EXPLOSIVE: as BoJo’s personal problems become fecund, so Britain’s existential problem is ignored.

Boris Johnson is now briefing the onside Covidiot mass media to suggest that his test and trace app will be at full throttle by the end of October, and a Coronavirus vaccine will be “available” by Christmas.

It’s pure fantasy – all of it. The T&T app is not so much a breakthrough, more a digital stunt creating confusion and deplorable (but understandably cynical) hilarity online. No vaccine is anywhere near being ready for anything, let alone a Christmas launch. And without rigorous testing, only the lowest IQ common denominator is going to volunteer for one of his “unlicensed” vaccines. Last but not least, for the last time let me be clear: a “cure for coronavirus illnesses is a Shangri La – this is not chicken pox or polio for crying out loud. It is a cold and flu-like seasonal virus that is already part of the cull-chain. It is not killing any extra people….it’s killing the same people in a different way.

You do not need any inside information to see that BoJo has been given a script and told to read from it. But on the other hand, if you do have inside information, it helps.

Our Prime Minister (it is alleged) has some, as it were, financial problems. He is behind on rather a lot of family upkeep and mortgage commitments, we hear. His salary as PM is £80 thousand per annum, and other bits of writing stuff bump this up to £150,000. However, as Prime Minister he is required to pay for most Chequers entertaining and other overheads personally.

He took a pay cut of around £300,000 to become PM. And while his net worth was reputed in 2018 to be £3.25m, his divorce agreement will, I understand, reduce that by at least £2million. The cost of being Prime Minister will run through that lot like a knife through tepid butter.

In short, Boris Johnson is eminently blackmailable….and very easy to bend. Twas ever thus.

Sadly for Boris (and probably for us…plus, in turn, his fiancée Carrie Symonds) word reaches me that he’s been playing away again.

She is now back from a brief holiday italiano, and one has to wonder how long it will be before some disgraceful boundah alerts her to this new liaison.

The sleaze now surrounding Number Ten in particular, the Conservative Cabinet in general, and Whitehall’s wheelchaired-out disabled “advisers” as a whole is becoming increasingly inflammable with every passing week.

Dominic Cummings is beside himself with fury at the stubborn vibes given off by Hancock….not least because he can’t entirely work out whether it’s the result of stupidity or corruption.

But equally, he (along with Chancellor Rishi Sunak) is becoming estranged from the depraved fanatics around the Prime Minister.

Britain needs to quit this policy, but it can’t find the Emergency Exit in the smokey dark: it’s a cul de sac – an English invention from Normand French that literally means arse in a sling, but in contemporary French is the equivalent of No Way Out.

The only way out of mad self-isolation ideology is to embrace proven science, and leave Big Pharma alchemy behind.

But who (or what) in our neutered Parliament will make the decisive move?