This Friday at 6.30 pm CET, I will be closing my account there – Joe Blob20 @TheRealSlog . I do not intend to make a quiet exit.

I spent much of yesterday posting on Twitter to say, “Enough is enough”. The following image panel accompanied many of the posts:

This told only a small part of the SlogatTwitter saga. I’ve been suspended by Twitter three times since first joining in 2012. Having each time been asked to agree to some grovelling Correction Camp Show-trial promise of better behaviour, I have instead offered the two fingered riposte, lost all my followers, and signed up under another name.

Most of my posts of late have been marked ‘sensitive content’. Since the end of July, few if any of my followers there have been either seeing my posts on their Timeline or getting post alerts. This is a form of cowardly, corporate State censorship; but more to the point, it makes using Twitter to find Twin Flames a time-wasting exercise that offers little in return. Twitter may think itself The Leviathan, but 28 referrals a day is in no way worth the enervating experience of being insulted by Herd knuckle-draggers on a regular basis.

Four identities in eight years is too much like hard work.

Oddly enough, the final straw was the vapourisation of @Support our Leftie/Sir Lefty Farwright – easily one of the funniest and best observed lampoons of Leftist fascism on the web. This made it clear to even my decelerating brain that the Twatters in the silos have finally lost the plot.

Twitter, Facebook and an increasing number of digital hosts generally are no longer media in the accepted sense: they are privatised surveillance agencies whoring themselves to direct marketeers and the security services. Mark Zuckerberg – a man with his head in the darkness to be found up himself – can be mostly kindly dubbed ‘insouciant’: he has Presidential ambitions no less, but sees no conflict in running a spy empire at the same time as sitting in the Oval Office. Mind you, it worked for Bush the Elder, so maybe he has a point.

This time, however, I propose to depart noisily, and on my own terms. I have four full days to recruit direct followers of The Slog, and be assured, it’s going to be fun: more rabbits will be pulled from the hat before 6.30 pm on Friday.

In the meantime, if you’re reading this as the result of a Twitter ‘plug’ from my imaginary friend Joe Blob, I do urge you to sign up here and stay better informed abut the various driverless juggernauts coming down the road.

And if you have far too much sense to ever go anywhere near Twitter, it’s as well circumvent other attempts to shut me up.

You can do this with just a couple of clicks from here. Go to the Covidaphobia page – click here – and scroll down the right hand column past the two unwanted flags and my email address – until you come to the 3rd widget that clocks my follower total and somehow manages to be always around 1,000 behind the reality:

Click on it, et voilà.

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