COVID19: only deadly as an instrument of unregulated propaganda

In what is being widely seen (by me) as a miracle up there with Red Sea partings and water into wine, The Times today has finally managed to shake off its self-imposed D-Notice and point out how Contrick19 NHS obsession is going to kill far more people than Coronavirus could ever manage:

It’s behind the Digger’s Pusillanimous Paywall, but I can give you the gist of this frontline oncologist’s contrarian (and entirely correct) opinion with a few extracts:

“Some estimates say a few thousand cancer patient lives could be lost. I think you can easily multiply that by ten. It’s far worse than people appreciate. We have almost certainly caused the death of something like 30,000 patients, 30,000 who would have probably been cured if it hadn’t been for Covid. I’ve seen a lot in my half a century in medicine. I’ve never been more worried about cancer care than I am now. This is an unfolding disaster and so many aren’t seeing it. I don’t believe [the Covid death toll] is as high as 41,000. I think a lot of those people would have died anyway within a fairly rapid timeframe.”

So there you have it – but you read it here first.

Now the assumption the Establishment wants us to buy into about the pig’s ear of alarmist predictions, distraction from more serious illnesses, one-sided media coverage, incompetent drug trials, double counting, cases treated as deaths and PHE overstatement is that it was all down to human error.

But such an assumption would involve a level of quite staggering stupidity around the World. For example, Aukland yesterday was on the verge of total lockdown on the basis of four cases. Not deaths – cases. And it emerged last night that Spain’s blacklisting by the UK as a holiday destination happened because Spain has (since May) been counting in its daily total of ‘active cases’ people who had the virus weeks ago, but have since recovered.

How, for instance, did the Prime Minister of Australia first demand (and then retract) obligatory vaccination when no such vaccine exists…or is indeed likely to? Over the last seven weeks, I have spoken to or corresponded with fourteen virologists, all of whom agree that it will be nigh on impossible to vaccinate against Coronavirus, and all but one of whom were extremely doubtful about such a necessity in the first place. After eighty years or more of looking for such a thing, there is still no vaccine for malaria….it is handled by HCQ as a management drug that speeds recovery and almost obliterates deaths.

Playing in government’s favour re this one is the sad reality that around 60% of people still believe the Deadly Killer myth, and a further 30% are too busy, telly-addicted or drunk to give a tinker’s cuss either way.

But no matter how many Covidiots ignore it, what we have here is yet more proof that Great Britain’s laughably dubbed “élite” has become a blame-free zone in which there is no accountability – or indeed, prosecution of justice – whatsoever.

And as a taxpayer, that gives me a somewhat niggly outlook on the whole thing…….a dog-with-a-bone approach to shining light into dark corners. There are two sets of people at the top of my “depraved hobgoblin” hierarchy, bankers and Whitehall senior civil servants. It will therefore come as no surprise to learn that that they are both heavily implicated in this, our current cesspit of base motives.

Because for those who want to blame globalist banking failures, stock market graft and blocked Brexit on something that can be easily demonised, Contrick19 is the perfect vehicle.

The players in this cacophonous operetta of nonsense are all as I write assumed to be innocent of malign intention. To suspect any of them is deemed “wild conspiracy theory”. Had this same rule applied to the Nuremburg Trials of 1946, probably 90% of the Nazi hierarchy would never even have come to trial.

Emmanuel Macron has had a profoundly suspicious relationship with the Sanoffi Pharma combine for twelve years. Their PR was instrumental in smearing both HCQ and Professor Didier Raoult at the outset of Covidaphobia….a campaign Macron fully backed at first. He also lied about the value of masks.

Dr Anthony Fauci has enacted the same baseless smears against HCQ in the US. He has lied about the existence of positive trials in five countries around the globe – all of whom use the ‘HCQ cocktail’ with great success in managing Covid19. He has ruthlessly lied to the media about C19 death rates based on precisely nothing. The creature he has installed at the CDC has a track record of serious data manipulation in the treatment of AIDS. And he too lied about masks.

In Britain, Peter Horby used dubious clinical trials to overdose and omit balance in his administration of HCQ cocktail. As many as 28 patients may have needlessly died in a trial that has been roundly condemned by senior medics in Italy, China and New York. If there is assumed to be no whiff of manslaughter in this case, why? He knew the doses, he knew the cocktail and he knew that his fund donors in Big Pharma want the profits from a new vaccine.

A month ago, respected daily title France Soir reached these blunt conclusions about the Horby trials:

‘The authors of the recovery clinical trial (Peter Horby and Martin Landray) attempt to cover up a despicable fault in the hydroxychloroquine arm. Several elements are concerning : results that are hiding reality, unforgivable errors in the documents, the author of the appendix of the documents of the Recovery study (British clinical trial) is Dr Hayden known to be historically close to Gilead having taken on several occasions the defence of Remdesivir (drug that has recently been approved by the European Medicines Agency without evidence of therapeutic benefit and very harmful side effects). Hence the Recovery study cannot be considered serious.’

Surprise, surprise, Remdesivir “emerged” from the trials as the winner. It has only 35% of the efficacy of HCQ, and costs twelve times as much.

Here we have motive, means and opportunity all clearly present. A Whitehall source told me three weeks ago ago that the Horby results were being “queried with a view to re-running the trial”. That has not happened. Why?

And so to Public Health England – PHE. Before the chaps at Pumped High Estimates were caught variously doubling up and confusing death with infection, The Slog posted six times to point out the obvious discrepancy between their ‘spikes’ and the ONS/Funeral Director feedback that showed no spike at all.

PHE has now been disbanded – and will be replaced. That’s a pretty draconion outcome unless something very smelly indeed had emerged.

Will there be an inquiry? Has any chummy’s collar been felt by Mr Plod? Chief Executive at PHE Duncan Selbie has clearly reached his sellby date (fnar-fnar) and said he is “sorry beyond words” for what happened….but flatly refutes the idea that his brainchild was in any way at fault. Er, so why is he sorry?

He was on a salary of £190,000 a year. His pension will be unaffected.

Once again, the time has come to make the main cultural point at issue here. We are not going to see any of these individuals stretched on a rack somewhere, because they all act with impunity.

Pushing ahead with every form of invasive data, obligatory decree and half-baked analysis to dilute our liberties and reveal our most inner needs from Jaffa cakes to turf accountants, all of them act in secret, are grilled in secret, briefed in secret and remain answerable to no objective separate and free body of regulation or law whatsoever.

Their increasing invasion of our lives – while we know less and less about theirs – is one of the central and most bitter ironies of our age. Covid19 is merely the latest in a long series of intimate examinations that begin, “Now just lie still, this won’t hurt a bit”.

There was Tony Blair in 2004, trying to sell us ID cards with “It’s only like a passport”. Then Jacquie Smith, the girl who put the secret into Home Secretary by handing a £14billion surveillance budget to GCHQ, insisting, “This is only a trial run”. David Cameron and his “We did not talk about the Sky takeover with James Murdoch” then Papa Murdoch himself and his brilliant impression of a failed lobotomy as he he looked blank and said, “I never heard anyone talk about phone hacking”. And Jeremy Hunt claiming “I have done nothing wrong” after redacting 230 emails that showed he’d done things during the ill-fated Sky deal that were as wrong as something despicably wrong that has spent a lifetime perfecting the scientific art of doing very very wrong things.

None of these episodes – not even Weapons of Mass Destruction – brought anyone to justice. Rebekah Brooks somehow corrupted the prosecution service to ensure she was charged only with things she hadn’t done, and Cameron’s ex-Newscorp press secretary went to an upmarket prison for nine weeks….the trial took eight months to prepare. 146 teenage idiots who looted stores in Croydon during a riot got an average of five years each, and their arrest, trial and incarceration was turned round in just 27 days.

But nevertheless, while rejoicing in their immunity, the Establishment took careful note of the annoying inconvenience that even a tepid Rule of Law could be.

Which is why, when truculent Brit voters decided to stick it to them on the Brexit issue in 2016, the Shadow State this time stayed firmly in the shadows, as they machinated to undo the biggest democratic decision ever taken in Britain’s long and not always illustrious history. They let clowns in silly EU hats, arrogant Internationale Labour MPs, privileged Europhile Tory shires MPs, hapless PM Theresa May and a midget called John Bercow – the Speaker of the House no less – bend every constitutional precedent back to Magna Carta.

At this point, they decided that mounting a coup d’état, conspiring with a foreign power and perverting the progress of elected officials was a cinch. And they came within a millimetre of pulling it off.

Only the opportunist Boris Johnson stopped them – albeit (in my view) temporarily. The UK is now ruled by the most secret and unaccountable régime since the Puritanism of Oliver Cromwell. It is headed by the very same Boris Johnson.

However, whereas before we have had the Iraq con, the GCHQ con, the Phone-hacking con, the Corbyn con, the EU con, the Skripal con and the Brexit/Brino con, Contrick19 is a global con.

As such, it is a First: not even the Warmist con can equal it in sheer volume, audacity, breathtaking coordination, phenomenal behavioural effects and speed of outcome.

2020 has been the year in which Homo Insipiens Globalis emerged to offer solid proof that no electorate in the World is fit for democratic purpose if the Secret State has the measure of how to control The Mob.

The summer – like your freedom of movement, speech, opposition and commitment to facts over propaganda – is almost over. Enjoy it while you can.

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