The Battle of the BCG Bulge is over. The battle against the Great Reset is about to begin.

Brexit, Covidaphobia and GetTrump (BCG) have provided the deception and distortion required to keep 90 per cent of people distracted and scared over the last five years. Now they are, respectively, going, going, gone, wise commentors will be focusing on two things: in the short term, the global fiscal and financial disaster that BCG was meant to both deflect and excuse; and second, the megacrisis that will follow….and, in turn, act as the rationale for hoovering up all those civil rights we still, in theory, have.

Look at the mainstream media today, and you could be forgiven for rejecting that analysis. The geneticist Dolores Cahill is predicting mass health complications and death for the vaccinated based on the animal test trials (which I can’t find); a Rasmussen survey in the US shows a narrow majority wanting Trump to start a Third Party; Boris Johnson’s Cabinet is split over when to reopen UK schools; the Brussels reaction to their vaccine cock-up has, predictably, been to attack Astrazeneca and accuse Britain of being greedy; and Contrick19 is costing the British hospitality sector £200 million a day…roughly what Matt Hancock spent creating pop-up hospitals that never opened in any meaningful sense of that verb.

But in reality, BCG was the natural follow-up to that point (I put it around 2014) when both the Obamites and the British political class finally realised that Abe Lincoln’s most famous adage was being quickly eroded – viz, that you can in fact fool seven out of eight people all of the time. Uncle Tombama was a pointless President, George Osborne was a clueless Chancellor playing to the globalist gallery, and Jeremy Hunt was a corrupt liar and cheat.

But buoyed by the ease with which they all stayed out of jail, Brexit remainers then devoted four years to fearmongering myths telling Brits that Brexit would render them paraplegic, the Democrats peddled insane charges against Trump while allying with fascists, and the Pharmafia to bureaucrat axis hyped a homoaeopathic health threat into an unparalleled global Grim Reaper.

Ironically, the daftest claim from Herr Schwab von Davos – “you will have nothing and you will be happy” – marked the effective end of what has been, if you like, a test market. Schwab’s observation took Arbeit macht frei and turned it into Armut macht frei – from Work brings Freedom to Poverty brings freedom – involving a net change of just one letter. How cool is that?

Now the secret bureaucrats, big business, the political whores and the Big Blocist Reds, Greens, Blacks and hypochondriacs have their tails up. But the show, of course, is going to be run by and for the White Gigarich 0.1 per cent.

I don’t doubt that there will be more sideshows along the way. The majority for “independence” in Scotland appears to be building. If the EU decides to let the Scots in, then we Englanders and Welsh folk will find ourselves as good as surrounded. When in turn at some point, the SS Eutanic finally sinks into the depths, it’s all going to take a lot of unravelling.

But our attention must now turn to the Davos multibillionaires and their totalitarian fixers.

If you go back to Slogposts of around 2012-13, you’ll see that my problem with the soi-disant neoliberal economic structure was its two contradictions: that it required constantly high repurchase rates to maintain “growth”, but mass consumers were becoming less and less able to purchase like that – wealth wasn’t trickling down….it was shooting upwards like a Class-A gusher. In short, sooner or later the bubble would burst.

Over the last fifteen years, this inevitable outcome has been put back by risky credit morphing first into sub-prime credit (hence Crash1) and then growing several new tentacles as it became not credit but unrepayable debt….be that among consumers, market traders, plc’s giving out unwarranted shareholder dividends or, in the case of sovereign States, spending on the basis of deficit management. The introduction of Zirp has made this look affordable – and the normalisation of rates impossible. It is also, one has to say, penuried even some of the more comfortably retired sector – those Boomer cash consumers who become vital to recovery during a recession.

What has broken down here is the already lopsided “contract” between bankers and citizens. And there is no way that the MoUs are going to watch the resultant mess – spiking asset prices and vastly overvalued bourses – go bang to their detriment.

We the customers are going to be bailed in. The most surreal bit of crazythink I can recall this century was when George Osborne stood at the Despatch Box of the Commons and quoth thus:

“For too long now, the taxpayers have been asked to bail out the immoderate behaviour of bankers. In future, the risk must be taken by the bank and its creditors”.

Waydergo there, Georgie-Porjey….just one small problem: the taxpayers and the creditors are, um, exactly the same people. Tory heads nodded profoundly and Labour faces looked puzzled. For myself, I almost fell off the chair laughing.

There can’t be a single bank user in the Western First World who hasn’t noticed the electronic virtualisation of cash. Smarter EFTPOS cards were rushed into circulation after 2015, and since then both the minimum and maximum spend levels have expanded until today you can get zero-contact plastic payment on a €40 grocery bill or a 90c baguette. The two problems with this are first – in a right-brain sense – there is something about paying with plastic that no longer involves the anxiety associated with having fewer notes in your wallet by the end of the day. It is nothing short of unreal, imbuing one with a sense of invincible (but utterly delusional) power.

Secondly however, if you’re a goggle-eyed sociopath aka gigarich banker, it’s one helluva lot easier to press a button and steal the deposits than it is to have an argument with customers surrounding your bank’s retail outlets and breaking the windows. Chances are they’ll do that anyway, but retail sites will soon be worthless, and you long ago retreated behind the gated torres vedras of anonymity, so you don’t GAF. Also, customers are creditors way, way down towards the back end of the queue….says the law – which, as always, is on their side, not yours. Contemporary banking ads in the media insist ‘In these difficult times, we are by your side’, and in a way, they are: right aongside you, ever-ready to pick your pocket.

Now fast-reverse to my understandably innocent critiques of neoliberal economics seven years ago. It was all going to fall apart (I alleged) when consumers stop being able to consume. As the years have passed, I have watched as Soros sowed violence and division, become aware of Gate’s population obsessions and pharma/surveillance investments, heard the rabid ramblings of Schwab, watched the Pharmafia cuddling up to power, observed otherwise crafty politicians behaving like Patsies, seen the Hard crypto-Sovyet Left rebranding itself as Green, Pink and Black, looked on horrified as both the Democrats and UK Labour absorbed and approved their demands for obedience….and read aghast as Davos emerged to propagandise about Building Back Better while game-playing Covid before it had ever happened.

Klaus Martin Schwab has written two books. His first – Host to the Mighty – produces just six results when you Google it. Given the bloke’s wealth and fame, you’d expect maybe 150,000 references. You get just six. It’s about as blatant a piece of European Data Protection Act censorship as you’ll find anywhere. The EDPA is, let’s face it, a Dictator Protection Act.

His second book – Covid19 & the Great Reset – produces 137,000 results, chiefly because it is end-to-end platitudes. His Great Reset book includes bromides like ‘A great leader has brains, vision, soul, values and a heart’, ‘We do not want to just define issues; we want to help to create solutions’ and ‘The key issue is the shift of the centre of gravity from the West to the East, the rise of China and India’. No shit?

However, try typing in ‘Lesser known Klaus Schwab quotes’ and then click on a link. The page is suddenly full of warning panels and ‘security notices’ with a voice over in French basically saying you’ve wandered into an area where entrance is verboten. (This may be a feature of my location in the EU; not that this excuses anything). All I know is, I had to use emergency pc shutdown to get out of it.

I do not suggest for a minute that these initial thoughts about the post Covid world and Davos intentions prove anything. The only thing I can observe with confidence is that Schwab’s risibly rosey outlook simply can’t work if 7.7999 out of 8 billion humans are sitting around with nothing to do. My inclination thus far into the mission, in fact, is that Australian TV journalist Rowan Dean may well be onto something when he refers to Onkle Klaus as “something of a wacko”….and that we of the 7.7999 billion may be Not Wanted On Voyage.

You’re going to read a lot more like this at The Slog from now on. Stay tuned.

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