How the World got to here: Part II

David Cameron won the 2015 General Election for various reasons, but the two most important ones were first, an electorate not paying attention to (or unable to understand) the fiscal economics involved, and apathetic about the universality of lies; and second, a Labour Party fixated with race/sexuality ID politics and pc-élite ideas, but seemingly unable to land a telling Parliamentary punch.

During the Coalition years, however, the changes outlined in Part I yesterday solidified, grew and spread. Both major Parties became increasingly ideological and policy-disciplined, albeit at the same time muddled. The media spent less and less time pointing up the endless cognitive dissonance involved, and the supporters of Labour and the Conservatives less and less time pondering the puerile emptiness of their dogged catechisms. Metro-progressive was preeminent in the red corner, austerity was de riguer in the blue corner. In the centre of the ring, however, were the 40% who no longer bothered to vote.
Electoral cynicism varied by means and intelligence, but was driven overall by (a) they’re not listening to us (b) they all lie anyway and (c) while we have to obey the Law, but they’re above it. In 2013, I remember – shortly after Hunt told the Commons, “I have done nothing wrong” – a senior lobby correspondent observing that this was the point at which it dawned on the political class that they could give any old excuse or rationale and get away with it.

During the first decade of the century, ambitious senior ranks in the police saw the ‘importance’ of pc in general and multiculturalism in particular in framing what their future role was likely to be. They made liberal statements, avoided ID controversy, and went on courses about ‘diversity’ management. In doing so, they lost the plot about their essentially apolitical civil role, and paved the way for kneebending that came later.

The corporate capture of politics

During the Blair/Brown schmoozing years, Labour had for the first time become a Party where donations from rich showbiz, wind-sniffing corporations and left-leaning entrepreneurs like Alan Sugar began to rival the traditional bankrolling of the TUC. In turn, a big fund-raising business started up by selling audiences with top Ministers – especially Blair himself.
As Murdoch switched his media support to the Tories after 2009 (and Brown’s dysfunctionality became obvious) huge amounts of City and globalist money poured into the challenger’s purse.
In the middle of the previous century, both major UK political Parties were 80+% funded by their mass membership. Accordingly, how The People felt about things was of paramount concern to political leaders like Macmillan, Gaitskell and Wilson.
Sixty years later, Labour and the Tories were both beholden to various powerful minorities in cultural, media and commercial walks of life. Unsurprisingly, they ignored everyday nobodies as habitual vote fodder, and focused on (variously) influencing the financial markets, Islamic voters, Blairite middle class liberals and influential media anchors.
Few groups suffered more from this élitist cynicism than the 1950s born UK women deprived of their State pensions by politicians of all Parties; sadly, the leaderships of both the Backto60 and Waspi movements have failed to learn the simple lesson that electoral power and nuisance value do make a difference. Moral guidance for powerful politicians was very much off the agenda: 3.65 million deserving women could be ignored, but 73 Windrush victims had to be appeased.
All of this stored up anger that was to be reflected in the Brexit question soon after 2015.

Revolving doors in Whitehall

If the police had embraced the liberal hegemony, few people realised how totally Whitehall had embraced a future in which the European Union, and British membership of it, were givens. Partly this was bureaucratic gravy-training, partly it was the security question of NATO and being ‘at the heart of Europe’, but mainly it was the longstanding conviction of the senior civil service mandarins that they knew better what was Good for Britain – and a bunch of swivel-eyed bigots, Little Englanders and closet racists would have to be defeated until such time as they were all dead.
Unfortunately, over time Whitehall’s increasing contact with both the Brussels democracy-inverting autocrats, bourse financialisers, and hi-technocrats started a “Changing Places” stream that soon turned into a flood whose force spun the revolving doors between them more and more quickly.
The arrivals and departures of surveillance expertise, senior mandarin influence, NATO experience and geopolitical power blocism all served to convince the bureaucratic class that not only did they know better than The People, they had more of the necessary know-how required to run the State than a motley crew of elected generalist lightweights with little or no commercial experience.
MP mediocrity had been around for many decades. I probably dealt with some 60-70 of them professionally after 1980, and a more boorish, bombastic and ignorant group would be well-nigh impossible to find. But the cloning that goes with on-message Party discipline has made the shallow nature of these hypocritical signallers far worse today. I respected and liked just three of them – and none of these highly able people ever got near to a Cabinet post.
Thus, a Black Hole of burgeoning Technocrat ambition met an elected field of dense asteroids, and began gobbling them up.
Changing police roles, increasingly ignored rules, State-dependent media, multicultural denialism, policy rigidity, risk aversion and a politico-administrative superiority complex were all in place and, if not always apparent, certainly In Power.
Duality government was morphing into The Allpowerful State.

Cameron’s grotesque gamble

At the right hand end of the Conservative Party (and parts of the now ageing Old Left within Labour) were a group of vaguely libertarian, traditional MPs beyond the corridors of power who had never changed their view of the ‘European Project’ as a didactic, blocist corporacratic autocracy in the making. They also (accurately) considered the EU to be overmanned, corrupt and federalist.
Time had not only proved them right, it had also seen the rise of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and its charismatic (if politically inept) leader, former City trader Nigel Farage. As UKIP’s popularity grew (albeit without conversion into Commons seats) newly reinstalled Prime Minister David Cameron grew tired of what had been for many years a tiresome split in the Party between europhobes and europhiles. He was also concerned – in the light of an unreformably élitist EU – there might be desertions to Farage’s army.
Convinced by polling that a referendum on EU membership would produce a final and convincing majority, Cameron set June 2016 as the date for it. Across the piece, the Whiteminster Establishment and their paymasters were convinced that Remain would win. They were about to get the shock of their lives.

Brexit & the deathknell of Liberal Democracy

The long-running Brexit saga has been covered everywhere (including in these columns) ad and post nauseam. A Remain MP was murdered, and a perpetrator shut away quietly. Whitehall was so convinced of victory, it made no preparations at all for what to do if it was wrong….thus continuing a long-standing tradition going back at least 300 years. Cameron announced on the Saturday that he would stay on to honour the result, but found himself out of a job by Tuesday in what remain suspicious circumstances marking the arrival of Sir Mark Sedwill as a player. Two female candidate replacements emerged, and the less fancied runner Theresa May won by default as (equally mysteriously) the Leadsom/Steve Baker team quite the race.
Personally, this was the moment I no longer doubted that The Shadow State was in control: from here on; politicians were merely in office. The country had voted Leave, but had now been given a Remain PM and a few token Leavers (like Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson) to steer Britain through Brexit.

Over the following three years, a silent coup led by Sedwill and enacted by his underling Ollie Robbins resulted in a Withdrawal Agreement (WA) that was unacceptable to Parliament, on the reasonable grounds that no withdrawal seemed to be taking place.
During this brief interregnum, however, Foreign Secretary Johnson once more made his membership of the EUNATO globalist clan obvious by promoting the Establishment line in the murky and at times downright silly Skripal Poisoning narrative. He now moved swiftly to condemn the WA as “a turd”, resigned, and gambled his rollercoaster career on becoming Mr Brexit.
Across the Commons divide, Labour had been reverse taken-over by Trotskyites in Antifa and Momentum, led by the old pro-Stalinist sympathiser and utterly unelectable Jeremy Corbyn. With clinical timing, the Left was once more on course towards madness. May lost an opportunistic snap election alongside her Momentum-spun opponent. BoJo took on Jeremy Hunt (the preferred Tory money and Shadow State candidate) and won easily.
He then secured a largely unchanged WA from Brussels and – in the context of Brexit fatigue and Corbynia as the only alternative – won the 2019 “Christmas” election. Arriving back in Downing Street, the even more powerful Mark Sedwill greeted him warmly by the throat. In the background, Dominic Cummings smiled his best benign smile.
The media, Whitehall, the Commons majority, the House of Lords, the security services and the May-picked ‘Brino’ mafia (Brexit in name only) appeared, to most people, to have been vanquished.
In truth, both People and elected power were set to vanish.

Boris, Covid19 and Any God Will Do

As with his American near-parallel Donald Trump, Johnson knew he had to tread carefully. Sedwill was by now Head of the Civil Service, the Cabinet Secretary, and a powerful force in his original homeland, the Diplomatic service in tandem with MI6. Sir Mark stayed in place, and was handed all his birthdays at once in the shape of Covid19.
It says a lot about the supine nature of the MSM by this point that almost no member of the voting public had ever heard of Sedwill – the most powerful unelected figure since Cromwell, and a bona fide spook.
After a Downing Street Covid strategy meeting – in which both Johnson and Cummings were infected by Sedwill’s favourite epidemiological modeller, Neil Ferguson – the disastrous Lockdown strategy was adopted. During Johnson’s illness, Sedwill yet again tried to undermine the UK’s tough Changeover-period stance against the Brussels team led by Michel Barnier.
At last, Sedwill was banished….to a top MI6/CIA laison job in EuroNATO.

From here on, Boris Johnson gave up all pretence of Prime Ministerial independence. He adopted the ludicrous Coronavirus line enthusiastically, employing it as a weapon to increase his popularity among an electorate almost totally convinced by it.
Their conviction, too, was a symptom of just how far the capacity to embrace the ridiculous (and abandon the science) had penetrated and advanced as the real social plague of the era.
As we have seen, it was a multiply created phenomenon. The media’s business crises helped usher in age of secrecy. The Police switched from protecting the civilian majority to minority appeasement and support for the State’s priorities. Politicised education rewarded conformity. Parties increasingly insisted on no deviation from “settled science”. The Labour Opposition shot itself in both feet, and then tore itself to pieces. Extra-Parliamentary and social media extremes of dissonance were dismissed among swearing, shouted insults and violent threats in the name of peace and hope against hate. Economic and socio-fiscal data was faked and massaged by the bureaucracy.
And ultimately, medical science was denied during the process of faking a virological threat to humanity. Once the State has enough hold on secrecy, news, voter gullibility, a usefully naive intelligentsia, police forces, defining the Law, neutering of the legislature, Judicial decision most things are possible. If one adds information confusion, censorship and ideological Brechtism to the mix, anything could happen.

In the kingdom of naive muddle, ironically the actor-cynic is supreme. This is where Boris Johnson sits today: an illustration of loyalty to neocon globalism here, a jingoistic stand against Brussels there, and “I’m just a lovable fighter with a Churchillian outlook” everywhere.
He won’t last. He will carry the can for Covidiocy and economic insanity. There will be some kind of ‘National Unity’ political charade, under which online resistance will be deconstructed and, thereafter, only the State narrative will prevail. There has been a progression:

Newspeak > Spin > Groupthink > Nothink > Belief > Control

Fear triumphs over considered thought. Ideology triumphs over fact. Knee-jerk panic puts Frontman jerks into Office. Power passes to a secretive State. Politicised marshals and obligatory hitech surveillance ensure all privilege is protected in perpetuity.


I’ve tried to put all the signposts and outcomes into some kind of coherent order. But things happen in parallel, converge via a degree of happenstance, remain shrouded in half-informed hypothesis and are then sent off into unpredictable directions by both the Left Field and the Right Stuff.
Nothing is inevitable if enough people retain a grip on reality, and an organised vanguard dedicates itself to the defeat of ideology through diligent (and emotionally intelligent) empiricism.
Nevertheless, I want to leave this Slog double-header with a personal anecdote from last week….if only to demonstrate the sheer size of the cultural change required if Liberty is to survive.

On the subject of Third World vaccination anomalies, and Big Pharma-Drama’s tendency to screw up other more important priorities in public health services across the World, I had arranged to interview a high-profile champion of Third World Health development tomorrow. The person concerned is the Professor of Human Geography at a well-respected centre of further education.
The interchange was cancelled last Friday. This is the rationale I was given:

Having looked at your blog, I really don’t want to feed your narrative around COVID-19. This disease is real and without serious intervention will destroy the lives of tens of millions worldwide. They many be predominantly old and sick, but allowing them to die to preserve the freedoms of others amounts to eugenics.’

Where to start?

I have never denied that C19 exists

Tens of millions based on what?

In the context of what other pathogens?

‘Allowing old people to die’ is the diametric opposite of my view

‘Freedom of others’ dismissed outright on a flawed assumption

Accepting that old people die is “eugenics”.

At some future point when the Foreign Office is looking at medical aid for the Third World, doubtless this blinkered ideologue will be wheeled out by Whitehall as “an expert”.

This is the problem we face: unnaturally ignorant cod-scientific beliefs gaining ground in a natural world which will, in the end, fight back and obliterate us. And equally, a blanket inability to discuss or engage.

To rephrase an ancient observation:

“Those the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad enough to believe that they are themselves Gods”.

Thanks for persevering with this analysis.