EXPLOSIVE: Great Reset? No, Great Re-write

The Slog sets out to investigate why one naff poem went around the World, and discovers more than he bargained for….in the shape of mysterious authorship, suspicious branding, rewriting of history, and familiar suspects involved in its success. It’s not one for the faint-hearted.

I’m going to embed here a YouTube video which has been up since May this year – when Covid19 was still being billed as The Grim Reaper by Fauci, Ferguson, Horby, Biden Associates. Bear that in mind as you watch it: it’s only 3.5 minutes long. I beg of you, watch it and listen to every word.

Seven months up on YouTube and still not taken down: must be something of a record. But this piece of 100%-proof pernicious Soviet-style propaganda is still up because that’s exactly where Google wants it to be.

Its basic tenet is that life was awful before Covid came along, but the silver lining of this plague was that it got rid of all the nasty people and led to a golden age in which life was beautiful all the time and they’re coming to take you away ha-ha.

It’s not a spoof – far from it: the provenance of this sick production is both complex, alarming, and perhaps the clearest evidence yet that yes, we really are in the presence of a globally connected group of mad people running all the way from Green perfidy and feminist drivel through to Covidaphobia and financial sector Armageddon.

The trail starts in Melbourne Australia with Tania Sheko (left) who wrote the poem….that is, she claims she did. She’s an educator, and a girl with a prolific output. She teaches 9-12 year olds. She produces lots of ‘presentations’ for online use via various sites. There follow some examples of how Tania thinks…

These are the student feedback comments she approved for feature on one site…they’re about boxing. I don’t like boxing much.

But as you can see, Tania’s students get top marks for saying Boxing isn’t a sport, we should organise to ban it, especially as sexism in boxing means women don’t do it “so it’s a gain not a loss for the female gender”. Of course, the thing we have to ask here is, when it comes to the kids’ views, which is the chicken and which the egg?

Another slide displays, “Comments need to be approved by me to make sure there’s nothing bad there”. And another features Slam Poetry, a lesbian dominated form. Another love not hate, the next one LGBTQ. Oh – and Tania recommends Twitter, Facebook and Google as social media.

Now it could be that Evil Beings took her bedtime story without her realising it. Perhaps – although the video has gone viral round the world – but even so, she wrote the thing, allegedly. And the content sort of says it all.

Her bedtime story poem gets approval from from 98.7% of people who read or watch it. Oh dear. (If you like it too, then The Slog is not for you).

Now then I hear you cry, we don’t see much in the way of global coordinated connection yet. Now you don’t see it, now you do. Tania’s all for freedom – “Put me in a box and I’ll crawl out” she says – but not always for other people.

She heads her poem ‘Tom Foolery’. But TF has blossomed into something else: the books are big business on Amazon….

Spot The Great Realisation link, folks: spookily close to The Great Reset, wouldn’t you say? The publishers call it ‘A history of hope for a time of change’, flashing the cover with ‘The Post-Pandemic Poem That Has Captured the Hearts of Millions’. But from Australia, we move mysteriously on to Wales, which is where we find filmmaker Tom Roberts – who also plays Daddy Kommissar in the video….as well as directing it.

Tom is in fact the face behind the name Tom Foolery. But whatever you call him, he’s a tad economical with the Truth. ‘Back in May, Kiwi-born Welsh poet Tomos Roberts captured the imagination of millions around the world with his poetry video The Great Realisation. It’s now been turned into a book with illustration by Japanese artist Nomoco.’

We assume Tom Roberts approves his own blurb. Anyway, Tom thinks the world will be a better place after the coronavirus pandemic than before.

But why exactly does he think that? In a recent podcast with Jack Tame, he trots out ‘global emergency’, ‘I come from a medical family who are helping save the world’, ‘you read the headlines every day of so many pople dying….so I wanted a message of hope’.

Well, OK – naive, gullible….wants to be optimistic. But you don’t do that by giving a highly biased view of life pre-2020. But then again, what’s quite clear is that Tania Sheko claims she wrote these lines:

You could have anything you dreamed of, in a day and with a click

We noticed families had stopped talking, that’s not to say they never spoke

But the meaning must have melted and the work life balance broke

And the children’s eyes grew squarer and every toddler had a phone

They filtered out the imperfections, but amidst the noise, they felt alone.

And every day the skies grew thicker, ‘till you couldn’t see the stars,

So, we flew in planes to find them, while down below we filled our cars.

Whoever wrote them, two things are clear. First, they’re pretty puerile standard CO2 Green propaganda and hitech paranoia; but second, the force behind the poem’s viral take off heads via green into other areas containing all the usual suspects.

Fact is, when Roberts says “I never even dreamt of the massive boost it got through the internet taking it up”, it didn’t really happen like that.

For starters, take a trawl through all the Google references pushing the poem-cum-book with unalloyed and gushing approval:

Green and Covid19 and Great Reset? I would say so.

  • The original YouTube video always has a World Health Organisation link right next to it:
  • An astonishing number of links to, and features about, the book-poem emanate from CNN – in my view, the go-to News Channel for the Reset narrative.
  • It’s clear from the PR surrounding The Great Realisation that educationalist sites have been targeted bigtime.

Roots of Coincidence?

Perhaps on its own, the Bedtime Virus Story could be dismissed as just a couple of Covidiot happy-clappy parrots knocking out the Big Pharma Black Death narrative. Personally, however, my take-out from this is twofold: first, that at some point, the ‘wasn’t the past awful but now things will get better’ content was close enough to Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset garbage to get it adopted (and viralised) by a variety of those who share his strange view of a docile, life-of-ease transhuman future free from illness or death.

But second – and perhaps even stronger as a feeling I harbour – the increasing “continuity” across media and the professions in relation to Globalist >> Health >> Green >> World State agitprop is now so obviously being promoted towards a shared goal, calling it “coincidence” tempts me to dub such a conclusion Anti-conspiracy Theory – or even perhaps Accidental Clinical Choreography. It is, quite simply, stretching credibility too far in the current global context.

Time to play grown-ups: the above is a capture direct from the WEF website. Note the elements…a narrow window for reset, and so why not a Great Reset? Covid19. A run-of-the-mill virus presented as a pandemic disaster….but calling it that has turned into an entirely avoidable economic disaster.

So this is a chance to Build Back Better: a slogan adopted by Establishment Parties across seven continents. Why?

Because Herr Schwab wants to create the vision of a dark past and a brighter future. Fair enough.

But tell me please why – given the WEF was founded in 1970 and has presided with enormous global influence over economic development since – Obersturmbannführer Schwab never, over a 50 year period, got round to doing something about The Dark Ages until now.

Tell me why a ludicrously optimistic poem called The Great Res….oh sorry, Realisation…went viral round the world with a lot of help from those with an interest in blaming the financialised greed markets cock-up on a marginally superannuated seasonal virus with such a homoaeopathic global kill-rate.

Tell me why something to protect the NHS is now close to strangling it and destroying the British economy.

Then tell me why you still don’t think a loose (at times perhaps unconscious) alliance of financialising megalomaniacs, leftist Green and Health nutters plus Vaccine Bonanza Big Pharma are teeing us all up for a hole-in-one Grail

What we’re looking at here is a dizzying range of excuses for a Great Reset in which cash disappears, enterpreneurial capitalism dies, AI robots serve a gigarich oligarchy, and the rest of us are left minus a raison d’etre.

But it is being realised through The Great Rewrite.

Whatever you believe, just trawl through the laudatory reviews this awful poem has received…and be very, very afraid.

Huge hat-tip to Amée, who spotted this before I did

Postscript Sunday 9:00 am CET: Very interesting to note that – as more and more people become savvy to the hype and hysteria, the fear game has gone up a notch again. There is, we’re told, a new mutation of the strain ‘that is much more infectious’ (Telegraph) and a ‘surging mutant coronavirus which has sent infection rates spiralling….The strain, VUI2020/12/01, is thought to account for the majority of new infections in London, where intensive care units are already operating at full or nearly full capacity, and non-essential outpatient care is being cancelled’ (Times).

Two points to note in the above. First of all, the usual features – more infectious, surging, ICUs overwhelmed and the new strain is thought to account for the majority of London infections. Er, what does “thought to” mean? – and….FFS, we’ve heard it all before. Second, I refer readers to my post of yesterday, in which five key points are listed as a challenge one might call “Pull the other one, it’s got bells on”.

This time, we need proof, not double-dutch assertion. Over to you, largely useless MSM out there.