Biden goes for unity via ethical cleansing

Lumbering down the new non-stop ten-lane US Highway to Newspeak comes a Secret State pantechnicon with Sleepy Joe at the wheel. He’s at his Oval Office desk day and night, and the workload is oppressive. So much so that “President” Biden simply hasn’t got the time to read what he’s signing because, just like all those equally important judges who gave his election a clean bill of health, it’s all busy-busy-work-work 24/7.

Literally and metaphorically, Joe has no time for all that free speech stuff: it’s hard enough as it is to ban it without taking dumb risks like allowing it. He ain’t biden his time: in eight days flat, Joe “Inappropriate” Biden has decided that despite democracy’s glorious victory over the People recently, the 20,000 troops occupying DC must stay there until every last mentally deplorable rioter has been rooted out, water-boarded, and subject to a No Fly Order. Those Covid passports that were being looked at have been duly stared at….and declared absolutely essential.

And rounding off his new broom on domestic policy, Biden the Busy Bee has issued the DoJ, FBI, National Security Council and for all I know the National Rifle Association to make domestic terrorism Public Enemy No 2, after the “crackdown” on social media misinformation. After Covid Lockdown and Electoral Stitch-up comes Splashdown by parachute into the White House; after Splashdown comes Crackdown. After parachute comes….shoot to kill?

According to one bewildered Washington source, newly wide-awake Joe has signed some 43 Executive Orders in just over a week – far and away a record, but then the President can’t afford any delayed gratification re this one, given that he’s 3-1 on at the bookies not to make it past next Christmas….or Lockdown7, whichever term you prefer.

One helluva lot of other stuff in foreign policy has also meant Biden foregoing his hourly naps of late. The US may have the largest national debt in its history, but enormous military budgets are in the offing, probably because the usual neocon suspects are already in his Cabinet.

The new Secretary of State is none other than Antony Blinken, an invasion expert who for once deserves the title, having been centrally involved in every single US military intervention this century. Alongside Blinken as Defence Secretary is Lloyd Austin, a one-time 5-star General who now works for Raytheon Technologies, an arms manufacturer and military contractor and thus no conflict of interest whatsoever. Nestling beneath these two charmers as Under Secretary of State is Victoria Nuland, the key US spook fomenting the 2014 coup in the Ukraine. So it’s hardly surprising that President Trump’s anti-escalation policies in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq have all been reversed…..Whoosh! Gone. Just like that.

You have to hand it to Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, he’s already proving to be a man offering enormous generosity to the Free World: US troops will be ever-available to establish his version of liberty wherever there are uppity Arabs, Indians, Koreans and Mogherinis just gagging for it; and his policy of removing freedom of speech, assembly and movement on the domestic front is yet another sign that the US State is keen to move its liberties offshore. Never before in history have so many American citizens given up so many rights in order to further enrich so few. It brings a tear to my easily dampened eyes.

Anyway, this morning the USA woke up to this headline at the New York Slimes:

There is something about the New York Times that foretells the future while, in the same movement, scaring a person to death. The paper sort of makes you able to imagine what it might have been like to be a Jew in 1935 Germany, and reading Völkischer Beobachter. Calling the piece to your left ‘one-sided’ would be unfair; it’s not one-sided, it’s fanatically fascist. We do not, for example, need an inquiry into, or examination of, the Democratic Party to know that it’s hand in glove with Antifa and BLM, two organisations openly supporting violent revolution and racist observations in relation to White people. The rejection of all opposing views as “conspiracy theory” is laughable in the light of drivel about ‘how various forms of extremism came together in the assault on the Capitol on January 6″.

These people are ill. I have no doubt that if one got Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton on the subject of “extremism”, it wouldn’t be long before they wanted to vapourise Pro Life activists (mysogynist) Funeral Directors (encouraging mercy killings) agrophobics (anti-social) cigars (who knows where they’ve been?) Amish people (not progressive) and steak eaters (cow farts kill).

I just can’t wait until Kamala Harris starts singing O come all ye faithful. Compulsory slavery service for Whitey, merging Antifa with civil police forces, affirmative action for celebrities, Under fives Against Putin….the possibilities are endless, and the People helpless.