Labour – J’accuse!

Before we get into the meat of this one, let me just point out one insight that may have passed people by.

There is very obviously a widespread psychographic of risk-averse hypochandriacs abroad in the British population. You only have to look at the ease with which these easily frightened folks soaked up the Brexit scaremongering and Covid hyparanoia respectively to reach that conclusion. Let’s face it, if you’re too scared to cut the umbilical cord to the Titanic, and you run a mile from a virus that has a 1 in 6000 chance of killing healthy people under 45, then there is no escaping your membership of a very clear typology.

You’re what we social segmentation pyschologists call a yahboo-scaredybairn.

So why, I ask myself, are you so keen to take a genuine “vaccination” risk that pans out as follows…..

  • Launched by a manufacturing sector that has been given 100% immunity from prosecution in the event of a Thalidomide outcome
  • Uses a ‘messenger’ approach that is a radical departure from anything that came before
  • Has been developed over nine months based on semi-quant trials rather than three years of multi-species caution on mass samples
  • Was developed without any public peer scrutiny whatsoever of people who have already shown a penchant for stat-bending
  • Is preferred to herd immunity and infection management capable of reducing the death rate among even the most vulnerable by 85%?

85% of 0.006% works out at Not Many Dead. And makes sense in the light of UK funeral directors continuing to report “no additional deaths beyond the seasonal average”.

Do we detect in here somewhere the presence of that modern-day ideologue’s stupidity known as Cognitive Dissonance? I think we do, but either way let’s now take a look at what the Government is expecting these Mengele experiments to produce. (Big hat-tip here to Slogger Diane for her sleuthing re this one).

This isn’t an exclusive. All I’ve done is check out the authenticity of the UK and EU references involved. I can assure you it’s completely genuine. This is a page capture of a UK government document:

Inspiring confidence? Try this one:

Oh dear. Surely not a mismatch here between publicly declared BoJo/Manflu confidence and the secret level of utter headless-chicken, ill-prepared normality?

Here are two further things I’d ask all of you in the Remain Risk-averse Woody Allen typography to consider:

  1. If a Government keen on making vaccination compulsory has this little faith in the Pharmafia (a) why do they keep following its advice and (b) who should you have any at all?
  2. Why is there no functioning Parliamentary Opposition to this blatant canine hard-on of corporate State rape?

And so we proceed to today’s main event: where is the Labour Party?

Oddly enough, Labour is where it so often is: staring up its own arse-darkness of ideology….that black place where the search for a soul is hampered by the lack of (a) light and (b) a soul.

We beyond this now utterly pointless Party are left with a choice between personality-free Keir Starmer the ultimate Shadow State Fifth Comumnist, and reborn Cobynite Militants who long ago lost any affinity with real blue-collar people.

While the Party engages in tearing itself limb from limb, Britain is being handed over to a secretive fascist élite…and the Left’s woeful dyfunctionality is making that transfer of power fifty times easier.

It is the job of Her Majesty’s Opposition to hold the Government of the Day to account. Instead, Labour prefers to twiddle its thumbs while Caesar burns the Constitution.

Millions of commonsense working class Britons know perfectly well what a Trojan horse Covid19 is, and what a False God Boris Johnson has proved to be. Their patience is limited.

Labour must either offer an alternative to Covidaphobia and minority narcissism, get out of the bloody way and let a real grass-roots united Resistance develop in its place.