At the End of the Day

At the end of a frustrating day, one has to laugh. I made this page capture at a tooth-grindingly left wing ‘Human Rights’ site this afternoon.

The site referred to Britain as a ‘vibrant multicultural liberal democracy’ where the People ‘will always find time to fight against regressive social policies and attacks on our freedoms’.

Please don’t ask me for a detailed critique of the denialism, double-speak and fluffiness involved in that copy: it would take me until a week on Thursday to complete it….and when it comes to the Left these days, I really can’t see the point. I can’t see the point of the deconstructive work involved. More to the point, I can’t see the point of arch ‘progressive’ blather any more. With every year, the British Libleft shrinks in size at a speed that will render it on a par with the Michael Foot Memorial Collectivist Coal Mining Scargillite Bolshevik Front for the Politicisation of Rhubarb and Custard not long after 2025.

I will merely restrict myself to an analysis of the commuter crowd caught on Candid Camera in the shot at the head of this post. There’s a bloke on the left wearing an expression to suggest he’s looking for a pocket to pick; a bloke top right playing with his mobile phone: a woman middle right picking her nose; and a chap middle bottom yawning fit to split his head in two. It’s a study in self-interested 21st Century enervation, and it encapsulates public apathy better than any up-itself essay at The New Statesman ever could.

I wish I had the answer to this – I spent the weekend analysing and enumerating the problem, but such isn’t the answer to how to dig ourselves out of the hole before the Nasties refill the grave.

Here’s a selection of some anti-Unlicensed Vaccination ads I ran on social media today:

According to Twitter, they didn’t get a single retweet. Well, guess what? Call me self-important, but I don’t believe it.

I remain unsure as to how they’re doing it, but at the same time, nobody’s hits shrink from 9,000 daily to 2,800 without some form of blocking going on. At first, it was clear that none of The Slog’s longterm followers were seeing my tweets. This caused a lot of discursive tweeting online, before hey presto, most of the Slog tweet alerts reappeared.

I suspect (with some pointy-headed Swiss help) that what the followers retweet to others is now being disappeared. There is strong evidence for this: three days ago, one Slogpost achieved a miserable level of hits, but attracted 105 5-star approvals. In my experience, that is unprecedented.

But as I say, you have to laugh. Later this week as part of Five Freedom Breakouts in Five Days, there’ll be a piece about deregulated media censorship – which will, almost certainly, be unaccountably censored. It’s the epitome of the self-fulfilling prophecy.

And finally (as they used to say on News at Ten, when it really was news) the discovery of Phosgine gas on the planet Venus has ‘shocked and stunned’ experts who were convinced there was no life there. The slight flaw in the received theory is that you don’t get phosgine gas created without living organisms present to produce it.

When I was sixteen years old and hopeful of life on Venus, my physics teacher told me, “We now know for certain that Venus is not a solid planet, but merely a collection of swirling gases”. Thirty years later, experts decided that it must have a solid centre….but life on that inhospitable place was “unthinkable”. So much for the progressive Left’s insistence on settled science.

In 2020, everyone agrees that there is intelligent life on Earth. I wonder what the accepted view will be in 2050.

Sleep well.