At the End of the Day

Face it: your Goverment – in all its forms – is floundering in the dark on Coronavirus

There follows an excerpt from Jon Rappoport’s ‘Real News’ website, in which he pays tribute to…

‘…Christine Massey, for her work in exposing the coronavirus fraud. In a half-sane world, she would have received many awards by now.
‘Her latest communication reads: “Freedom of Information reveals Public Health Agency of Canada has no record of ‘SARS-COV-2’ isolation performed by anyone, anywhere, ever”.
Her findings are stunning. She and her team have made about 40 FOI requests to public health agencies in various countries, requesting proof that SARS-CoV-2 has been isolated….from the responses, it’s clear that not one agency has records demonstrating isolation’.

More exactly – as I’ve been banging on about these four months gone – there is still no full-structure known identification of the so-called Covid19. Yet despite this,

  1. In the UK, £100 billion of public money has been spent on track-and-trace of C19’s progress, even though nobody has the means by which to definitively identify it
  2. False positive results are rife, but the Government behaves as if this might be a nit-picking, trivial matter
  3. A vaccine has been developed in seven months flat to immunise against something the exact nature of which is unknown
  4. Covid19 has now morphed into a “mutant super-virus”, even though nobody has as yet seen what the original looks like under the microscope and
  5. There is nothing in the MSM or Government handouts to inform us as to whether the Great British First Pfizer mRNA alchemy will or will not work against the imperious newcomer.

So frankly, if you’re prepared to buy into that load of old tosh as “following the science”, remind me never to travel with you/

Let’s face it, these idiots keep making it up as they go along…..and yet, the narrative stays the same: you shall be frightened, only we can help you, and the only answer is vaccination following this, the very last and final farewell third lockdown. Until the next one.

Tomorrow, The Slog will reveal, in an explosive Weekend Essay Special, the Wall Street, pharmaceutical, Davos and media complicity in creating a brainwashed population sadly ready and willing to truly believe that 100% of this unravelling nonsense is for the Common Good of humanity.

Don’t miss it.

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