At the End of the Day

I really cannot believe that the Covid19 catalogue of inaccurate data, gross alarmism and statistical error can be put down to “innocent mistakes”. Everyone involved in this mess is guilty of omission and/or deliberate hype. But who will prosecute the guilty?

Some of you will by now have read the astonishing post at Zero Hedge which provides conclusive evidence that the entire Covid19 global panicdemic was caused by Fauci’s data having a decimal point in the wrong place.

Ronald B. Brown of Waterloo University has penned a paper that appears in Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness (Vol 14, No. 3): Public Health Lessons Learned From Biases in Coronavirus Mortality Overestimation. And you know what? The uncanny thing is that the modellers at Imperial College in London were also out by a factor of ten. Just fancy that.

Was it really an innocent mistake? I very much doubt it. Did Horby make an innocent mistake when he OD’d patients with HCQ and then declared on social media that its protection effects were “a myth”? I very much doubt it. ZH concludes as follows:

Fauci was claiming what in fact he could not know, conflating two distinct data sets, and extrapolating in ways that allowed him to make a completely unsupported claim that very obviously turned out to be false.

When I first posited that the kill rate (as of June this year) was 0.0064%, you would not believe the shower of venom that came down on my head….but it has proved to be right – and even that number is falling.

All of these reprobates must by now have realised “their mistake”. Have they moved to rectify it? They have not.

All the “experts” numbers have proved to be miles out. Has this given BoJo Halfcock cause for reflection? It has not.

Instead, what all the parties to this scam have done is switch the focus from death rates to case numbers. And the MSM have in turn been complicit – at worst, by churning out the illogical rubbish they were being fed, and at best dancing around the bonfire of inanities by pointing out oddities without once saying, “I’m sorry, but something weird is going on here, and it’s time the key movers were held to account”.

Parliament must in turn bear its share of guilt through neglect: Whitty and Vallance turned up to give evidence to a Parliamentary Committee, were clearly all over the place and flakey beyond belief….but escaped unscathed. Aside from a few brave MPs, nobody has called out the King’s lack of clothing.

But therein lies the rub: because all our major institutions have failed miserably in their task to protect the People from Pharmafia marketing sociopathy: the legislators who gave immunity to reckless greed, the regulators who sat on the fence and granted emergency use to Pfizer, the Ministers who could add up but chose not to, the civil servants who wheeled out amateurs with an appalling track record of failure, the press that left all the investigation to online commentators, et al etc ad nauseam. So who is left who can bring them to justice?

The judiciary? The NHS? The police? The Opposition? Don’t make me laugh. The only people to come out of this cess pit with anything even resembling dignity are the contrarian health practititioners and some medical journals.

That’s the real cultural tragedy here: there’s been nobody to help us, and we the citizenry have compounded the crime with our apathy.