At the End of the Day

I am using the extract above from The Times today as the header for where we are as a spin/media/discerning species of allegedly high intelligence: the picture is unclear.

We are supposed to be impressed by a rebuttal to the New York Post story about Biden’s son, which tells us ‘More than 50 former senior intelligence officials have signed on to a letter outlining their belief that the recent disclosure of emails allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden, “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian disinformation operation.”’

I’m putting this up for the Guinness Book of Records title as the largest single outbreak of You Would Say Thatness in history.

I was also sent this BBC ‘fact check’ on Covid deaths:

This is my GBOR entry for Most Allthumbs Three Card Trick of the Century – a case perhaps more of ‘fat cheques’ being handed over than fact checks.

These are the problems with the BBC’s puerile effort: it chooses 3 countries at random with different population profiles and climates; it uses raw numbers rather than deaths per million; it refuses to accept that seasonal deaths are important; it compares one short period in one year rather than seasons across years; and of course it concludes that the British performance is crap.

Pathetic, depressing and all too redolent of what a once great organisation is about these days. Big hat tip to Slogger Dom for pointing out the mire that is the Beeb in 2020.

Thus far in the UK, 1.5 million cancer procedures have been cancelled during the pandemic. Data from NHS England has also revealed that urgent cancer referrals are down 15% due to the coronavirus “effect” – while NHS waiting lists reached record highs.

Cancer causes an average of 450 deaths a day – 164,250 per annum – where it is the only cause.…and without that cancer, they could’ve lived another 20-50 years.

Whereas, around 30,000 people who died from coronavirus were already dying from another illness….and their average age is 82.5 years.

Every line of these data supports the “Great Barrington Declaration”, signed by over 15,000 frontline experts in the medical profession.

But still we are force-fed yet more devious comparisons as if we might be geese gorging on a gavrage of gobble-de-gook:

Deaths from coronavirus in the UK have reached their highest level since June 5 after a further 241 people died

June 5th was close to midsummer when Covid19 is at its weakest…for the same bloody boring reasons I outlined earlier in this piece – as in ‘refusal to accept that seasonal deaths are important’.

But here we are talking about 241 dead in October, people – can we please get real? Can we please read the stats on deaths now versus March this year? 241 dead out of a population of 70+ million.

However, we can’t even rely on how many people live here – because the statisticians are running scared of how explosive our population growth based on historical immigration, illegal stays and UN migrants has been.

Leaks from the Inner Committee of the Canadian Politburo suggest that the dozens of holding centres (now at last revealed to exist) are part of a grand plan for complete nutjob control by the LGBTQU-to- truth perversion tendency currently running that country.

It could be true, but the source is anonymous and thus the ring of Truth is dulled by (yet again) lack of reliable evidence.

With more news via more apertures than anyone could have foreseen even thirty years ago, there is less certainty in the average person’s life than there was in 4000 BC.

Back then, Mr Uglee went out to bring home some wildfowl for Ms Ugnetta. The couple pictured above knew that some skilled flint bashing would produce fire, it would cook the fowl, and the fire would frighten off sabre-toothed tigers long enough for them to have a shag.

But here we are six milleniums later, and we don’t know the following about tomorrow: where we’ll be allowed to travel, what time we have to get back to our homes, whether we’ll be allowed maskless into the shop selling frozen fish or the restaurant selling magret de canard and frites, and how we’ll afford meals at all while a lockdown stops us from earning money.

We are prisoners of manipulated information. We are made anxious by having no news or data upon which we can rely. We no longer have anything firm upon which to grip while deciding what to believe.

But we are without doubt more controlled than ever.

Were it not all so uncertainly grey, it would represent jet-black humour.