GREAT RESET: Boris gets his orders, and other stories

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It is quite extraordinary these days the way hidden hands make overt changes without even bothering to rationalise them. Lord David Frost woke up yesterday morning preparing to start his new job as the PM’s top National Security advisor tomorrow. He was fired before he started (surely a record, even for politics) and will now become ‘the PM’s representative on Brexit and International Policy’. Um, isn’t that what the Foreign Secretary does….and Frost has already been doing? It’s a non-job.

That scion of the Corridors of Power the BBC “reported” that ‘Boris Johnson did not explain why Lord Frost was changing roles.’ Obviously, the Beeb retreated gracefully without pushing the issue. The way you do if you’re a journalist. Earlier today, Google had blanked the entire story.

Replacing Frost at the speed of light is a chap from the Ministry of Defence, well blow me down with a bioweapon. Sir Stephen Lovegrove’s first job was working at the now defunct Hydra Associates – a spin doctors’ surgery. Hmmm. All very 1990s and Blairite. He then moved to Deutsche Bank. Not a good sign: while he was there (1995-2004) the bank was up to every trick in the book. Deutsche Bank in general as well as specific employees have frequently figured in controversies and allegations of deceitful behavior or illegal transactions. By 2016, the bank was involved in some 7,800 legal disputes and set aside €5.4 billion as litigation reserves with a further €2.2 billion held against other contingent liabilities.

After 2000, the bank’s corporate security department began a heavy programme of commercial espionage, and harassment of its critics; it had been engaged in a tax evasion racket, as a result of which they paid an $850 million dollar fine; plus a heavy involvement in the Libor scandal and payment of a $2.175 billion fine.

For much of this time, Lovegrove held a Board-level position as managing director in the corporate finance department. Perhaps he knew nothing. Perhaps he’s deaf.

Spookily enough, having established himself as a key player in the most fiscally toxic and serially crooked Bank on the planet, Our Stephen then switched to….the Ministry of Defence.

Currently led by the Chief of Defence Intelligence (DI), Lieutenant General Jim Hockenhull, DI works in close partnership with other UK intelligence agencies GCHQ, MI5 and MI6, to provide intelligence products for policy makers in the Ministry of Defence. As Permanent Secretary, Lovegrove was, effectively, the boss. Read this speech he gave to a private audience three years ago: he is a central casting espionage hawk. He is also a card-carrying Remainer and seriously connected to NATO.

Like Sir Mark Sedwill (to whom he is close) Lovegrove liases frequently with some of Britain’s more dubious allies. He was centrally involved in the scandal surrounding leaks from a security council meeting that got controversial Defence Minister Gavin Williamson fired.

Now let’s apply that background to what’s been happening around Britain’s silent coup of late.

Mark Sedwill has been back in London (at Rothschild Bank) for three months. Within weeks, Brexiteer enthusiast Dominic Cummings had been elbowed out, and now his ally in this – Lord Frost – has been pushed out of the way in favour of yet another blocist.

All last week, as the typically pernicious and supremely useless EU mob tore into Britain for daring to develop a Covid19 vaccine, UK politicians have been telling the Sprouts to go forth and multiply. Then, Brexit hardman Frost is unceremoniously unhired. This morning (below left) we read:

Well crikey chaps – I say: that’s a change of heart and no mistake. None of the events of the last 24 hours are questioned in any way. This quote is typical: ‘However, Number  10 made it clear on Saturday that it wanted to move on. One source said: “We have to now take it at face value that they are going to let the vaccine through, and we will work on that basis.”‘

Right then. We’ll do that. EUNATO 3 UK 0. SPOOK WANDERERS 4 ELECTED CLOWNS 0.

John Ward is a paranoid conspiracy theorist, domestic terrorist and non-violent extremist with a history of mental illness who spends his days making up silly plots for something to do. He will probably, in due course, need to be deprogrammed in a high-security reeducation centre because of his inability to stop using hate speech towards Jihadists, Communists, Green fanatics, globalists, military intelligence, totalitarians, Davosites, mainstream media toadies, bankers, bureacratic traitors and the many other people working hard in our best interests.

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