The Great Covid shambles, Episode 3

One Covid mystery solved, three more mysteries confirmed: the missing (and hugely incriminating) PHE numbers found in a ditch, and the ONS deathwatch data that accuses the State of unpardonable perfidy.

  1. Why are the Covid19 PHE infection stats located on the last but one page of fifteen tables, with no guidance notes to get you there in an obscure table along with Bloody diarrhoea and Legionnaires’ disease (1 case each)?
  2. In the light of what we’ve been told by Starmer the Stormtrooper, why do the figures suggest anything but what he called “a virus out of control” last Monday?

To your left are the undercarpet figures for December. On the basis of 85 UK Covid infections, Christmas was cancelled, and Britain is now in lockdown 3, Tier 5, divide by two and double the number you first thought of. It is important to unerstan that it is the statutory duty of GPs to report infections that are NOID defined, and so it becomes pretty obvious immediately that something’s going wrong here.

For example, no infections at all in London, but 29 in the Amber Valley. (Where?) One case in Greater Manchester, two on Merseyside, but six in Oadby and Wigston? Hmmm.

Judging by calls I made yesterday evening – and as always lots of helpful tips from Sloggers – the following appears to be the case – in roughly this order of importance:

  • “Cases” (there’s that wonderful word again) leave the GP’s hands before a Covid19 positive test is declared, or the GP makes a diagnosis which the hospital then overturns
  • Most GPs say they haven’t been asked to report Covid infections and/or don’t realise it’s meant to be NOID reported specifically
  • London these days is permanently in chaos, and GPs lack the time or energy to report stuff. None of them, however, complain that Covid is a cause of such.

One reader asked two of his local councillors why the figures were stuck at the back of beyond in the canned soup section, receiving cynical ‘SNAFU’ responses in each case. Another three Sloggers variously rang local Trust, political and nurse/doctor mates; PHE didn’t come out of it terribly well. This doesn’t surprise me, as at 10 am CET today (Wednesday) I have been trying for 56 hours to get a telephone response from PHE’s media room or switchboard.

It is abundantly clear that PHE is unfit for purpose: but although it is unresponsive, alarmist and shifty in its reporting, this NGO deemed fit for deconstruction in May is still with us in January. Why might this be, I ask myself.

More investigation of CVs might be in order, what?

Meanwhile, over at the Office of National Statistics (ONS), it’s a very different picture. Lacking any known connection to the Pharmafia, the ONS folks offer us figures that suggest just how stupid, counterproductive and very odd the BoJo & Halfcock “strategy” on Covid 19 is.

Every day ad nauseam, we are told by Jobsdone and Manflu that the sole point of the exercise is to protect the vulnerable and the NHS.

But the ONS figures show that the vulnerable have been sacrificed, and the NHS doesn’t need protecting at all.

For example, care home excess seasonal deaths are 25,665 (30.6% above average) for the latest 40 weeks – with 18,882 deaths associated with COVID. Similarly, excess deaths at home – where people didn’t ‘want to bother’ the “overwhelmed” NHS – have been 37,226 (39.9% above average). By contrast, NHS hospitals have recorded just 9,959 (5.5% above average) excess deaths in total over the period….and compared to some recent years, seasonal bed take-up is below normal.

The implication of these data is very clear: daily BS from the State about the NHS being up to its eyes in blood and gore has increased deaths among the vulnerable, yet is NOT supported by the data – or indeed by the cameras of eye-witnesses on the ground. The infection rate problem is not only 6-8 times more acute in the care home/non hospital cases: as these are overwhelmingly aged 60+, the compound death rate is exponentially higher….not helped of course by Our NHS clap-clap big-hair folks dumping their no-hope cases into care homes during last Spring. (Major hat-tip to Slogger Mike for doing the groundwork on this picture)

Just to underline the seriousness of this point: Johnson, Hancock, Horby, Ferguson, Whitty, Vallance and Partners in Crime have given us all criteria by which they might be judged….and the MSM have almost unanimously gone along with the rationale. Well, by their own criteria shall they be judged….judged, in fact, to have made the Charge of the Light Brigade a spectacular success by comparison.

So hopeless and socially distanced from the objectives have their actions been, the enquiring mind is left yet again trying to sift incompetence from malignancy. If they can’t see from the numbers that they’re doing everything wrong, they should be fired; and if they’re knowingly working to a Pharma-driven agenda, they should be burned.

I return to Base Camp 1 on the Great Covid Conquerors’ Climb: £3.6 billion of gdp pissed away, £450 million wasted on tracing and testing that has been ineffectual, equally enormous sums spent on panic-buying of cut-corner vaccines, and unnecessary invasions of our civil rights on the basis of widely discredited models….models demanding lockdowns that will, ultimately, cause far more pressure on the NHS (and less money available to run it) than Coronavirus ever could.

And here we stand at Lockdown 3. It is a shambles now revealed as a sham.

But given that the Opposition Party has failed to either discern this reality, or support the interests of its core supporters – the old, poor, unemployed and otherwise vulnerable – then it too must have its motives (perhaps even sanity) doubted. And don’t get me started on the media.

This case is not closed; stay tuned.