Two scandals, a besieged Biden, and a pair of gutless twins

It was sad to watch a video tonight of Mel Brooks – a lifelong hero for me – showing signs of Bidementia as he encouraged US voters to put their cross next to Sleepy Joe.

I was present at a private view of Brooks’ 1991 film Life Stinks, and met the great man himself. (Iwas at the time romancing his minder for the UK launch). This relationship was supposed to be a very dark secret, but Mel spotted it within seconds, and began a hysterical routine of being both bashful and triumphant at having penetrated our disguise.

Sadly, the movie itself was awful. Almost as awful, in fact, as Brooks’ insouciant support for a Joe Biden who’s been on personal lockdown for several days now in a bid to hide from the laptop scandal growing around his son, the unfortunate Hunter Biden.

As most sites around the world seem unwilling to even hint at the content on Biden Jr’s laptop, let me elucidate a little: it allegedly contains child pornographic images perhaps related to rumours I’ve heard surrounding the Democratic Party candidate for some time now – ie, that he abused his son when young, as a result of which Hunter now exhibits classic symptoms of the abused child turned abuser of children.

Joshua Wilson, one of the FBI’s top child porn investigators, has subpoenaed Hunter Biden’s now scandalous laptop with a view to analysing a mass of emails implicating Joe Biden in wide ranging bribery and pay-for-access schemes.

It is further alleged that multiple videos of Hunter Biden engaging in sex acts, consuming drugs, and using derogatory racial terms were found on the laptop.

Faced with these charges as a Presidential candidate, what would you do with a fortnight to go the election? If innocent, then were it me I’d come out all guns blazing with every which way kind of proof that the entire story was bunk…..a desperate last-minute attempt by the evil Trump to smear the clear winner.

But the Biden camp hasn’t done that. Indeed, its reaction has been to tacitly accept that the pc Hard Drive involved is genuine….and to lock Joe away until election day. Meanwhile, the usual ‘fact checker’ whores like CNN, Politico and the New York Times are on Smear Factor Nine.

It’s all shaping up to be a down-to-the-wire issue. But I’m worried if only because it reminds me of 1972 (when lots of Americans knew that Nixon was a crook) and the Washpost was digging deep into a domestic political espionage conspiracy…but America’s mood was to reelect Tricky Dicky come what may.

Over on this side of the Pond, a technocorporacratic coup is well under way thanks to the Trojan Horse that is Covid19. Today – in a really rather irrationally cynical opinion column authored by Annabel Fenwick Elliott – the Daily Telegraph moved one tiny step closer to suggesting that naughty people with horrid motives were behind the anti-science serial lies of those promoting the deadly global plague…..but then stepped back into the comfort zone of silly insults aimed at ‘the looney conspiracists’.

This cowardice caused me to comment there as follows:

If Ms Elliott has been thinking “What’s going on here?” for several months, I have news for her: the rational thinking 16% in this country – and 50,000 medics worldwide – are asking when the media are going to start investigating what’s going on rather than just commenting on the insanity.

Once again my heart sank when she wrote, ‘I do not believe dark forces are at work’. Why not? There are many such bodies in the world, and the political class has lied to us across the spectrum for 20 years at least. 

While there is absolutely no logic or honesty in the Covid 19 narrative, there is a veritable mountain range of evidence among sceptics suggesting other means and motives are in play: distraction, reset, biowarfare, Pharma greed – along with a plethora of anti democratic virusecrecy and extra-Parliamentary decrees plus illiberal regulations that create unnecessary fear.

Fear creates obedience: this isn’t wild conspiracy theory, it is Fresher student social anthropology. We are killing the economy, strangling the NHS and shackling our citizens on the basis of a virus that kills 0.0064% of humans. It’s time the press stopped asking the question why, and invested some money in getting the answers.

Isn’t that what newspapers are supposed to do?

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience.” Albert Camus

I have no further comment to make.