COVID EXPLOSIVE: How Lockdown & NHS Covidaphobia caused the 2020 death spike


This just might turn out to be one of the most important pieces ever posted at The Slog….if the censorious goblins get off my back, and sympathisers give the damning evidence that follows the best chance of going viral by alerting the maximum number of open-minded adults to it.

Let’s start with a simple graph released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) that I’ve amended slightly to display the beginning and end of UK Lockdown:

The most striking thing about this graph is that almost immediately after lockdown commences, there is a huge spike in all deaths.

There is also a spike in deaths involving Covid19, but we’ve known for two months that Public Health England (PHE) overstated Covid 19 deaths by 23% (as a result of which it is to be disbanded); further, we now have the stats to show that deaths from Covid19 alone were a tiny percentage of all deaths.

ONS stats show how, of 6,700 extra deaths at home, just 203 involved coronavirus.

A HUGE PROPORTION OF DEATHS ARE FEAR & STRESS RELATED – the number of deaths caused by high blood pressure is up by one third, with the same rise seen in deaths caused by cardiac arrhythmias. Deaths from diabetes rose by 27%.

Medical journal The Lancet has looked in turn at how the strangulation of the NHS thanks to wildly inaccurate Covid19 modelling is also affecting deaths from non-virus related causes. This hugely respected publication notes:

‘Since a national lockdown was introduced across the UK in March, 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, cancer screening has been suspended, routine diagnostic work deferred, and only urgent symptomatic cases prioritised for diagnostic intervention.’

The methodology described below shows the thoroughness of the large sample investigation the Lancet undertook into what has really been happening:

‘We collected data for 32 583 patients with breast cancer, 24 975 with colorectal cancer, 6744 with oesophageal cancer, and 29 305 with lung cancer. Across the three different scenarios, compared with pre-pandemic figures, we estimate a 7·9–9·6% increase in the number of deaths due to breast cancer up to year 5 after diagnosis, corresponding to between 281 (95% CI 266–295) and 344 (329–358) additional deaths. For colorectal cancer, we estimate 1445 (1392–1591) to 1563 (1534–1592) additional deaths, a 15·3–16·6% increase; for lung cancer, 1235 (1220–1254) to 1372 (1343–1401) additional deaths, a 4·8–5·3% increase; and for oesophageal cancer, 330 (324–335) to 342 (336–348) additional deaths, 5·8–6·0% increase up to 5 years after diagnosis.’

This is quantitative support for what’s going on: substantial increases in the number of avoidable cancer deaths in England, deaths that demand a change to more realistic policy about this hugely overhyped virus.

The backlog within routine diagnostic services to mitigate the expected impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on patients with cancer has to be acknowledged for what it is: killing people with serious illnesses by allowing the media to go overboard on despicable Pharmafia alarmism for pure commercial gain.

Finally, take a good long look at the third period the ONS graph shows….where the narrative has had to be changed to cases from deaths, because deaths have returned to annual norms despite the relaxations since Lockdown.

I know that these data will bounce off the Klingon anti-force shields that protect the heads of Covidiots. But I genuinely believe that this post lays out very clearly that Government Covid ‘control’ tactics are neither working nor necessay: that in fact, they are killing people with fear at home and neglect in our hospitals.

We are making the most terrible mistake, and merely giving Parliament more of a “say” in the restrictions being imposed is pure deckchair rearrangement on the sinking ship. I watched Politics live today, and the brutal truth of the enervating experience was that neither our media nor our politicians are within a light-year’s distance from the core Truth. They blather on about systemics and Party points, but they simply have not grasped what the stats are telling us.

I try to add this plea as little as possible; but please try and ensure that far more people are enlightened by these latest numbers than at present….because the longer this charade continues, the more convincing the argument for forging ahead towards the economic icebergs will appear.

Thank you.