Useful idiots at the BBC will wind up killing us all

The Slog examines the robotic collaborationism of the BBC in the context of a genuine signpost moment for the human race….and in an update from last night, offers damning proof of creeping totalitarianism

Two nights ago – for the first time in months – I zapped the Channel changer to see what the BBC had to say about stuff….purely out of curiosity, he added defensively.

I stuck it for about ten minutes, and then a foul mélange of rage and fear made me press the zapper on the ‘anywhere but here’ principle. What got to me wasn’t just the assumptive nature of the Outside Sources anchor (Trump has lost, and we’re also thrilled to see a Covid19 vaccine) but the way in which every (im)possibly contrary opinion was ‘framed’.

We are being framed

I first discovered the term ‘framed’ in late 1971, as the Nixon White House began it’s CREEP* run-in under Haldeman and Ehrlichman….both of whom had worked for the ad agency J Walter Thompson – oddly enough, my employer in London at the time. Wheareas its traditional use had been to illegally corrupt justice in order to find an innocent person guilty, under Nixon the word morphed into something quite legal, and yet twice as deadly.

*Campaign to Re-Elect the President

In it’s new form, the practice became one of insidious smear, and was related to the idea of a sealed picture frame. That’s to say, one treated a political enemy like an insect captured and then named (as in, nailed) behind glass. Having established their ‘being’ solely as some kind of deadly-stinging dragonfly, the only thing required to keep them ‘framed’ was casual but relentless repetition.

In a later more complex media era, both Peter Mandelson and Philip (later Lord) Gould seized upon this diabolical learning to produce an empty vessel that became New Labour.

Today, the BBCNews channel does exactly what Nixon, Clinton and Blair aides practised: every demonstrator against anything risibly dubbed ‘progressive’ is framed as a racist bigot (Brexit), a blue-collar rapist looney with no evidence (Electoral corruption), or a medically fundamentalist madhat nutjob (Covid19).

The entire approach is aimed at bouncing people into doing things they haven’t thought about much – invading Iraq, demonising Putin, quashing enquiries into Hackgate, accepting Biden’s election, and being vaccinated against Coronavirus.

To take the last two of these examples, let me share with you a graphic showing Donald Trump’s handling of the Covid19 “crisis”. Superimposed on this case-rate graph is the death-rate level in red:

The graph end date is about 12 days ago. You can see three peaks. Left to right, phase 1 was lockdown lunacy, phase 2 was Donald Trump easing the madness, and phase 3 was soi-disant ‘Second Wave.

The bottom line is, cases going up and up, deaths going down and down. The death rate has been cut by first, 67% in phase 2 – and then by a further 45% in phase 3 versus 2. All thanks to better patient management and without any vaccine available…plus, very likely, early signs of a virus running out of steam.

The minute Biden became the media’s President-elect, Dr Anthony Fauci gave interviews offering a more optimistic view on Covid19 than ever before.

The following day, a cautiously optimistic Boris Johnson welcomed the allegedly successful trials of Pfizer’s “90% effective” anti Covid19 vaccine. It had, he said, come not a moment too soon, because during the previous two days UK deaths from the virus had doubled.

This too was meant to provoke both fear and relief in equal measure. But as so often, it was a lie: deaths had fallen from 405 the first day to 194 during the second. The trend here is the same as in the US…better detection equals more cases, better management = fewer deaths. The UK has now conducted 36 million tests and drastically cut the death-rate….all with no vaccine.

Relegating Covid19 to the status of just another seasonal ‘cull’ illness is a blindingly obvious process of earlier diagnosis, learned management drugs – and a fair hearing for the best of these, HCQ + Zinc cocktail.

But powers from the Royal Society to GCHQ think we’re all doololally – and should pay for it with our freedom:*

*These excerpts can be read in full at and

There’s not so much as a hint of disapproval in either piece. Further, not one of the MSM (least of all the BBC) has asked the most vital question of all: what happens if next year – like almost all recurring seasonal viruses – Covid mutates and the vaccine becomes ineffective?

A question of species survival

But tidbits have been quietly salted out into the agitprop-sphere: yes, we’ll have to have an injection every year. This is the view taken by the Pharmafia about flu vaccines. Since the age of 50, I have been nagged by a series of GPs to have a flu injection, and have refused. During the period since, I’ve had one mild head cold.There is a big point to this boast, so stick with me for a few more paragraphs.

About 30 years ago, I contracted a nasty prostate infection. The NHS’s sole answer was to bombard me with antibiotics for eighteen months, during which time no improvement was seen. My problem was that, apart from urinating razor blades six times a day, I caught every bug going.

Eventually, I went privately to a traditional semi-retired GP who had also studied herbal, homoaeopathic and Chinese medicine. He started by pumping me full of natural resistance herbs, and then an ’emergency’ booster called medorrhinum. Within five weeks, the infection burnt out.

Unsurprisingly, this was the start of a personal education about how natural resistance can be boosted – and explains why today I have a large herb patch at Sloggers’ Roost. Also, being in France helps, because the general view of complementary medicine as ‘cranky’ is not very widespread, and excellent (for example, digestion) remedies are available at chemists everywhere.

Herewith the anti-framing signpost: I don’t wear open-toed sandals and I’m not either hairy tree-hugger or brown rice about things. What I am is open-minded and reasonably sensible: if something works for me, I go with it – and use Google et al to find out more.

The one thing one learns from “reading around” the subject of natural disease resistance is first, you can boost it harmlessly; and second, to damage it can prove disastrous.

The same rats and infective agents that killed half the world during the Black Death are still around today. But our natural defence against them is written into every human being’s DNA.

Antibiotics have proved to be yet another false ‘medical research’ dawn, initially billed as the banishment of all infection but now recognised as a catalyst increasing the desire of germs to mutate in order to fight back.

The latest output prediction for Pfizer’s anti-Covid “vaccine” is a staggering 2.8 billion doses….with the usual half-point italicised footnotes about needing “updates”. Looking at those numbers, you do not have to be statistical Brain of Britain to realise what the aim is: to vaccinate everyone everywhere.

Within two generations (and this is science, not Mammonesque selling) we are going to have a population of adults not only lacking any resistance to such viruses: they are going to be addicted to Big Pharma’s vaccines just to stay alive.

An early boss in my advertising career (a delightfully bluff Bostonian called John McCormick) once said to me, “Kid, you wanna know the ultimate advertising claim? I’ll tell yer – buy me or you’ll fecken die”.

I suppose the key point I’m making here is my ever-returning theme of what élite ideologue arrogance always leads to: zero investigation, zero contradiction and zero tolerance of The Other Viewpoint.

This isn’t just a media issue. The police investigate only us – not those telling us what to do. The judiciary act as a bulwark to stop threats to the State – not dangers we face. The professions – medical, legal, financial and economic – peddle the narrative of Establishment fashion, not what the best medicine for us is. And the educators are interested only in pass levels and politicisation – not the eclectic, civic socialisation and learned discernment our children need.

In a cowardly attempt to defend its independence, the BBC is now the voice of totalitarian obedience in my native land. The brief experience of it last night reminded me of watching DDR State TV in East Berlin during 1965. Except that Germany is Germany, and I’m English.

But there’s more to it than my anger at watching grandma Britannia being beaten to death by an insouciant metro élite: the BBC is engaged in a programme of cack-handed brainwashing. Boris Johnson is no nearer finding the person to reform the BBC – because that’s what it needs – but I have grave doubts about whether any politician with his track record should be allowed anywhere near the process at all.

As ever, we’re not talking about jut one gigantic global scandal: what’s at stake is nothing less than the future of our species. If one wanted to produce a massive cull of Homo sapiens, it’s hard to imagine a more carefully choreographed way of going about it.

The jury is still (quite rightly) split on long-term motives. Unlike CNN, the BBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Guardian and Piers Morgan, I have no cockeyed belief system to rationalise….and I care not whether human beings are under threat from greed, stupidity, conspiracy, incompetence or indeed all of those failures so redolent of Establishments everywhere.

What I crave is the defence of the Innocents. And on that basis alone, either somebody finds a constructive genius to return the BBC to objectivity (alongside acceptance than an opinion is no more than that) or the BBC should be cast to the four winds.

When I was a kid, the BBC was authoritative. Now, it is authoritarian. We must return to the original aim, or dump it.

Further update 09:30 CET

The Daily Telegraph continues to tread carefully in at least trying to question the Police State, but then seems to get hit over the head with a D-notice (or something) before beating a retreat. This morning, however, things are looking brighter on that front:

  • ‘The race for a coronavirus vaccine took an unexpected turn amid growing concern that the US version is “completely unworkable”….there is mounting concern that the desire to be first with a vaccine is leading to rushed announcements which send share prices soaring but may ultimately fail to deliver’
  • ‘Antibody tests ordered by the Government may wrongly reveal that one in five people have had coronavirus when they did not…a new study commissioned by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), conducted by scientists from Public Health England (PHE) and the Universities of Bristol, Cambridge and Warwick suggests that around one in five positive test results would be wrong.’
  • ‘Vaccines may allow Britain to return to a society with most of the trappings of normality, hopefully by the spring. But that is where the Panglossian vision ends. It is never possible for a traumatised country entirely to turn back the clock, vaccine or no vaccine, and any politician presuming otherwise is in for a terrible shock. We will emerge from lockdown a permanently scarred country. The old Britain is gone, replaced by a jaded, poorer, more indebted, more risk-averse and, above all, more collectivist economy.’

Ever so slowly, the tide is ebbing, dithering and then starting to retreat a little. But as Canute’s toadies discovered, it won’t magically happen.

We may be outnumbered but we can’t be written off as loopy-loo anarchist fomenters of sedition. I estimate a good 15% or more of the British People are sick of patronising narratives and blatant corporacratic agendas.

It’s time for egos to be deflated in favour of an Alliance for Free Speech.