RobinHood & the Robber Barons

So here we are, it’s Monday morning CET and we wait to see if RobinHood is still a viable company – now that its clearing house has (quite legally, as it happens) forced it to cough up a $20billion+ liquidity cushion as the largest trader in the house “in order to avoid contagion”.

Over the weekend, the New York Times ran an extremely anti-RH article, slagging the two founders off as wide-boys and generally sticking to a narrative about “innocent users being taken for a ride”. As the NYT runs stories these days suggesting it may be Friday on a Tuesday, I found myself wondering which bit of the Establishment they were out to protect. The fact is, a lot of Wall Street’s Robbin’ Banks gave a lot of money to their boy Biden in the “election” last November, and they’d likely be the most threatened by the RH operation.

Because you see, there is another way of looking at this. Ordinary people and gamers like GameStop – it’s a place to meet as well as a shop – but those gearing up for the Great Reset are hellbent on destroying the physical retail model. The outcome of this further liquidity incident is (most probably) going to be that what the ordinary set out to do will be blocked….and TPTB would like them to blame RobinHood, which is then removed as a loose cannon from the system.

Ordinary people wanted Trump, but they didn’t get him…and the Judiciary stepped aside. Ordinary Brexiteers wanted a clean Brexit until the UK Establishment started persuading them that they’d all die if that happened. Now all the Brexiteer movers and shakers in Government have been purged – see yesterday’s Slogpost. The technocrat blocists will not be happy until we’re back in the EU.

Overnight, Boris has been pressing for the UK to join an “Asian NATO” to ‘contain China’. All the members are slated to be pro-US neoconism. So we aren’t going to have an independent foreign policy at all. And no, I’m not surprised.

I’m making my “everything is connected” point again: the details of the symptomatic distraction are interesting, but they’re not the main action. The key learning with everything right now is that the People are told what they want….but never actually get it. What the RH users on Reddit did was apply a short-squeeze (ie a spoiler) on the GameStop price, and that screwed up the nice little destructive earner that digital shark shorting had created.

A weekend poll in the US shows that 25% of RH users have quit the App, with only 10% saying they “definitely won’t”.

So it looks like another victory for the NWO chaps.

Stay tuned.