Truthileaks (1): Covid antibodies hit the vaccine case out of the Park

How to interpret the big picture behind the headline

Welcome to the first in what I hope will be a building series. It’s a very simple mechanic: I take a “news” story primarily designed to monger fear and/or spread confusion, and point out what the story is really about.

Sky News is this morning’s debut victim.

OMG OMG OMG….Long Covid exists! It’s true after all! Six months! OMG OMG OMG….

If you think that reaction to be thoroughly barking, there are already a few birdbrained Masquerados online tweeting that very interpretation. Not only is it rubbish, the correct conclusion adds yet more fuel to the bonfire of insanities that has been the State reaction to Covid19 since Day One.

Antibodies can be painful, but they attack nasties like flu and Coronavirus, providing us with immunity. By and large, they are the good guys. 99% of people in this new study kept their antibodies for at least three months, and by the end of six months monitoring, 9 out of 10 still had them. (It’s quite possible that the 90% will remain immune to the ’19’ version for good).

As the study ended in December last year, we can be sure that none of the patients had been vaccinated. The Sky piece didn’t bother to include that factoid….which is odd, because it highlights the simple fact that – as well as 99.976% of the infected making a recovery – 90% become immune. The rationale for vaccination – now based on 10% of the universe on average fatally infecting 10% of O.024% if not vaccinated – looks crazy.

It looks crazier still when you consider our Jonathan van-Tam, England’s deputy chief medical officer, has already warned that vaccination itself doesn’t guarantee the Great Jabbed cannot pick up and transmit the virus afterwards (see yesterday’s Slogpost).

The Bigger Picture

The Pharma-friendly mass media are throwing out reasons for longer and longer lockdown because (they allege) immunity cannot be guaranteed, and if antibodies “only” survive for six months then vaccinations will be required regularly.

The narrative is now preposterous, running as it does like this:

“We must sacrifice £4.1 trillion in lost gdp and spend a further trillion on medications, precautionary measures and publicity in order to protect a £140 billion NHS with masks, social distancing, lockdowns….and vaccines that aren’t vaccines at all, don’t halt the transmission of the virus, and don’t guarantee complete immunity from infection.”

Seasonal additional ‘Covid collateral’ deaths are (as the Wall Street Journal calculated in the US) already far in excess of any lives that might be saved – 79% of whom will be over 85 and likely to die from other pathogens anyway.

The lost gdp and a consequent massive increase in national debt management will result in shortages of public health facility (“cuts”), abandonment of State pensions for the old, increased taxes, job losses – and thus more deaths among the medically, demographically and socially vulnerable than “vaccines” could ever save.

Cui bono?

Big Pharma, Market Crash magicians, Davos resetters, technocrats, social and news media, military intelligence, George Soros, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, totalitarian ideologues, private medicine providers and insurers, political weaponisers and the megarich serving the gigarich.

Quis Perditit?

Free speech, the People, Democracy, the Rule of Law, personal liberty, mass health and Establishment accountability.

Please stop calling these inevitabilities conspiracy theories. Please wake up. Please organise. And please transmit the Truth Virus far and wide. What’s going on here deserves a new legal category called Peace Crimes.