They won’t take “No” for an answer

There are many issues facing us today both personally and globally. But they all boil down to one thing: those who have captured power through either electoral desperation or corporacratic subterfuge simply will not take no for an answer. We must look beyond the issue to the principle, and learn to say no in a forcefully peaceful and organised manner.

It does seem eternally odd, does it not, that the US judicial system seems happy to throw out Republican affidavits giving evidence of electoral fraud, but at the same time the US has a media set that suffixes every report on what President Trump says about it with “although he has no evidence to support his claims”….and the world anglosphere falls lamely into line.

It is truly Pythonic, with just a dash of Catch22: “We’re not going to review these affidavits because they’re worthless,” said the Ostriches, “so will you stop saying you were cheated, because you haven’t got any evidence – we know this, because we don’t need to look at it”.

My view is simple: it is entirely possible that Trump is lying his fat head off. But the common sense rejoinder to that pov is:

  1. Why press ahead so vigorously with a case if (privately) you know it to be BS? And
  2. If you the State know it to be BS, why not investigate every affidavit thoroughly and enumerate their lack of worth instance by instance?

In short, we have a plaintiff behaving like a guy who’s done his homework, and the State dismissing everything out of hand for fear of finding magic bullets flying backwards, and Presidential Heads exploding in the wrong direction.

Show not tell: it’s an old adage, but still universally applicable.

The ‘Tell’ approach: “Laugh at me because believe me, I’m funny….boy, am I funny”.

The ‘Show’ approach: Tell a very funny joke with timing and élan.

The US Shadow State and its creatures are of the Soviet school of information: top-down tell, and censor the ‘show’ part. When it doesn’t convince, smear the doubters as ill-educated, delusional and deviant.

The reason I make this point about one issue is because it demonstrates the totalitarian State in action. To stress it is not to be an obsessive admirer of Donald Trump – but rather, to state a clear principle: to point out that – with every other issue that has so plagued humanity during these last – first – twenty years of the 21st century – the elements being lost are the Page One principles upon which freedom of expression and civil rights are based.

Brexit: the EU is a force for democracy, peace and Free trade. Don’t argue with us on this one, or we will put you on the Naughty Step. (Pacé disguised Federalism, Brussels corruption, pulping Greece to death, lying about Viktor Orban, and slagging off the United Kingdom)

Second Iraq War: This is the Spring of Arab democracy, and we are using the means of force to dictate the end – viz, US regional dominance, and the end of wicked Sadam’s WOMD. (Pacé no WOMD, corrupt democracy, Jihadist backlash, lies about Assad, Erdogan out of control, US oil pipeline, Muslim Brotherhood disaster, death of US Ambassador, Islamist atrocities throughout Europe, Blair lies to Parliament, Theresa May bombs Assad illegally alongside Macron)

Covid19 is merely the latest “sighting” rather than an issue in its own right: Coronavirus is a global killer and the greatest threat since Hitler, the only ways to fight it are travel controls, locking people in their homes, destroying the First World Economy, terrifying the population, rushed vaccination approvals – and above all, A Great Reset. (Pacé weak second wave, vast overestimates of death, denying tiny death rate in favour of case numbers, hounding of HCQ and Ivermectin, Brexit process must be stopped, China must be punished, everyone must be tracked 24/7, get vaccinated or starve).

All of the above can be group-termed in one word: excuses.

In turn, they represent the universal dictatorial flaw: an inability to take “no” for an answer.

Let me start micro and show you how it builds into macro.

I buy a durable guaranteed for four years. I have to register for the guarantee. Given it says “Guaranteed Four Years” on the receipt, I’m unsure as to why I need to register what is already, in law, registered….but, sod it – life’s too short, so I go online and get bombarded with lots of asterisked questions, the * meaning “obligatory”. The small print says failure to answer them negates the warranty. Why is my job status, size of garden and average energy consumption a reason to refuse a guarantee that was offered without strings attached?

And the most important question: under whose wing would I enforce my rights?

On that issue, President Trump is exactly the same as me: powerless to resist.

Small potatoes? Think about the number of times in a week these “small” irritations occur: the new version (with daft protocols) of an ISP site when you just got used to the last one; trying to get rid of a ‘clean-up’ gismo on your pc when you decide not to renew; that software update that takes control and wipes the links just when you’d found the missing piece in the the Big Story jigsaw; the beer brand that changes a formulation to celebrate ‘sixty years of master brewing’, thus turning Krono tous les jours into gnat’s urine; the shop that destocks your favourite pastry-maker because he wouldn’t agree to be screwed into the ground on case discounts.

Others are more blatant, and thus even more creepy: the site pages covered in expensive watch brands after you emailed to tell a friend about your chronometer fetish; the panel announcing that you can’t use the site unless you neuter your ad-blocker; the way the price of fowl suddenly doubles in December; the blog host that tells you to delete a paragraph in your post, or they’ll de-platform you; and the techie retailer that says you can have “any OS you like, so long as it’s Windows 10 and no, Windows7 isn’t supported any more”….even though it was the only decent system Microsoft ever developed.

All of which brings us to Shit of the Century Award winner, Bill “Philanthropist” Gates. Imperial dictation is habit-forming, and the Empire Bill built was, from Day 5(ish) a Triple-A user of globalist marketing strategy #1, bullying bribery plus forced choice.

A good 90% of new pcs sold today have Microsoft Edge as the search engine. The big surprise about Edge is that it’s Bing with a toneless bell and a pealess whistle. Just try getting Edge to download Firefox or Brave or indeed anything other than Edge. Your pc’s start-up page will greet you with a message not from the hardware producer, but from Mircrosoft Office. It will spin you a load of bull about safety in security and the joys of membership (and every desirable woman’s genitals at your fingertips) but once you’ve agreed to password entry to the laptop, you have lost control.

From then on, only money and a good pointy-head can rescue you from Mastergates. He made the fascist software in his own image: and even though he left MS and went off to do far more damage to the world fifteen years ago, being a bully is in Bill’s DNA. He knows better. He alone can build back better. You’re sick and vulnerable, but he can make you better. For Homo Betterman is a shedload less of a damned nusisance than Homo sapiens.

From micro to macro, everything is connected. We are no longer “the sovereign consumer”, we are soporific blotting-paper serfs being fed lies about why supermarket bags cost more these days, how silly paper masks that couldn’t filter out a pebble keep us safe from Covid, and when we’re allowed to leave the house.

Capital (to be more accurate, capital controlled by dysfunctional megalomaniacs) has tooled up to replace us with mechanisation, automation, robots and – the con that makes Covid19 strategy seem rational – Artificial Intelligence.

AI dictates to us as never before. The name is misleading, in that it is essentially prosthetic intelligence – a false leg rather than a billion-dollar transplant. It is programmed by geeks and makes every process 5-20 times longer than it was when you rang up and said, “Hi, I’d like to arrange for an oil delivery”… the days before client spaces, passwords, user names, account numbers and email addresses had to be supplied as a table stake – prior to all this nonsense being confirmed with a texted code number.

“Congratulations!” says the add-to-basket page, “You just ordered 561 gigakilos of gas at a total cost of £1,800”.

You see, here’s where they’ve got it wrong. I did not enter this negotiation to win an assault course Silver Star; I did so to pay the AI fans a large amount of money. They’re the beneficiaries, not me. Can somebody tell me the difference between their attitude and the USSR’s Command Economy circa 1955?

However dear reader, fear not – for Davos is on the case. They know that AI sucks, which is why the Hollywood Bond villain Klaus Schwab is interested in breeding a race of Übermenschen he engagingly calls transhumans.

If you want to get the heads-up on this one, I can highly recommend this Bitchute post by Dr Carrie Madej:

Oddly enough, it all loops back into Covid19.

Which really underlines my opening point. In the course of this post, we have gone from Presidential election fraud, top-down censorship, a largely unelected Brussels mafia, Covid19 hype, nosey guarantee questionnaires, Microsoft dictatorship, Bill Gates and his pandemic wet-dream, the war-torn Middle East and Google snooping on our emails all the way through to buying choice-free pc hardware, consumers at the mercy of robot-loving globalists, risible service that stinks of disrespect for the average citizen, command economy fascism, and Mengele-style transhuman aspirations….all the way back to vaccines that are largely untested dabbling in our DNA – the excuse for which is, well I’ll be damned, Covid19 hype.

A near perfect vicious circle.

It isn’t a tightly-controlled conspiracy, it’s a series of élites all with similar goals of total control and world domination.

But not only is the giveaway here their inability to take “No” for an answer. My terror is based on the plain fact that no more than one in seven citizens are prepared to say no in the first place.

In today’s virtual cock-fight, news is what gets hits. But insights are what will shape our reactions to the future. If you can be bothered, please give this post the oxygen it requires to overwhelm the censors and achieve broader attention.

Thank you.