VIRUSECRECY: Exclusive – HCQ being stockpiled as Horby ploughs ahead unpunished

The man on your left is Professor Peter Horby – something of a skilled self-publicist. Teflon Horby is the man who conducted the ‘trials’ of Covid19 management drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). The French newpaper France Soir then cast justifiable doubt on both the doses of HCQ given to the trial patients (too high); and others have pointed out (a) that the Zinc etc cocktail normally prescribed for successful use of HCQ was not administered, and (b) the drug was given too long after C19 infection began.

As a result of this at best incompetent trial construction, Horby immediately launched into the social media with the dubious assertion that HCQ had no beneficial effect in the management of Covid19, and should be dumped. The assertion (because Horby is adept at snowing contrarian views by the use of media such as the influential but unreliable Marr Show on the BBC) had a dramatic effect on medical stablishments around the world, including the World Health Organisation (WHO) itself, the CDC in the US, and the Johnson Administration in the UK.

But the Horby findings fly in the face of experienced professional users of HCQ cocktails in France (Didier Raoult), India, China and the US. To date, nobody has been able to replicate his “findings” when the drug-mix is correctly administered.

In late April 2020, his University department announced an agreement with the UK-based global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca for the further development, large-scale manufacture and potential distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine candidate currently being trialled by the University. Horby’s work is also funded massively by another billionaire vaccination freak, the increasingly megalomanic Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook censorship infamy.

For a longer account in more detail of Horby’s Establishment and political affiliations, see this Slogpost from last May.

Only one other study has conclusively rubbished HCQ: that was foisted upon the world by fraudster Sapan Desai, a vascular surgeon and founder of Surgisphere. This tiny company conducted a bogus study that was uncovered and led to The Lancet retracting an article giving credence to Desai. Who was behind Desai, however, remains shrouded in mystery.

To say the least of it then, Professor Peter Horby’s findings keep company with some very odd coves.

You might ask why this controversial character is dubbed here ‘Teflon’ Horby. The answer is that accusations against this chap just slide off his pan and into the ether. He appears to be bombproof: not only is he still the team leader on ‘Recovery’ for the BoJo-Halfcock axis of blinkered idiocy, astonishingly he has been given the task of overseeing human guinea-pig trials of a vaccine by deliberately infecting volunteers with Covid19. I am assured that the announcement of the trial will be announced in the next two days at the latest.

What is this vaccine? Who developed it? Why has confidence in it now moved on to human beings?

In a statement to the press association, Horby said this guinea-pig trial “has real potential to advance science and get us to a better understanding of the disease and vaccines faster….the risk in a healthy young adult with no underlying conditions is extremely low.’

Horby is right in that last observation – but it is the diametric opposite of what the vaccination Covidiot alarmists have been saying….and what led directly to the economically disastrous across the board Lockdown.

It also conflicts with a British Medical Journal (BMJ) article Horby signed up to which was still insisting on September 1st 2020 that ‘Disease resulting from infection with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has a high mortality rate with deaths predominantly caused by respiratory failure.’

What on Earth might go wrong then, Professor: patients dying from a “rush job” like the Recovery trial in which, allegedly, 38 patients died?

To say it raises as many questions as it does eyebrows is to understate the very clearly irresponsible nature of this move. But such is the gung-ho, sloppy secrecy that surrounds everything being ordered via decree by this, easily the most constitutionally vandalising Government in recent history.

Nota bene: We have to ask ourselves why – when HCQ is supposedly persona non grata now in Establishment circles – makers of the drug are still producing large supplies of it….even in the UK. Sources in British pharamaceutical circles tell me, for example, that Accord Health’s factory in North East England is still “producing millions of HCQ doses on the assumption that, sooner or later, the blinkered Westminster cabal will realise what an important drug hydroxychloroquine could be”.

I put this to Accord, and got this statement back:

Accord Healthcare is committed to supporting the NHS and patients, whether it is to assist in the quest to end the pandemic, or to ensure that patients continue to have access to the medicines they need.  We always strive to do the right thing at the right time. By its very nature, Covid-19 is an unpredictable entity and whilst we support COPCOV which is a prevention study, we are continuing to monitor and assess the situation, so that we can act accordingly for the benefit of patients.

Make of that what you will. The question I ask is, in the absence of a straight denial, why are guinea-pig vaccine trials on humans being headed up by a man whose competence is in question when we have plenty of evidence (once fraud has been removed from the equation) to show that we already have a management drug (in fully supply mode right here in Britain) that will – if used properly – cut the death rate of the elderly infected by 85%?

And remember, Horby himself has now admitted that in younger age groups with no other pathogens, “the risk of death is extremely low”.

The answer to “why?” is this: Whitehall, the biosecurity services (headed by Sir Mark Sedwill) and Boris Johnson are working for Big Pharma in particular…and possibly also the ‘grander’ agenda espoused by the likes of Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg and others inside the Davos cabal.

If they were working for us, they’d put massive security onto Care Homes, supply us with efficacious masks, get the economy running again at full tilt, and accept that Coronavirus as a typology is the new flu….basically, same as the old flu.

But there is neither money nor power in that option. And so it will not be adopted.

As for Manflu Halfcock, who knows? He’s unpleasant enough to know the inside track and go with it…but probably, quite genuinely, this nonentity is working right now in the sort of way you’d expect a blinkered donkey to behave.

And so to the rest of us. This morning here in France, the media are softening citizens up with headlined suggestions that seasonal flu jabs are ‘strongly recommended’ and may one day soon be obligatory. This is simply more bad science being reclothed as good.

Every week across the world – with Australia leading the vanguard at the moment – totally unnecessary and democratically dangerous edicts, instruments, powers and laws are being brought in with near-zero attention to the obvious dystopian risks attached.

I’m not going to make any more impassioned pleas for The People to wake up and say “No”. The case for Covid19 as a virus that justifies a rapid dash towards totalitarian corporatocracy is risible, easily demolished and profoundly suspcious at a higher level of ‘gameplan’. But the jury of our peers is persuaded that Covid the Patsy is really Conan the Destroyer.

All I say at this point – and it is three minutes to midnight on the Liberty Clock – is that the sane and considered 16% can no longer stand aside and say, “But what good will that do?” It’s a bit late for that.

Either we organise and pressurise and undermine and badger and disobey, or all really will be lost.

Above all (ancient Slogpoint approaching) we need a medium safe from misinformation, censorship and closure that will stop the clock.

And on a lighter note, we need open-minded science to prevail over the infantile Amateur Night depicted below: