Freedom focus, Day 4: borders on water & fish down below

Over the last twenty-four hours, anyone not completely distracted by Covid19 will have noticed that, once again, forces beyond our shores seem determined to do everything they can to dilute and then reverse Brexit.
Lobbying by the EU in Washington (over Boris Johnson’s inclusion of clauses in the Withdrawal Bill that would allow it to override the Irish border compromise) has resulted in the Democrats (a traditionally Irish-supported Party) wading in. Joe Biden has said he will not allow peace in Northern Ireland to become a “casualty of Brexit” if he is elected US President in November, adding that any UK-US trade deal had to be “contingent” on respect for the Good Friday Agreement.

One wishes a plague on the entire row of houses in this one. Johnson has been underhand here, but the EU is in much bigger breach of International Borders Law by demanding access to UK fishing. Barnier introduced the Irish border issue purely as a stonewaller on the original negotiations; there is no evidence at all that the Good Friday agreement needs to be threatened in any way. But Sinn Fein will, of course, blame Brexit if the IRA uses the border issue to commit atrocities.

As for Sleepy Joe’s intervention….oh dear. Does he know what day comes before Friday? Has he read the Good Friday Agreement? Does he know which half of Ireland has a Protestant majority in it? Could he find Ireland on a map? In case Candidate Biden got any of these wrong during his announcement, US Speaker Nancy Pelosi said there was “no chance of a UK-US trade deal getting through Congress” if the UK violated international agreements. I think the States should once and for all honour ‘taking a nip’ Nancy for poesterity by calling any silly idea in future “a complete Pelosi”. It has a certain natural ring to it.

The entire hypocritical farce is another classic case of IABATO – It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official. However, this turn of events has again demonstrated that, when faced with EUNATO neocon geopolitics, the Prime Minister will buckle. For Boris has climbed down and tried to reassure his trailer of Remoanoids that there will be further restrictions on the use of the override clause in the Bill.

Regardless of motives on Ulster in Brussels, the issue has become a sort of dividing line between Clean Brexit and Phoney Brexit, because like it or not the border has come to symbolise the territorial integrity of the United Kingdom. The fact that the UK can never again have credible integrity has indeed been demonstrated by these latest developments – and yes, that is profoundly ironic. But Clean Brexit means Sovereign independence, and that’s that. Given their own experiences in dealing with the British Empire, one would’ve thought both the United States and the Irish Republic would be sympathetic.

On Twitter, the BBC’s europhile fanatic Laura Kuenssberg said she’d heard key Sprouts suggesting that the EU is unlikely to walk out of talks on a deal (it needs the money dear, but then we told you that four years go) “but would be likely to pursue the UK in Court”.
It will never end, and they will never give up until the European Union collapses….which, if elected, Shadow State dummy Biden will stop at all costs, because that would neuter NATO.

Whether denialism of that reality continues or not, we could not consider ourselves “independent” if French fishing boats mess up our own well-laid plans for fish conservation in British waters. This above all others is the reason why the europhobe Labour vote collapsed in 2019 on our north and eastern regions.

In one of his more nonsensical fantasies two weeks ago, Michel Barnier said that Britain will regain control of its waters as part of its split from Brussels, but “speaking about the fish which are inside those waters is another story”. This may be the right time for Brits to point out that, while France is an independent land mass, speaking about the deer, cattle, sanglier, pigs, sheep and fowl that are on that land mass is another story.

Last night, the Telegraph reported that offering fishing rights to the EU around the Channel Islands is being considered by Lord Frost, Dominic Raab and BoJo. We must see how Barnier responds if and when that is offered as a compromise. I fail to see, however, why there is any need at all for Britain to offer that in the first place. These are our territorial waters – the clue’s in the name.

Boris Johnson is an enthusiastic, fully paid-up member of the Globalist Neocon Blocs Club. We used him as a battering ram to get us out of the EU. We will not find supporters of a future Britain modelled on Swiss cantons – with a truly independent foreign policy to match – in either of the Westminster Party giants. And we will not make our way anywhere in the World until the Whiteminster to Big Money via City banking corporatocracy is history.

That’s the reality. Our continued freedoms depend upon it.