Santa Claus vs Satan’s Claws

Christmas comes but once a year

to bring us all great joy and cheer.

But somehow Covid’s always here

to fuck it up with Pharma fear.

I finished my mini-research sample of US, Aussie, Canadian, UK and EU editors yesterday. It’s a mere eleven strong, so let’s not be definitive about it. Here are the ballpoints:

  • Eight of them have been heavily leaned on to spike articles relating to Covid19 contradiction, distortion and general alarmism
  • Six of them are “sure” that Lockdowns aren’t working
  • Five of them agree that the nature of Covid19 doesn’t warrant economic destruction
  • Five of them believe Herd Immunity was – and is – the way to go.

For myself, I rather think one thing we need is Nerd Immunity. Over and above that, however, none of the First XI gave credence to one theory I put to them. It was this: that the nature of ‘expert adviser’ behaviour in the UK since March has moved from serially incompetent to downright suspicious.

However, their disbelief isn’t going to hold me back, because sticking as ever to the Sherlock Holmes principle, it rapidly becomes a case of not just follow the money, but follow the motives…and then examine the track records of the main antagonists.

Fact: Whitty and Vallance knew in September that a new Covid strain had been found. They didn’t breathe a word of it to the Parliamentary Committee they had to face. That was a sin of omission. Not to tell the PM until he had promised a normal Christmas that they wanted a lockdown was a political act: an act of yet more alarmism to push more and more people into the “Oh My God this is serious, we must get vaccinated” camp. Not to tell Johnson that new strain was even more mild than Covid19 was a criminal act….and we should stop pretending that it wasn’t.

Fact: Neil Ferguson is Tribunite Labour with a Momentum Left mistress and a track record of analytical hysteria that has cost Britain some £27 billion in this century. Yet he is still advising the Cabinet and still insisting on continuous lockdown. His “incompetences” have all occurred under Blairite Labour-lite and Tory Governments.

Fact: Peter Horby founded his first virology institute as director of the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Hanoi, Vietnam which was founded in 2006. The Vietnamese régime is one of the most brutal cast-iron Stalinist régimes on the planet….why did he start there? During the clinical trials he heads up at ReCovery, he overdosed patients given the HCQ drug, brazenly ignoring the well-publicised guidance of French virologist Didier Raoult to use lower doses with a Zinc-related ‘cocktail’ of management drugs. He then rushed to social media to condemn out of hand the use of that drug mix as an effective anti-Covid management drug. 38 people died in the trials; there is no method available to count the thousands of lives lost through loss of access to HCQ.

Fact: the man who wheeled out these academic leftwing oddballs for presentation to Boris Johnson was Sir Mark Sedwill….a fervent blocist EU fanatic and NATO point man with a long history of MI6 and CIA coordinated actions in the Middle East and Pakistan. Sedwill is now back in London advising Rothchild Bank on “strategy”. Rothschild’s DNA (via Tory Europhile plotter Oliver Letwin) is implacably anti-Brexit and Sir Mark himself was a hawk when it came to lockdowns. And within a fortnight of his appointment, Government strategy has morphed into Brexit back-peddling and hard-line Pharma fearmongering.

Given that context, it seems to me readily apparent that there are three problems with the influences upon the Boris Johnson Administration:

  1. The objective of individual medical, media and civil service behaviour has been to embarrass the Government
  2. The objective of leftwing research modellers has been to spread alarm and crash the economy
  3. The objective of “Common Purpose” journalists and senior Whitehall officials has been to exaggerate the C19 threat and create yet more reasons not to leave the EU.

Now if you wanted some classic examples of the bourgeois climate extremists and socialist Bloc Superstate alliance with Globalist NWO financialisers and bureautech media fascists, you’d be hard pushed to find more incriminating circumstantial evidence than the above.

Circumstantial it may well be, but it would be reassuring if somebody could come up with an equally convincing and evidenced polemic to rival my version.

Of course, the willingness of BoJo Halfcock Enterprises to be variously rolled over, tickled and bounced is an important factor. Boris Johnson’s personal amorality and financial problems help to explain why he is happy to go along with all this; Matt Hancock is simply a brat out of his depth.

Meanwhile, the US CDC reports that 2.4% of those receiving the Pfizer “vaccine” suffered disabling adverse reactions to it….in the cause of saving at most 0.0064% of lives on Planet Earth.

As The Slog eases down into Christmas jollification, I sincerely hope that people will take the time to consider whether anything involved in the presentation of State responses to Covid19 holds any water, adds up either medically or economically, or indeed justifies the marmalising of our civil rights and personal liberties.