At the End of the Day

I’m starting tonight with this page capture from today’s Twitter Games in the Amphitheatre, because (while the above was merely a heartfelt reply to a good-hearted but clearly miserable doctor-practitioner) I do think the split I refer to is at the centre of the virus dilemma.

Fine, yes, I know we’ve covered this ground before; on the other hand, it’s an overcrowded world of competing messages out there, but there’s no harm in repetition if (a) one is outnumbered by Establishment troops and (b) a collation of the information available adds to the sum of Truth on offer.

It sort of comes down to this: if you’d just been bitten by a Kite snake – thus leaving you with around 45 seconds to get some antidote into your veins – who from the following would you choose as the chap to plunge the needled antidote into your affected region:

  • Neil Ferguson
  • Peter Horby
  • Sir Patrick Vallance
  • Matt Hancock
  • Boris Johnson
  • Keir Starmer
  • Daniel Finkelstein
  • A veteran medical practitioner who would, by definition, know more about whatTF he or she was at than any of the above?

Now what you need to bear in mind here is that, of the eight options I’ve given you, only the last one has absolutely no influence whatsoever on the decisions currently being taken about how best to deal with Coronavirus.

Fair enough, Covid19 is not the Kite snake – which is a deadly killer. However, the first seven people on that list would have you believe that Covid19 is exactly that. Which it palpably obviously isn’t, because 99.1% of people infected by the bloody thing suffer nothing worse than mild flu symptoms….and 99.9936% of us will survive to tell the tale.

Yes, that’s right – 0.0064% of us will die.

Now for me, if I get infected, the odds are much shorter – at age 72 and largely devoid of other pathogens, around 1.8%…..a much bigger number.

But I put this to you tonight: if you’d been diagnosed with cancer – and then been told at the first treatment consultation that, of roughly 100 people getting it, 98 survive without relapse – you would leave the meeting clicking your heels in the air before heading for the nearest retailer of 2004 Krug.

The same people who told you to be very, very afraid of all the odds mentioned above fall into the following groups:

  • Politicians who have lied to you about the banks, the bourses, the real economic outlook, phone-hacking, paedophiles, austerity, wage values, unemployment, Iraq war aims, civil service pensions, civil liberty encroachment, the efficacy of face-masks, State pension timetables, the consequences of Brexit, EU debt and delivering real Brexit over the last twenty years
  • All their advisors who are, variously and serially, wrong in their predictions and projections, funded by companies who can’t make money without selling dubious vaccines, shareholders in companies that make vaccines, former directors of companies that make vaccines, and manipulators of data and drug trial results that leave no alternative to new and expensive vaccine solutions.

Compare and contrast this vile mendacity with the motives of those who tell us (with the results to prove it) that (a) emphasis on early symptom management and protection of vulnerable groups plus generalised progress towards responsible herd immunity will minimise the death toll; and (b) we can use the existing, proven and inexpensive tools to hand to deal with a mutating virus with which we must learn to live without any need at all for vaccines that make money – not sick people well again.

Obervers and commentators need to start asking themselves what possible malign motives these latter folk have. The mass media condemn them as conspiranoids. Boris Johnson calls them “Nuts”. But thinking people will learn to see them for what they are: genuine common good practitioners, as opposed to Common Purpose Covidiots and grubby snake-oil salesmen.