A dog with a bone

That disappearing PHE data, Episode 2

Are you – like me – sick to death of unelected “experts” and NGOs who, no matter how big the cock-up or error – seem to be beyond reproach? Are you tired of hearing that lessons will be learned, and then realising they aren’t? Are you anxious about the growing crowd of dodgy dealers hiding in the shadows of Whitehall and beyond? If so, let’s take this appalling case of Covid cover-up, and make an example of all those involved. The worm has to turn somewhere. This worm is for turning.

To quicky recap (and split infinitives) for those of you not yet up to speed on the most blatant piece of Covid censorship to date: the investigative website Truthseeker a few days ago published some updated UK NOIDS (Notifiable infectious diseases stats) and discovered that the total number of certified Covid19 infections since the “pandemic” started is 13,844:

This doesn’t entirely fit well with “published” media data putting that figure at 2.7 million, with nearly 75,000 deaths. In the same blogpost, the site offered a link to the evidence:

Intrigued by this invitation, I followed the link: the post appeared on 2nd January 2021, and I went to the PHE link on 3rd. Sure enough, for each NOIDS week covered, there was a contents frame at the start….and yes, there was Covid19…..

….but when you get to the data charts…..

So here we have PHE reporting on “the greatest threat to our lives since the war” but, so to speak, not reporting on it. As such.

Was the Truthseeker report fake news? Well, I have to report that I’ve tried to contact the people quoted in the article, and 36 hours on I haven’t received a response. But fake news or not, Covid is clearly listed as a reporting issue – yet when it comes to genuine numbers, it has disappeared. It has become undata.

So if the Truthseekers were telling porkies, why would PHE delete the numbers? Why, in fact, is PHE currently failing in its established duty to keep the media informed of developments? Come to think of it, why does PHE still exist, given it overstated the initial Covid death toll by 25%…as a result of which, Health Secretary Hancock told us in May, it was “to be disbanded”?

A degree of as yet unspecified mendacity is clearly in play here. What makes this particular crude cover-up of real significence is that it is a criminal offence for any NGO to withhold or tamper with data collected. It the Sedwillians did it, that’s also an offence too, but we all know that trying to nobble the SS would be futile….and very probably bad for one’s health.

We cannot let this Soviet approach to dissemination become stale news just because the MSM is too implicated, lazy or drunk to follow it up, and 80% of the electorate are apathetic on the subject.

In turn, we need – very soon – to reverse this phenomenon I have dubbed Virusecrecy. In particular, we need to know more about why liars, data-benders, incompetents, interest conflicted, politically dubious ‘analysts’ and dodgy NGOs seem to be a protected species when it comes to Covid19. I ask the following questions:

  • When is the Opposition going to stop making petty political alarmism their strategy, and instead ask Hancock and BoJo questions that will force accountability upon them?
  • When are Commons committees going to stop gumming witnesses to death, and sharpen their teeth with the intention of ripping apart a virus strategy whose entire narrative insists on destroying independent shops, small entrepreneurs, the education system, national gdp and our fiscal wellbeing?
  • When are our knee-trembling police going to start making some serious enquiries into Ferguson’s models, Horby’s trial cadavers and PHE’s lax approach to data?
  • Why are these lies about an overstretched NHS continuing, an why doesn’t the Inner Downing Street Circle wise up to the stats on offer from funeral directors and seasonal deaths data showing no abnormality compared to most other years?
  • Who (apart from Peter Htchens) in the MSM is going to stop pussyfooting around the subject of our diluted liberties, start establishing where the interest trails lead, and explain why all advice from those quarters should be rejected?
  • Why – after so many leading frontline medics have questioned “the science” Hancock chooses to follow blindly – are senior Tory big beasts not applying more pressure to the Emperor Borisconi to bring in fresh views?
  • When is Boris going to stop whingeing about being “bounced” into stuff, and grow a pair?
  • Why has PHE put a communications torres vedras in the way of media enquiries?

I mention that final point because I wasted much of yesterday hanging on the phone to PHE’s media room, and listening to the main switchboard’s engaged signal. For a health NGO to behave like that during what is billed as a health crisis is totally unacceptable.

Stay tuned. I am going to gnaw at this bone until we get a result that makes sense.