Distraction, Distortion, Deception

Good to see the American Unity message coming through clearly
Just one or two reservations about what’s what on Covid here

The Jury is still out as to whether Chris Whitty is animal, vegetable, mineral, alien, crooked, stupid, or all of the foregoing. Whatever we decide, he certainly looks the part.

If you want to join this madhouse, it’s important to make a reservation
Citizens hate castor oil so it must be doing them good
Close your eyes and we’re almost there.

Right – pay attention because we must be clear about this: if you test positive for Covid19, don’t panic because (a) it’s probably a false result and (b) if it isn’t, you’re going to be OK almost half certainly because HCQ and Ivermectin didn’t work under Trump but now he’s gone they do and everyone will be vaccinated within the next decade or two anyway, although you may get the best one second of all and the first one may need a second jab within two, seven or fifteen weeks – there’s a bit of a bunfight going on about that but we’re getting there – and if you get a Brazilian or Kentish mutant that’s alright because while we’re 50% absolutely certain that at least one (it’s not clear which) of the wonder-vaccines will see it off although at least one (it’s not clear which) of the deadly new strains is even more deadly, but nothing like as bad as the South African one (it’s a virus or a vaccine, we’re not sure which) in that it produces ten times more cases but few deaths, unlike either the Kentish or Brazilian (who the fuck cares which) that produce fewer cases among the old but newer cases among the young although the deaths may well be less deadly and the cases past their sell-by date

Other tests may show that you’re either a denialist non-violent (or violently domestic) terrorist but new strains of terrorist are being found hourly by President Biden as he searches his brain for clues about who’s going into the internment camps, why they might, what Hillary and Nancy think and who he is anyway. The terrorist mutations produce new professions and nationalities every day and so the situation is rapidly changing, but it’s a good bet that if you’re a Russian vote checker whistle-blowing Capitol-bomber real estate agent, you should take every opportunity to wash your hands of Trump.

On that particular front, Britain has once more scored a notable first in that Boris Johnson was the runaway winner in the First to Crawl Telephonically Up Biden’s annus horribilis stakes. And in what has been a week full of cleaner air and medical clarification, Deputy Chief UK Medical Officer Van-Tam rounded things off appropriately by warning that a change of behaviour could still spread the virus, so to behave as if they haven’t been vaccinated at all.

Biden Builds Bullshit Back Better