The aim of this 5-day focus is to break out against the Treasury, Cabinet, Security service, Remainer and Big Pharma vandals laying siege to Liberty in Britain. Every day this week, The Slog will feature one key aspect of eroded freedom, and ask those who are awake to the problem to band together and be heard at last by those who aren’t listening to The People.

We begin today with a repost of The Slog’s dissection of the Government’s Covid19 “consultation” document which is closed for discussion next Friday. Its proposals throughout are an alarming assault on freedom in general, but the profoundly cavalier approach to unlicensed vaccine use (and the related immunity from prosecution for all vaccine developers) is a licence to kill.

The following post achieved less attention than normal when it first appeared thanks to my Twitter followers being blocked at the time…..

The fine men of Whiteminster have ever so quietly put a “consultation” document about Covid19 ‘vaccination roll-out’ onto a rarely-visited page of the Gov.UK website

The content is scandalous

Above is the offensive weapon to which I refer. Several of the UK press titles have spotted it. This isn’t an “exclusive” scoop – far from it: but the mainstream media being a cross between niggly political bias and mendacious “it’s only” understatement these days, I’ve yet to see anything halfway sensible out there that rises above Party point scoring to conclude that Britain now is a country in cultural crisis. The Guardian huffs and puffs about ‘all power and no responsibility’ as if Keir Starmer would be in any way better than Boris Johnson at putting people before political catechism.

True to form, The Times ignored it. I suppose if you’ve hacked a million mobile phones and got away with it, the future of English liberty isn’t of much interest to you. It is nowhere to be found at the Telegraph (which, I must confess, surprised me).

And so as usual, it’s down to online contrarians to alert those who understand a thick end of a wedge when they see one.

‘Thousands gather in Trafalgar Square to promote Coronavirus conspiracy theories’ was the truly bizarre headline in the Evening Standard last Saturday as regards the entirely peaceful London demonstration (to oppose the Government’s Pharmacentric Covid19 “strategy”- and thus oppose any mad ideas the Johnson administration might have about sweeping vaccination powers against an insipid Coronavirus pandemic).

But what most of the more than 50,000 protesters didn’t realise was that, the previous afternoon – as most people were switching off for the weekend – the Government (and let’s call a spade a spade, what we really mean is the ever more tentacular State) had released a consultation invitation that (a) didn’t include the ordinary citizen (b) began and continued with a series of lies about what Covid19 really is and (c) with blasé insouciance, introduced a carte blanche for this or any future “government” to force-feed all of us with so-called science that is already well on the way to ensuring UK bankruptcy.

So being a wacky sort of bloke, I felt a deconstruction of this Emergency Powers Act might be in order.

I’m going to look at the exact prose of this carte blanche, and use my own emphases in red bold (and italic commeentary in blue) to zero in on any ideas dingbats might have about this being “only” the Queue for the Showers. It begins:

‘COVID-19 is the biggest threat this country has faced in peacetime history, which is why the UK government is working to a scientifically led, step-by-step action plan for tackling the pandemic – taking the right measures at the right time.’

IABATO: The 1919 Flu epidemic, the 1926 General Strike, the British Union of Fascists after 1934, the 1940 Cabinet attempt to unseat Churchill, and the nuclear threat from 1950 onwards were all vastly largely than a virus that will kill 0.0064% of the global population at most.

IABATO: the Government’s actions are by by bad, fiddled and manipulated advice that favours the Global Pharma agenda.

That opening para is propaganda, not guidance.

‘Effective COVID-19 vaccines will be the best way to deal with the pandemic. Any vaccine must first go through the usual rigorous testing and development process and be shown to meet the expected high standards of safety, quality and efficacy before it can be deployed’.

IABATO: The chances of finding an effective virus for all time are close to nil, and unnecessary. The virus will die out of its own accord through a judicious mixture of Herd immunity, protection of the vulnerable, and management of infected persons.

This para too is neat, undiluted Pharma sector claptrap.

‘The independent Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) will advise the UK government on which COVID-19 vaccine/s the UK should use, and on the priority groups to receive the vaccine based on the best available clinical, modelling and epidemiological data. This will depend on the properties of the vaccine, those most at need (including health and care workers) and the particular medical circumstances of individuals.’

IABATO: It is almost wholly connected to Global Pharma research funds and lobbying.

‘The preferred route to enable deployment of a new vaccine for COVID-19 is through the usual marketing authorisation (product licensing) process. If a suitable COVID-19 vaccine candidate, with strong supporting evidence of safety, quality and efficacy, becomes available, we will seek to license that vaccine through the usual route. Until the end of December 2020, EU legislation requires biotechnological medicines (which would include candidate COVID-19 vaccines) to be authorised via the European Medicines Agency, and a marketing authorisation granted by them would automatically be valid in the UK. From January 2021, the UK’s licensing authority will have new powers to license all medicines, including vaccines. However, if there is a compelling case, on public health grounds, for using a vaccine before it is given a product licence, given the nature of the threat we face, the JCVI may take the very unusual step of advising the UK government to use a tested, unlicensed vaccine against COVID-19, and we need to make sure that the right legislative measures are in place to deal with that scenario’.

‘Preferred’ – surely ‘only’ is the word they seek?

‘a compelling case’ – there isn’t one for something as peripheral as Covid19.

At was at this point I became certain that the British State and its élites have been possessed, and that we have dire need of an exorcist along with properly tested and regulated crucifixes.

‘A temporary authorisation of the supply of an unlicensed vaccine could be given by the UK’s licensing authority under regulation 174 of the Human Medicines Regulations (see below). A COVID-19 vaccine would only be authorised in this way if the UK’s licensing authority was satisfied that there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate the safety, quality and efficacy of the vaccine. ‘Unlicensed’ does not mean ‘untested’: this temporary authorisation process exists to address the possibility that, in certain situations of public health need, the licensing authority may consider that the balance of risk and benefit to patients justifies the temporary supply of the relevant vaccine pending the issue of a product licence. Regulation 345 of the Human Medicine Regulations transposes into UK law a requirement of EU law that key actors in the medicines supply chain cannot generally be sued in the civil courts for the consequences resulting from the use of an unlicensed product, or a new use of a licensed product, that a national licensing authority is recommending in order to deal with certain specific health threats’.

Sorry, make that 50 specially imported exorcists with a Papal black belt in Devil expulsion, and and Holy Water obtained from Calvary.

Define ‘sufficient evidence’. Who decides – Peter Horby?

Note unsubtle attempt to blame immunity for Pharma on the EU…a bit rich when you consider that the Governments of US, UK and EU have already made it clear they will grant immunity.

‘The UK government is seeking views on proposals to make changes, in conjunction with the Minister of Health in Northern Ireland, to the Human Medicine Regulations 2012. These changes will support the effective rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine and the upscaling of influenza (flu) vaccination programme in the UK. It is important to emphasise, however, that although some of the measures specifically reference COVID-19 and flu vaccines, the proposed changes will also facilitate the efficient mass distribution of treatments for COVID-19, or for any other disease that poses a serious risk to public health.

Or put another way, ‘payday for Pharma in perpetuity’.

(Just thought I’d warn you, by the way, that this is all wild speculation and conspiracy theory….given temporary authorisation by Hobgoblins and other foul fiends.)

‘The main policy objectives of these proposals are to:

In the interests of patient safety and providing clarity to the supply chain, clarify our approach to a pre-existing provision (regulation 174) in the HMRs, that enables the licensing authority to temporarily authorise the supply of an unlicensed medicinal product for use in response to certain specific types of public health threat, including the suspected spread of pathogens.’

The State is uncertain about the certainty of which certain types apply here, and equally, non-specific on the specifics, but which shall include any pathogen that spreads.

“Wider still and wider….” Let’s all join in. Nothing like a sing-song to get us through the Blitz….

The Government also proposes to:

Clarify the scope of immunity from civil liability which regulation 345 of the HMRs puts in place for certain products whose unlicensed use is recommended by the licensing authority in response to certain specific types of public health threat, so that it clearly applies not just to manufacturers and healthcare professionals but also to the company placing an unlicensed medicine such as a vaccine on the market with the approval of the licensing authority – and to clarify the consequences on immunity, should there be a breach of the conditions imposed by the licensing authority.’

Very well clarified there, Sir Humphrey.

I wonder if you might just repeat the clarification, as some of those present seem a tad confused about whatTF you’re on about?

Like this chappy above, for example.

‘Nature of the consultation
It is important to explain at the outset the relatively limited nature of this consultation exercise. Therefore, the limitations should be borne in mind:’

Translation: “We going to do the whole thing in secret”

‘However, having to move quickly means having less time than we would like to consult on these proposals – indeed, we are asking for comments by the end of Friday 18 September 2020 ‘.

Can you give us some solid evidence, please, (not models) as to why urgency is so important?‘

‘Even though we are happy to receive comments from anyone, the purpose of this consultation exercise is to engage directly with specific stakeholders that we have identified. The UK government will be holding discussions with those stakeholders, at which it will be going into further detail about the proposals. This consultation document has been produced to support those discussions’.

Translation: “You the public are not stakeholders, you are guinea pigs. Guinea pigs do not have the vote. Now shove off.”

..yellow tinfoil hats are obligatory in all cages at all times

‘What that means, in practice, is that the consultees to whom this document is addressed are a specialist audience, made up of people and organisations that we would expect have a detailed knowledge of the legislative and practical context in which these proposals sit – and also of the likely impact of the measures. It is also an audience generally used to discussing draft legislation without having all of the detail explained.’

You’re all too stupid to contribute, so we’re going to stick with the Leftie onanists who got us into this mess”

I’ve used a light touch in ridiculing, deconfusing and tearing apart this blatant takeover of public health decisions by the tame Pharma-junkies employed by Whitewash, sorry, Whitehall. But that shouldn’t hide the apoplectic rage I felt on reading the contents for the first time.

For the hard of understanding anything beyond endlessly bleating “silly conspiracy ideas” let me just summarise the track record of this cabal which is – given the total victory by the forces of superiority complex and muunnneee – in no way at all a government of the People.

  • Ferguson was wrong
  • The size of Lockdown was insane
  • The elderly in retirement homes were not protected
  • PHE overstated the deaths by 20+%
  • The media have consistently lied about the death rates
  • Funeral directors say the death total is still faked
  • All but one of the advisors have ties to or are funded by Pharma
  • Peter Horby fiddled the HCQ drug trials, but is still in post
  • A sizeable majority of expert frontline opinion DOES NOT see a vaccine as either necessary or possible.

What we are seeing here is the third attempt in four years by Whitehall and its corporate mates to subvert the power of an elected Government.

I need hardly add that the woefully narrow-minded ignorance of the Cabinet (and MPs in general) has in recent years been the main catalyst for the steady advance of Bureaucratic Corporatism.

In the final analysis, Boris Johnson has reverted to type, and joined in with what is clearly part of a much bigger ‘reset’ of the controls over our money, our wellbeing, and our liberties.

Freedom is being full-frontally attacked by technocracy, and stabbed in the back by mediocre legislative whores.

And if you can’t see that, then firstly, this isn’t the site for you; and secondly, you really are in the way.

Did you miss this equally important road-map to how we got here at the weekend?

Tomorrow: 1950s born SPA victims & freedom to survive in retirement