Are the new vaccines adding anything to the mix? Why have we ordered so much of it? What exactly is Long Covid? Why have we stopped testing for it? Is Jonathan van-Tam for real? Why were we lied to about HCQ and Ivermectin? Why is Hancock spending money like there’s no tomorrow? How does this fit into the Great Reset? The questions and doubts about Coronavirus continue to mount, and are always evaded by government. Some seemingly established facts only add to the confusion. Truths are being obfuscated in a way that will could threaten the health of those demograpically well beyond God’s waiting room. The Slog investigates.

Time for some bizarre vaccine statements and numbers.

Last week, Jonathan van-Tam, England’s deputy chief medical officer, offered a weird warning: that vaccinated people should not assume they cannot pick up and transmit the virus. I read that, blinked, and then went on Twitter to ask anyone listening if our DCMO might perchance be mad.

Once again, I had that funny, familiar feeling. I first had it watching various senior politicians wearing masks, after having already claimed that they’d already had Coronavirus 7 – the real name for Covid19….but then – yes but no but – the official explanation came back: they might have a thing called ‘Long Covid’, where they can – no really, they can – still be infectious. In Michel Barnier’s case, for example, three months later. Really?

Er, no. Just to confuse you, Long Covid has officially been declared, quote, “Without exception, not infectious”. However, official sources estimate that “in 21% of cases following the initial acute stage of Covid19, mild symptoms may persist for up to twelve weeks”. But global figures suggest that 99.5% of ALL Covid cases involve mild symptoms. So one in five of the unlucky 0.5% get to be seriously unlucky with Long Covid…all 0.1% of them – that is, 1 in 1,000.

It now gets really silly. Drill down into Long Covid stats, and it seems that some test positive and some negative. But it doesn’t seem to have occurred to the “experts” that, um, the negative testers maybe don’t have Covid at all. Look at the symptomology – tight chest, heart palpitations, weariness, anxiety – and they are, every one, signs of stress disorder. Now get this: the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) has chosen to ignore that in favour of this wonderful statement:

Accumulating evidence supports ending isolation and precautions for persons with [Long Covid] using a symptom-based strategy. A test-based strategy is no longer recommended.’

We don’t like the test results, so – ah – let’s not do them any more. There now. That feels better.

Yes, I know this is getting tedious, but humour me: the usually doom-laden Fauci vehicle of terror kind of says “Look, who the f**k knows any more – but we don’t want any wiseasses saying half of these people aren’t really ill at all, so lets dump the tests”.

This would be bad enough if Jonathan Tin Pan Alley had not then weighed in with his ‘vaccinated people should not assume they cannot pick up and transmit the virus’. Because, like it or not, this man is saying the all-powerful vaccines that were going to save us don’t offer an exit strategy from Lockdown….if anything, they create nothing more than symptom alleviation.

Sorry, but that’s daft – and treating us as if we might be the family dog confused by voices coming out of the TV set. If all these vaccines that aren’t actually vaccines at all can do is lower death rates and improve symptom management, then we have HCQ cocktails and Ivermectin available to do just that without any of the risks or massive development costs.

Entirely reasonable conclusion: this entire year of IABATO* concerning a purely modelled virus called Covid19 has been an exercise in mass population control, rewrites of virology science and corporate fascism designed to enrich Big Pharma.

“No no no no no,” say the Guardian to WaPo axis of fakery, “because all you conspiranoids have simply used wild theories without foundation to suggest vaccine risks that don’t exist.”

To which the obvious response has to be, “So where is your evidence of zero risk?” And they can’t answer that, because the World is still in the grip of what I have dubbed Virusecrecy.

But here too, once you get into the meat of the thing, all kinds of other oddities appear.

The first 20 Google pages devoted to the search term ‘UK statistics on Covid vaccine side-effects’ is a statistics-free zone. Things have not moved on from ‘Fact sheets for recipients of Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines in US and UK clarify that the vaccines are yet to be fully approved; recipients have been asked to get help if they experience severe side effects or allergic reactions…the United States and the United Kingdom, where COVID-19 vaccine rollout for its citizens is underway, have told the vaccines’ recipients that these inoculations are not yet ready for a fully fledged marketing approval.’

In short, we are not being told.

But at this point, I took a long cool look at the orders placed by the UK for the ‘not yet ready for a fully fledged marketing approval’ jabs that are really experiments in mRNA manipulation. They don’t make sense.

The U.K. government originally agreed to buy more than 350 million doses of vaccines from seven different producers. So far, two companies have “delivered”, but the total number of kits available as of two weeks ago was already a staggering 400 million. One wonders how many the country might wind up with in the end; but park that for a minute and stick with the 400 number.

The estimated UK 2020 population was 67 million. In fact, various supermarket footfall studies suggested eighteen months ago that the real figure is nearer 78 million…..but let’s be fair, and assume the bigger figure.

As we now know that there are reinfection and tranmission doubts about the vaccines and some double-dose requirements, the focus should surely be on the 1 in 8 vulnerables, and tighter security in care homes. The real requirement to ensure avoidance of disaster is thus around 9.7 million doses….or eight times less than they ordered.

The British Government has sent 15 million vaccine kits to Eire. It has a population of 5 million. Even taking into account Pfizer double-doses, given the vulnerable percentage of that population, that’s over twelve times what the Irish are likely to need.

Government officials have suggested that much of the excess will be sent to India. That is not true: India has the formulations for both jabs and is manufacturing them under licence. Australia has also been mentioned, but the Prime Minister has expressed reservations about vaccine safety, and is in wait-and-see mode. Supplies have been ordered, but direct from the EU – not the the UK.

As with pop-up hospitals, once again we appear to have blown a small fortune on vaccine which (for myriad reasons) we don’t actually need.

None of this inspires confidence in either the competence or motives involved….especially when you remember that in late November last year, Whitehall was frantically advertising for people “with experience in handling mass vaccination side-effects”.

This is the bottom line: we have seen that (1) corners were cut in the vaccine trials, (2) Hancock lied to the Commons about their safety (3) the Government insisted the vaccines would obliterate the danger (4) once again, the self-styled experts are contradicting political optimism (5) we have no data on the nature or quantity of side-effect sufferers (6) the two drugs being used are not innoculative in the accepted sense of the term (7) despite fact-checker fakery, it remains true that nobody has cultured this ‘Covid19’ construct under the microscope (8) all advice being given to Government is based on dubious academic modelling by men with a risible predictive track-record and at best financial and political mixed motives.

As so often with Covid, 90 per cent of the suspicion is caused by those in authority not doing what you’d expect.

The Government is ordering vast stocks of these drugs, but every last iota of evidence based on their behaviour, policy choices and confusion suggests strongly that they have no more idea as to whether the entirely experimental nature of these jabs can be deemed “safe” in any realistic sense.

And one huge question remains unanswered: why are they over-ordering to such a ridiculous extent, and putting the UK economy at risk for a virus that kills 24 people in 100,000?

Go the special Slog page here – The Complete Covid saga – and you will see another fifteen questions in the same category marked “unexplained and odd”.

Remember I reported last week that the IMF has been doing a grand tour of Western capitals saying, “Spend, spend, spend”? Remember Klaus Schwab and his “You will have nothing and you will be happy”? You remember what the US national debt is now, and how Joe Biden is about to engage in a social and military spending splurge?

I have pored into the detail here (and perhaps bored most of you) but the bigger picture remains by far the more important aspect of 21st century State mendacity.

Myriad are the ways in which Military Intelligence subcontractors like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter etc do their best to liquidate free speech. This is resumé of how their methods have affected me.

  • Google monitors what I write, and how often I write to various chums, sources and those I put in both categories. Last week I discovered that around 85 per cent of my incoming Gmail to such people is being blocked. I have now written to all those people and pointed them at protonmail, because it’s run by the Swiss and impenetrably encrypted.
  • Twitter routinely shadowbans any attempt by me to broaden the appeal of The Slog: the test I ran produced this result: ‘Twitter hides your replies behind a barrier and only loads them when “Show more replies” is clicked’.
  • If I write anything on a WordPress Slogpost making fun of sexuality minorities, narcissistic ID politics, Gay Pride, Liberal Conspiracy or Stonewall, I’m told to remove it or face deplatforming.
  • Facebook will boost my posts in return for filthy lucre; however, if they don’t like the content, they refuse to boost….but keep the money. Words like cake, eat, cream and jam on it spring to mind.
  • There are now a massive number of online newsites (the number is a staggering 113) in the US and UK where I’m either banned, or anything I write is instantly vapourised.

OK, that’s the symptomatic throat-clearing over. My point today is that – were such practices to have been part and parcel of a British 1940 deal with the Nazis – every last nationality and political bent in the United Kingdom would’ve fought to the last drop of blood to stop such a foul stain ever being allowed into our land in any shape or form.

Today, the average Briton offers up two reactions: either “Yeh, whatever” or “But it’s only a….”

As I’ve noted before, around 16 per cent of the UK population grasp what’s going on; but only 9 per cent go beyond mild disapproval to the point of wanting it stopped….and they’re massively biased towards the 55+ demographic.

So how does one persuade those under 50 with a woeful grasp of history’s lessons that they need to worry about secretive government even if they can’t see themselves ever suffering from consorship?

If you tell them what’s coming down the road, they’ve been media-trained to call you conspiranoid and alarmist.

A lot of the internet in the end is about “Now-news” – what’s breaking, have you heard the latest and so forth. Too often, this leads to distraction and getting bogged down in the distraction detail – but it doesn’t have to.

The key, I’ve decided, is to show people how secrecy now is already producing dangerous policies of little or no relevance to the situation on the ground….and vaccination solutions that cure few but may well kill many more.

That was the point of this post.

On both sides of the Pond, we have the same basic situation: the development of a 1 party State with compliant media by default. This is because the Republicans are quite happy with the constitutional vandalism of the Biden Democrats, and in the UK, the Labour Opposition is split, devoted to the idea of Big State snooping, and too scared to challenge the Borisonian Tories on the secrecy surrounding Covid19 policy in general and vaccinations in particular.

The plans being tossed about among Big Beast Democrats in Washington are repressive in the extreme, while the edicts of Johnson and Hancock by and large ignore a legislature that is supposed to keep them in line. Add to this a Fourth Estate full of hookers, and you have the full dictatorial set rapidly morphing into totalitarianism.

The sad truth is that most Anglo-Saxons these days (including Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders) are not impressed by the philosophical objections that We the Accused make. Their general response is the knee-jerk “Don’t you know there’s a war on?”

All top-down cultures in the end come to grief because they get no feedback…..and/or tend to be over-reliant on the counsel of fanatics. So, to repeat, pin the blame for what’s going wrong with secrecy right now, and one can score real hits on the Ship of State. The big ‘must have’ here is that the blame has to be real, justified and devoid of spin; if not, we become just as sleazy as the fat controllers.

There are two very strong motivators in the human species: “Pay attention, or you – and members of your family – are going to die”; and “Pay attention, or you are going to lose your house and your money”.

Western Governments have been putting out hype and exaggeration out about the first threat. This post presents a model to create a fightback on both dimensions.

Withholding the Truth is bad for both State and citizen. It’s a real and present danger that goes far beyond philosophy.

*IABATO – It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official