THE SUNDAY ESSAY: why it’s time we moved on from critiques of one government to fear of World government

“Draw the bow but don’t shoot — it is a bigger threat to be intimidated than to be hit” ~ Chinese Proverb

First lie of the day in the UK media this morning as the Telegraph insists that Covid is “overwhelming” the NHS. Not true because (a) in 60+% of cases, C19 is a comorbidity, not the main problem (b) the self-isolating staff at home are the issue, not the infrastructure….and they’re infected because the PPE isn’t up to scratch (c) the number of “cases” in hospital will halve thanks to useless tests that keep giving false positives and (d) too much attention is being given to a hyped virus – and that creates a crisis in genuinely life-threatening disease control….as predicted in these columns last May.

A large part of the issue here is political and civil service purchasing that has been financially incontinent and unfit for purpose.

So that makes, let’s see, £200m on Test & Trace (a mess), £200m on Nightingale hospitals (total write-off) and now another £75m on Moonshot (useless as it brought with it a 50% error margin). Now we have two panic-bought vaccines in circulation, without so far the slightest hint of any information as to which is better and what the side effects are – what one might call Project Confusadoc.

As to those vaccines per se, I would remind readers of Iain Davis’s brilliant piece in Off Guardian a week ago that questioned the very idea that they had been ‘clinically tested’ in any meaningful way:

‘Nor are there any completed clinical trials for these vaccines. Trials are ongoing. If you are jabbed with one, you are the guinea pig. This may be fine with you but it’s not a leap of faith I or my loved ones wish to take. However, everyone is different.

On December the 8th the BBC reported a study in the Lancet and categorically stated:

“The Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid vaccine is safe and effective, giving good protection, researchers have confirmed”

The BBC had no justification to make this claim. The study in the Lancet did not confirm anything of the sort. The researchers wrote:

“ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 has an acceptable safety profile and has been found to be efficacious against symptomatic COVID-19 in this interim analysis of ongoing clinical trials.”

This opinion mirrors exactly one The Slog gave in a column here five weeks ago about Hancock’s mendacious vaccine dissembling in front of Commons MPs.

As lockdowns rapidly morph into crackdowns, I once more return to the reality of the Worldometer site to see what the point might be of such dire warnings from Whitty et al. It’s very revealing: the four most stringent lockdown régimes in Europe – the UK, France, Spain and Italy – have deaths per million figures of 1,188, 1,034, 1,298 and 1,109 respectively. In those places where lockdown has been light-handed or eschewed – eg, Sweden, Germany, Turkey, Ukraine and the Netherlands – the numbers per million are 931, 489, 267, 453 and 717. The global dpm, by the way, now stands at 248….not exactly the Black Death.

All of which makes it hard to grasp what on earth this is all about:

Casually tossed in the end there is a figure of 80,000 dead which – for reasons discussed earlier above – can at best be described as dubious. There’s no context for it, so try this: in an average year in the UK, 350,000 people are diagnosed with cancer, and 140,000 of them die right off the bat. Of the remainder, under 50% survive for more than ten years. Kind of dwarfs the Covid19 hysteria, doesn’t it?

The general feeling with which one leaves all the properly drilled coronavirus statistics is IABATO – it’s all bollocks and that’s official.

This is especially true of the myriad utterences that emanate from Chris Whitty – like this (left) from today’s Times. In this particular ejaculation, his opening tense is wrong, in that perfectly avoidable deaths from cancer (three of them friends of mine, as it happens) are already occuring: the ONS excuses its lack of figures on this by saying it’s waiting for a full year’s data. We should keep a beady eye on those in the new year.

Equally interesting, however, is the rush to place the blame squarely on us for “not obeying the lockdown”. This is so quintessentially State-totalitarian as a statement, it barely needs mentioning. It also gives a carte blanche to every bully and ignorant busybody in the country to scream at people not wearing masks as they climb Ben Nevis.

And so on to the continuing mystery of why a lifelong Communist who knows nothing about virology (he didn’t pass biology at all at 0-level) continues to build flakey models wrong by a factor of ten, while surviving as a Covid19 pundit. In today’s Sunday Times, Neil Ferguson blags himself a profile on the strength of his track record of getting every crisis wrong throughout a fifteen year career of incompetence and hypocritical behaviour.

You have to hand this much to Professor Ferguson, he is forever unabashed. But also note how the Times slips in “59,937 lab-confirmed cases” of UK Covid…given the nature of tests and insane definitions, a complete fantasy. Also it seems that 32,000 C19 patients are in hospital – to which my response is “Why?” Over 99% of those infected suffer only mild symptoms, so let’s say we had two weeks of 60K “confirmed” cases per day, that would use up around 4,000 hospital bed needs. We need to know how long acute patients are being hospitalised, but again – we also need to know why all the pop-up wards have been abandoned after lying empty for months.

As we saw earlier, this is an issue of staff shortages, not ‘the NHS being overwhelmed’.

At this point – if it doesn’t offend the mad folks too much – I’m going to bring the collation of State Narrative Gruyère holes to a close for today: those too brainwashed already to allow entry of the Truth into their cranial sawdust aren’t listening anyway, and the vast majority of Sloggers are quite capable of working the reality out for themselves.

However, the main reason I wish to do so involves revisiting the Bigger Picture that borrows from the Buddhist belief about ‘everything is connected’: the case against the world States’ responses to Covid19 is, I think, proven beyond any reasonable doubt…as indeed was the case for Brussels calumny, Murdoch’s Hackgate guilt, and Blair/US Secret State lies about Sadam Hussein.

When I use the verb “connected”, I don’t mean that a massive, super-controlled hard and fast plot to get the 3% “élite” Swampies out of their quicksand is in any way proven. Rather, I seek to suggest that the gigarich 0.1% are pushing a generally consistent agenda down into the 3%, and seek to use this range of lackeys to firm up their loose alliance of shared interests.

These interests include energy, water, the abandonment of liberal democracy, global hegemony, fear, confusion and division within the populace, population control, identity control, travel tracking and the cementing of a “coalition” alliance between the two sets of broadly Big/Bloc State power-mongers: self-styled Leftlib chic on the one hand, and the military-to-Globalist intelligence community on the other.

The alliance is one of systemacists – a polite way of saying supremacists. What they have in common is Utopian future visions, the undermining of nationality, Climate control, Green generally, Health narcissism, apparent tolerance of activist minority sexuality/religious groups, demonisation of their opponents and the belief in a State/economic fascism as defined during the 1920s by Benito Mussolini in Italy. Their key tactics are aggressive denial, social repression, fear creation, personality-flaw projection, judiciary/police penetration, disguised legislative totalitarianism, divisive politics, social virtue-signalling and media-based propaganda.

Their biggest weaknesses are psychopathic over-confidence, megalomania, ideological rigidity, very poor understanding of social anthropology, and the gradual development by genuine scientific and libertarian groups of focused resistance.

The last of these – a united opposition for Free Speech and Open Minds – is currently missing on “our” side of the fence. From here on, this has to be number one priority for those of us who are awake to the purpose of ‘woke’.

Currently, the aware person is awash with evidence of ultimately powerful forces cancelling stuff they don’t like and pushing things that help their cause. The inexplicable volte-face of Alexis Tsipras when he had the EU over a barrel; the summary disappearance of David Cameron (clearly not his own choice) after he lost the 2016 EU Referendum; the attempts by Sedwill the spook and his creature Olly Robbins to undermine Brexit – having recruited Theresa May; the very odd pulling-out of Andrea Leadsome who would probably have defeated May in the leadership contest; the sudden arrival of Pharma bigwigs at the Presidential top table well before Covid19 made its opening bow; the astonishing second-sight of Bill Gates in predicting “a global pandemic” – and his fourteen year pursuit of controlling interests in public health and low-altitude surveillance satellites after he left Microsoft. But most bare-faced of all, the hounding by all means – media fakery, national security phobias, attempted impeachment and lastly, judicial failure – to take Donald Trump’s electoral complaints seriously.

The last of these represents for me the most glaring example in this century of repetitive assertion to create belief, and projection of their own motives onto the target, by the Alternative State. Trump was a sex-pest, a racist, a crook, a bankrupt, a creature of Putin and a dangerous fascist. A guy who talked dirty in the locker room. Wow: excuse me while I have a nervous breakdown on the basis of that knowledge….cigar for the intern, anyone?

How many times in media around the world have I seen, in relation to the 2020 Presidential election, “empty claims for which there is no basis in fact”, “baseless accusations that have been proved to be false”, “outrageous affidavits rightly thrown out by supreme courts” and so forth?

More generally, how many times have I stared unbelieving at “Build Back Better”, “the greatest threat to humanity since World War II”, “great reset poem of optimism that went round the world” and “the clock is ticking for Britain as Brussels power begins to tell”?

If it weren’t all so horribly evil, it would be roll-about funny. Sadly, all those of us who can smell the bovine excrement need to face an awkward fact: it has been incredibly successful…and hugely depressing for everyone who sees liberal democracy as based on electoral discernment.

Last week in Washington, we saw the best marriage between cunning Reichstag Fire and insouciant Bastille storming in recorded history. But the battle we face should not involve such things, because (not just as a pacifist but also as a pragmatist) it gives the SS the excuse they so badly need for vengeance. The swathe of fauchage that has careened through Twitter and Facebook over the last 72 hours has been epic in its proportions. It makes my case for me.

Yet again I make the same plea: not just unity of resistance, but resistance that shows everyone the justice we seek.

The goblins work on the basis of invented lies. Our task is to counteract that with empirically demonstrable Truth.

Easier said than done, of course. But well worth doing for all that.

Thanks for your perseverance, and I sincerely hope this doesn’t spoil your digestion of Sunday lunch.