At the End of the Day

Myriad examples of State perfidy are presented below. They range from Covid deaths via silly media assertions about ethnic bias through to the Globalist Unelected influence on socio-economic policy. They make many of us angry. But they can be sabotaged, blocked, stopped and reversed perfectly legally

It is a criminal offence in the UK for anyone (let alone the sorcerers in Whitehall and Westminster) to tamper with, or conspire to falsify, the output of the Office of National Statistics. But somebody above the Law in the Secretive State appears to have just done that.

Two days ago, the site Truthseeker published Covid19 UK infection level data gained directly from the ONS site to show the outrageously exaggerated rate of UK Coronavirus infections being put out by Number Ten, the DoH and the MSM.

In the last 48 hours, although Covid19 is still “billed” in the ONS contents table, the damning raw data has been removed from the individual charts.

Some Caledonian idiot with a PhD is today insisting in The Times that there is a correlation between not wanting to wear a mask, and mental illness.

We are living in a nascent air-brushing Soviet state, but very few people seem to care.

Black comedian Lenny Henry asserts that UK television “is still too white”. Clearly Lenny doesn’t watch the adbreaks: out of 27 “lifestyle” commercials using actors and models that I audited on Thursday through Saturday last week, 70% of them featured black and mixed marriage couples suggesting that immigrants of colour represent over 50% of the population. Such campaigns have to go through the government controlled Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) – a meddling quango that regularly sets out arbitrary pc rules about ethnicity. The ASA will deny that. Ask people you know in the advertising business.

Downton Abbey (heavily criticised for showing fin de siecle upper class people to have been completely white – which of course they were) now has a Netflix rival using black actors to portray Victorian characters in and around the British royal family…in the name of ethnic diversity.

SOUTH Cumbrian figures who played a role in slavery are to be highlighted after a Government backed database named 6,500 British investors and companies with links to slavery. The Dictionary of British Slave Traders has been given £1 million in funding from the Government.

None of it mentions that in both Africa and the Caribbean, slave finder businesses and ‘wholesale’ auctions were dominated by Blacks. None of it mentions that Britain was the first country to ban the slave trade in 1807.

We are living in a history-rewriting wannabe totalitarian State where Brechtian “good” lies are preferred to truth, but very few people seem to care.

Is any lapse in ethics unpardonable in today’s Britain? When it comes to Covid19 “policy”, apparently not. In another terrific piece at the Mail on Sunday today, journalist Peter Hitchens rightly slams the political motives of the modellers who have so captured the small brains of the political class as represented by Bojo and Halfcock.

He reiterates how Neil Ferguson (the physicist “expert” who didn’t even pass biology O-level) has a serial record of ‘wild predictions of vast numbers of deaths’ for a variety of diseases from foot-and-mouth to mad cow, which Hitchens very kindly calls “exaggerated”. In fact, Ferguson not only broke his own brainless lockdown in favour of shagging a hard-Left Momentum girlfriend, Whitehall’s own estimates suggest he has wasted some £27 billion of public money via his 21st century public health-threat alarmism.

But for me, the telling part of Hitchens’ article is twofold: first, where he quotes Ferguson as saying about early Chinese lockdown, “It’s a Communist one-party state, we said. We couldn’t get away with that model in Europe, we thought”. Who was the “we” here? Probably Peter Horby – big fan of communist Vietnam – and perhaps also Sir Mark Sedwill and his less than merry band (moribund?) of Whitehall blocist fanatics. Either way, the Freudian “get away with” is not so much a slip showing as knickers round his ankles.

Second, he and his cohorts did get away with it….but Hancock lied about the punishment involved for these soi disant gurus. To quote the column directly:

‘Health Secretary Matt Hancock said at the time that it was ‘just not possible’ for Ferguson to continue advising the Government. But this was not true. The professor was said to have resigned from the SAGE advisory committee. But did he? Not really. A current State website lists him as a member of the ‘New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group’ (NERVTAG). Minutes suggest he was only ever away from that for a few weeks. But this is small potatoes, set beside an amazing admission by Ferguson in a recent interview with The Times. Here, Ferguson spoke of SAGE’s growing admiration for China’s tyrannical attempts to contain Covid.’

Peter’s conclusion mirrors that of The Slog: weeks ago I wrote that the ‘to be disbanded’ PHE quango had not been thus punished. That Ferguson had been quietly shuffled into another powerful advisory position. And that Horby had gently killed over 25 HCQ trialists purely to rubbish the highly effective management drug….but remained in place to continue his control over Recovery trials.

Put all this together. A less than Grim Reaper virus hits Britain’s shores just as Sir Mark Sedwill is looking for ways to destabilise an anti-EU Government. He wheels out a three-time plonker to scare the crap out of a vote-centric bread and circuses Boris Johnson. This plonker than infects half the Cabinet and delivers a Covid death prediction out by a factor of 800%.

At the time – and again later – the Prime Minister complains of having been “bounced into” lockdowns he didn’t want…but continues to accept them – as indeed does the spineless Boy King Macron in France.

I need someone to explain to me exactly why my perception – that hard-Left dark forces are conning the British Prime Minister, who (along with his Health Secretary) seems happy with the sting – is in some way delusional or paranoid.

We are living in a madhouse where the inmate majority are trying to persuade the outnumbered, overworked staff minority that Alchemy beats science, but very few people seem to care.

Do you really want to stop the ideological fantasy in play here – viz, that what was wasn’t, what is isn’t, and that what will be won’t be? Are you prepared for the unpopularity that all expressions of your sanity will bring forth unto you? Do you have enough insight and common sense to prefer the reality of the brave to the abattoir denialism of the lamb?

If you answer yes to all of that, then get in touch with me…and for starters read how entirely achievable ground-level aims can reward your actions.

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