Is the premature congratulation of Joe Biden backfiring?

“Seriously folks, it’s this big….”


US Attorney General William Barr yesterday gave the go-ahead for federal prosecutors to pursue “substantial allegations” of voting irregularities during last week’s presidential election.

Obviously, Barr’s is a political appointment, but Unrejected President Donald Trump is now forcing the US State’s legal infrastructure to move beyond frivolous dismissal, and start investigating….even if the MSM is still a tad behind the music:

I may vomit.

All claims will remain either ‘totally without foundation’ or ‘absolutely true’ until an objective arm of law enforcement moves in to take a closer look. The history of our century thus far is that swamps don’t drain themselves…and myths become facts thanks to the somewhat limp rule of law and the flaccid members of the Fourth Estate.

Throughout his first term as President, Donald Trump was permanently hogtied by the appointees who shadowed him. As The Slog has commented many times, half the reason the White House has appeared so chaotic over the last four years, is that everyone from Anthony Fauci to Rex Tillerson via Jeff Sessions and Batshit McMasters variously tut-tutted and rolled their eyes during Trump media assertions.

Brits would recognise this as the Sedwill-Johnson syndrome; they would also spot the withered arm of the media scribbler – that scoundrel who no longer digs to find the awkward facts that remove the ‘less’ from the ‘base’.

What is a fraud?

A stock market overvalued by $18 trillion is a fraud.

A Covid danger overestimated by (variously) six to nine times is a fraud.

A gold price historically undervalued by 170% is a fraud. Banks selling notional gold to each other and then fiddling receipts versus losses to depress the gold price is a fraud upon a fraud.

The New York Fed ploughing the People’s money into a mendacious banking liquidity black hole is a fraud.

The European Central Bank shifting created money around from one central bank to another is a fraud

It seems bizarre to be pushed into the position of having to define this for people; but let me try and offer some historical parallels. Until Private Eye cast doubt on John Profumo’s Commons statement about call girls in 1963, the allegations of Christine Keeler were baseless. Until Nipper Read became the Met cop terrier biting at the Kray Brothers’ ankles, allegations against Lord Boothby were baseless. Until Woodward and Bernstein started following the money on Watergate, allegations of Richard Nixon’s involvement were baseless.

The Warren Commission was a fraud. Jeremy Hunt’s redacted emails to Newscorp covered up a fraud. Rebekah Brooks’s Court dismissal was a fraud concocted with the CPS.

I wonder if the Trump-hating media pundits can hear themselves as they accuse a US President of knowing less about homeland security and voting crime than they do? Jon Sopel is a blinkered booby at the best of times, and he is quite wrong when he asserts that “the Democrats predicted this would happen”. It was Trump who predicted there would be voting fraud, and the bourgeois bohemian media class now wishes to dismiss him as some kind of self-fulfilling prophet dogged by onanism.

Does it not occur to them that the Potus in any US régime becomes party to information he cannot share….particularly with a rabidly chainsaw-armed media set like this one?

As so often before, the scriveners ridicule Trump….who then angers them even more by being quite often more on the ball than they are.

The media, globalist business and Wall Street have modelled the cases for Covid and AGW. Trump has pointed out his deep suspicion of modelled predictions that turn out to be – what’s that word? – oh yes, baseless.

How much difficult-to-explain eventuality does it take before doubt must be turned into media and State investigation? Anomalies and deviations from the norm, a crazy-high turnout (bigger than any other in the twentieth century), the 4 am stop-go thing, the ‘media declaration’, the Ohio boot on the other foot mystery….what do the naysayers want – Kamala Harris caught signing her poll card Minnie Mouse?

I am utterly appalled by the spineless efforts of people I have admired in the past, who now outrageously proffer half-baked sanctimony about Donald Trump being a “sore loser” who has “brought the American political system and the office of the Presidency into dispute”.

That process began in 1963 when John F Kennedy was shot to death in Dallas. It continued via the assassination of his brother, dirty tricks against Carter, the election of a CIA operative to the Presidency in the shape of Holly Bush, Uncle Tombama and his dirty tricks against GOP websites, and the blatant censorship of charges against Joe Biden and his son.

‘Don’t rock the boat’ never stopped a single torpedo from drowning innocent people. And preferring peace and quiet to justice gave us Adolf Hitler, the Second World War, McCarthyism, neocon hegemonism and all kinds of other wonderful things…like even Fox News cutting off Republican accusations because it “wasn’t a fit thing for their viewers to experience”. Thank God Tucker’s ratings mean they daren’t touch him.

The Shadow State, monied corruption, bent statistics, megalomanic billionaires and widespread econo-fiscal fraud are just a few of the elements that have brought American cultural life into disrepute.

I don’t see President Trump as a hero in any of this. But his presence in the White House is coming to an end for the same reason that a slump in public life ethics in the west started: the power-greed of the unelected alongside the cowardice of media hacks and bought legislators.

The time for investigating “conspiracy theory” is long overdue. We either start here, or surrender forever.