internet gave the go-ahead to ‘virtual service’,

Lobbying of legislatures became crooked,

digitalised fractional reserve banking hid money creation,

algorithmically ‘fixed’ bourses became the norm,

the Clinton/Blair faux Left sold out to globalism,

Education targets fostered thinking conformity,

social media let in the mobentum bullies

neoliberal economics became dependent on debt,

neocon foreign policy brought security forces into leadership roles,

mediocre political leadership let in bureaucratic technocrats,

censorship was privatised,

bureaucrats became corrupted by Big Business,

news media kowtowed to Shadow State narratives,

globalist corporate suits became more important than citizens,

Mussolini’s corporate State was reborn.

At this point, there is something very important we need to transmit to those as yet unwilling to recognise the coup that has taken place.

The willingness of the Unelected State to go to any lengths to push the Covid19 narrative shows, as clearly as anything could, that the élites feel they are self-sufficient.

It doesn’t matter if the real economy is in intensive care and heading for the morgue, because once you can create infinite paper wealth by pushing a button, you no longer need economies and taxpayers…..already made largely redundant by robotisation and AI.

Note the well-coordinated global move now to make cash equally redundant. For those whose only escape from falling wage values is tax evasion, reliance on the mercy of the State lies ahead.

Keep an eye on the price of gold. At the point when its price goes stratospheric (and thus, as an escape, threatens inflated valuations in the stock markets) globally pre-arranged decrees will criminalise private trading in that precious metal.

The observation of Gullible travels teaches every thinking person that future survival depends on making ourselves indispensable, and/or escaping dependence on The Rules. The 3% are going all-out to minimise our numbers. Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Rupert Murdoch and Sir Mark Sedwill are not a closely-knit conspiratorial cell: but they do share very similar misanthropic ideas…..and they all support the promotion of a global US hegemony.

The Hobbesian vision of life as something nasty, brutish and short is being cooked up in various ovens. Ignore it at your peril.