DICTATORSHIP: from masks to vaccination in six months flat

Will it all come down to water off a duck’s back?

A week ago here, I posted about the Countdown to Dictatorship. Just six months ago, there was a degree of horror at the very idea of being forced to wear masks. Now people are not only – and quite casually – debating whether “vaccination” should be made obligatory….we have the government ministers of three major Western countries offering only a wan smile as they say such a thing “cannot be ruled out”.

In the French tabloid pictured above, a survey conducted over the last week showed that 64% of the French nation have “total confidence” in the new vaccines, and 40% “would not hesitate” to be injected with them. But this was not enough for the braindead Prime Minister Jean Castex: “It is my view that the French people are not supportive enough of vaccination” he said. Microbiology Professor Philippe Sansonetti added, “We should rejoice at the arrival of these vaccines…for all other attempts to control the outbreak have failed”.

Somewhere in the Davos bunker, an old German sits stroking a cream coloured feline longhair, smiling the smile of those convinced that you can fool all the people all the time.

To recap: the vaccines are unstable, unregulated, experimental, designed to tamper directly with our DNA, and likely at most to save perhaps 10,000 geriatric lives around the world. They are unnecessary, because the pandemic is not out of control, management of the infected has already reduced the death rate to an almost homaeoepathic level, and seasonal deaths are at or slightly below normal. Every graph in every affected country shows the ‘Second Wave’ to be no more than a piss on the beach.

Panic and hype have ruined the fiscal health of almost every Western country to an extent that puts the future of all public health provision at risk….a risk certain to kill far more patients than this coronavirus ever could. It is all madness on a planetary scale.

But Professor Sansonetti rejoices.

What’s next on the list?

Glance at the list of those attributes that define Homo sapiens, and you get a clue as to what the next target of the Greedy-Green Alliance is going to be…..

  • Enough money to buy food and shelter
  • A sense of tribal belonging
  • A government that protects the citizen
  • A passion for communication
  • A thirst for knowledge
  • A social conviviality
  • A compassion for others in pain
  • A consciousness of eventual death
  • An aspiration to quality of life
  • An awareness that this is our only planet
  • An astonishing ability to resist and repair bodily damage

They’ve already got most of the money, but they hate the idea of contrarians being able to buy independence. The destruction of monetary value that began under Nixon and accelerated after the 2008 bailout fiasco is now almost complete thanks to the astronomical cost of funding global Covidiocy. The rest of it will now be gathered up through taxation, positioned as a national duty to say thank you to them for saving us from The Great Plague.

To cut the import bill, expect food rationing at some point. To plug the hole in the Exchequer, a huge sales tax on buying and selling houses will come sooner rather than later…the Tories will never do it, but the coming TechnoCoalition will….as indeed, will the Democrats and those still loyal to Macron.

The attack on pride in nationality has already framed anyone alarmed by mass migration as racist filth. This will continue to be the means whereby collectivists are kept loyal to the New Normal Front, and blocs loyal to EUNATO rationalise the forced Federalisation that nobody beyond the Monnetists wants.

These monsters will “explain” everything as the protection of their revered citizens, about whom in reality they give not a tinker’s cuss. For is it not self-evident that we are all threatened by Russian poisons, Putin’s dreams of world domination, and the Yellow Reds in Beijing who – “it’s a well-known fact” – manufactured this dastardly Blacovid Death to bring us to our knees? If course it is – see New York Times, fact-checkers and ‘Intelligence’.

If there’s one thing that Alexander Graham Bell proved, it’s that we are Homo Chatteramus. We like to catch up, to know The Latest, to discuss media entertainment, to stay in touch with friends and to both be informed and inform….to the point of texting (while on the 5.45pm train to wherever) ‘I’m on the 5.45’. The news media are now entirely under the control of a small number of Davos regulars, and the social media take care of the rest – with 70% of it in the hands of eight people.

Both are unregulated, privatised censors of everything that questions Elite Wisdom.

The thirst for knowledge and discovery – the Voyager Gene – is the most important by-product of our accidentally large brains. The key catalysts that turned this into the potential for a better life were education, questioning of authority and physical risk. Education has now been narrowed and throttled by assumptive political correctness and Green Utopianism. The ‘wisdom’ of not going off-piste is now universal in Anglosphere and EU thinking; it is summed up by the intellectual cowardice of “settled science”.

Control is at the centre of everything the self-assigned Masters desire: our ability to travel, to mix, to exchange ideas, and to enjoy a natural social intercourse. We are a pack species whose mental health thrives on conviviality. Lockdown is the perfect weapon with which to destroy our self-confidence and generate fear: facial masks hide the very body language that leads to trust. And that’s why we have both.

With socially-driven emotional intelligence comes compassion for those beyond our immediate family or tribe. Small wonder, therefore, that the 0.1% have done everything in their power to exploit this with Orwellian media language attempting to transmute violent Islamists and African mafiosi into refugees. (See Siege of Calais, 2018)

We are almost unique among Earthly species of having a powerful introspection to give us awareness of the certainty of eventual demise….and thus an aspiration to enjoy the best possible quality of life while we’re here in the physical Universe.

The élite strategy for some years now has been to (for example) scare us to death with bioweapons, planetary disaster and now a deadly virus. All of it acts as a distraction to the manner in which they have mercilessly plundered our material wellbeing.

A vital stage in destroying our species confidence has been to question (with no basis at all) our ability to resist and repair bodily damage. The ultimate goal of Big Pharma is to persuade us that, without their vaccinations for every occasion, every sniffle and every abrasion, we are doomed.

In fact, if we fall into their grasping arms, in the long term the very herd immunity we have in our DNA will first dilute, and then disappear. As a wise Indian virologist remarked this week, “There is no point in hiding from germs – you have to suffer and overcome”.

Is there a “next” beyond the last thirty years? Of course there is…if We the People do nothing.

  • We would like to run and hide. No vaccination? No passport.
  • We want to keep on earning money. No vaccination? No job.
  • We’d like to keep speaking out. Disagree with us? You’re deplatformed.

But that’s just the short term. The era of justifying your wages is far behind us: the New Normal will eventually involve justifying your existence.

After all, we’ve all been fucking too much, right? Far too many of us…and it’s “our fault”. Time to graft us onto AI bots and get rid of all those messy reproductive urges.

Also, human beings are dependent on water. You won’t find water as an obsession anywhere in the CO2 crowd, the Extinction Rebellion mob, the Greenpeace cynics, the tree planters or the billionaire “philanthopists”. You see, there’s nowhere for these gargoyles to hide on the water issue, because stopping all population growth – and then reversing it – is the only solution.

And to say that would be giving the game away.

Oil? Gas? Wind? Waves? Forget it. What’s coming next is control over water supplies. And a lot of deaths.

Without controlling greed, that outcome isn’t inevitable. But it is if we let the sorcerer’s apprentices with the God complex just keep going.

Almost everything they desire is flawed, and will fail. Klaus Schwab is a pathetic old man with an emotional IQ of -560. But please everyone, stop him and his ilk from making a disgusting mess our grandchildren have to clear up.