A Pilgrim not progressive

Beyond a brain assailed by mire
a soul somewhere must still aspire
to dull the pain of every souture
adding golden past to future.
A doggerel goes around the world
(its smiling lips perversely curled)
to pour false witness on the old.
To blinker eyes with lies ice-cold.
To promise golden ages soon.
To damn the smiles in my cocoon.
To call me every heinous name –
“far-Right rapist” – and defame
my only heroes once carnate
as harbingers of racist hate.
Come Churchill, Carlin, Bentham, Ike
and fall upon the Wapo spike:
we see your heads at Traitor’s Gate,
predicting every free man’s fate.
Come Kafka, Orwell, Huxley, More –
accept your fate as Blobs adore
the catechismic Brechts and Maos
as cataclysmic sacred cows…
while shaming Beijing and (Ras)putin,
insisting we must put the boot in.

A permafrost of discontent
lies still beneath this thin consent
for masks and vaccines, money spent
to speed the innocents’ descent.
For those with dreams by Davos bent,
their sorcerer’s experiment
feels like the death of all dissent
(this Covid-Nineteen-heaven-sent).

A blindness cripples all systemics
addicted to bad-science eugenics,
claymation models, ghost pandemics –
they confuse death with cryogenics.
But still life is still life, and worth
the catalyst of swift rebirth
from sleeping state to stormed Bastille
when BrandNew Tube will soon reveal
a Reichstag Fire confected from
an as yet unexploded bomb,
a global plague hyped up to high –
a vaccination lullaby,
an independence bid they claim
will bring disaster – take the blame!

I know my mind, I have my name –
like every pilgrim ever game
to get an even break and see
the practice of true liberty….
to make their way, be left alone
and harvest every ardour grown
by effort in a mutual cause –
apart from every State that roars,
“In silence you can all be happy,
the science says you need a nappy
on your face to help you starve
community – while we all carve
a painless cut to seek your soul,
and cut it out to make you whole…
poverty will make you free –
not filthy rich and stressed like me
from looking out for this our planet
overrun with people on it.
Accordingly, we must save lives
and crush all of your sexual drives
to make us healthy, calm and keen
to build back better, safe and Green.
Ignore fake news – imagine how
the 8-plus billion humans now
will all be wealthy as and when
they’re back to half a mill again”.

Davostopia’s not for me –
nor those dictating what I see
and dabbling in my DNA
to make resistance fade away.
I cannot know their every plan
but here’s an English gentleman
whose civil right to clear foresight
expressed in public, day and night
will brook no crass negotiation,
goblin bullies, obfuscation,
spin, hate laws and euphemism
or ground given to Jihadism,
AI, PC and CNN,
To halfwits who declare “It’s only…..”
I say good riddance, leave me lonely.
For every day no man aspires
confirms his kidnap by the liars –
those who steal and call it ‘saving’
those who censor, say you’re raving
call you peacefully extreme
while shouting their four-letter stream
of tense myopic blank denial,
insults, threats and cod Show Trial.
So leave me now, O mob uncouth –
my final friend shall be the Truth.

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